Ellerslie Dentist | Why People Get Sensitive Teeth

Many people think that sensitive teeth is a by product of aging says Ellerslie dentist. But this is not the case. Almost always. Sensitive teeth indicate a larger dental problem.

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However, if people do not get to their dentist quickly. When they discover they are starting to get sensitive teeth. They could be causing this larger dental problem to become worse.

Which makes it more difficult, more costly. And harder to treat in the long run. Although, it is important to keep in mind. That there are many different reasons for people to develop a sensitive teeth.

Therefore, their Ellerslie dentist must search for the right answer. And it is not going to always be as easy to figure out as people assume in the first place.

However, one of the first things that their dentist will look for, or cavities in their mouth. They might a visual search, to see if the cavity is able to be seen. But if they do not have any luck searching this way.

It may be necessary for their dentist to use x-rays, in order to get a better idea. Of what is going on in their mouth. While many people might think that a sensitive tooth, caused by a cavity.

Would require the cavity to be extremely large. This is actually not the case. As well, many people think that cavities are going to cause them to think as well. Although cavities have to be quite large.

In order for them to cause a toothache in patients. It is actually far more likely, for a very tiny cavity, to cause sensitivity first. Indicating that patients should get to their dentist. To fill the cavity.

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And eliminate their tooth sensitivity. Once their Ellerslie dentist finds the cavity, and fills it. It may be a matter of time. For the tooth sensitivity to go away. And in the meantime.

Patients can be using a desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne, to have more comfort. While they wait for the sensitivity to be eliminated. However, cavities are not the only reason people might have sensitive teeth.

Another reason why people might have sensitive teeth, is because they can have some exposed roots. Due to gum recession. There may be many reasons why people have gum recession.

From gingivitis or gum disease. To brushing their teeth very hard. To even be mouth breather is when they sleep. Because mouth breathers tend to get a dry mouth, that can cause problems in the night.

While it is not possible. To put back the gums that have receded. Their dentist will be able to treat they exposed roots. In order to help avoid people feeling the sensitivity because of them.

One of the first treatments that they can discuss with the patient. Includes bonding. Which is putting a very thin, fatty layer over the teeth. To help them avoid sensitivity, due to the porous roots of their teeth.

When patients have sensitive teeth. Last thing they should do, is assume that it is not a reason to visit the dentist. But instead, make an appointment. And find out what they can do. To fix their dental problem, and eliminate sensitivity.

Ellerslie Dentist | Why People Get Sensitive Teeth

Many people, and up with sensitive teeth throughout their lifetime says Ellerslie dentist. And while it can just happen sometimes. Typically, there is a cause for it. And treating that cause is very important.

One of the most common problems that people have. When they get sensitive teeth, is gingivitis and gum disease. The reason why this happens, is because people are either not brushing their teeth, or flossing enough.

Or they are not visiting their Ellerslie dentist enough. In order to get a dental cleaning. To clear their tartar buildup off their teeth. But particularly, below the gum line.

When people brush their teeth, they are unable to get tartar buildup below the gum line with that brush. Which is why is very important. To go visit their dentist for that deep cleaning.

If they do not, whether they are brushing their teeth adequately or not is irrelevant. Because they will eventually start to develop irritated gums due to the tartar buildup below the gum line.

The gums will become inflamed and red, and start pulling away from the teeth. This exposes the tooth root, which causes people to have sensitive teeth. The tooth roots are made of a more porous material.

Then the rest of their teeth, which is why people will end up with sensitive teeth. The treatment for this is a little bit lengthy. To eliminate gum disease and gingivitis. But with it, will go the tooth sensitivity.

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First, their Ellerslie dentist will do a deep cleaning of their teeth. Eliminating tartar buildup on their teeth. But more importantly, below the gum line.

Next, they will ask the patient. To adhere to a very strict toothbrushing routine. Including brushing their teeth twice a day, and flossing at least once day. While using mouthwash.

In order to quickly and efficiently eliminate gingivitis and gum disease. Once they have eliminated that, patients will start to notice likely. That they sensitivity fades away.

Or, they may ask their dentist, if they can use Sensodyne. Which is a desensitizing toothpaste. So that they can avoid having painful teeth. While they eliminate gingivitis and gum disease from their mouth.

Another reason why people might have sensitive teeth. Is because they might have cracked their tooth. From grinding their teeth at night. People might not realize that they have cracked it.

Particularly if they had a cavity and that tooth. That they were ignoring. But any time someone grinds their teeth, that puts their teeth at risk. Not just of getting cracked and chipped. But puts people at risk as well.

Of putting pressure on their teeth, that could in turn cause more tooth sensitivity. When they grind their teeth, their dentist can make them an appliance that they wear at night.

They can help them eliminate grinding. And in turn, they can help them avoid developing sensitive teeth in the future.