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Hey everyone, welcome back to The Tooth Dr. YouTube Channel. I’m Trevor and this is the one and only amazing doctor Peter Yoo the tooth doctor here at our Ellerslie dental office, and today we’re going to be talking about alternatives to braces.

Now Jenna Kutcher, Paula says, eyes are the windows to the soul. And a smile is the mirror of the heart. It doesn’t everybody want a nice big bright straight smile. Happy person is a caring person literally. And if someone is giving a nice big smile, it just makes them feel confident and good about themselves. And you want to be at the Ellerslie dental office. So here’s a quick stat for you. Over 4 million people in the U.S. wear braces and 25% of those are adults. Kind of a cool stat. So tell me, what is your history with helping patients get straighter teeth? My history, well, I worked for a dentist in Camrose. Okay.

And worked there for five years.
Loved the practice and he’s, he’s a great dentist and taught me a lot. Um, his passion was surgery. Okay. Implants, wisdom teeth, you know, I guess, yeah, you’re like the crazy stuff, so to speak. So, you know, from there I was like, what can I do? I like surgery and I like doing him placing implants, but I was like, let’s branch out and see what there is. And Invisalign cost Edmonton was just happened to be on, on, on the radar. And I was like, wow, this is amazing.

You know, I think this is, this is the new thing for the Ellerslie dental office. Straightening teeth with invisible trays. Um, a lot of benefits to that. And so that’s why when, whenever it awesome. So we know that Invisalign cost Edmonton is a, an alternative. What are some other alternatives to, to regular train, track braces, some other alternatives? Um, I guess those are the only two that come to mind when you’re older.

Now the key thing is older. What can you do when you’re younger? And for me, number one is prevention. Are there things that we can do to prevent braces or you know, help our teeth grow as naturally straight or natural as possible. Right. So, you know, I believe that had people that have crooked and crowded teeth, it’s not natural. It’s because of certain habits and things that we do when we were younger that has led to these situations and causes.

So yeah. You know, one number one is prevention at our Edmonton dental office. Um, with, with that being said, are there things that we can do when, when, when the looks like things are not going to come in properly. Yes. There are appliances. Uh, we, we also provide the mild functional plants, which is a muscle function is correcting the muscles and habits of the muscles so that the teeth will develop proper way.

Wow. That is, that’s the first. It’s really good. Um, so what is the best time to start with aligners and other alternatives to braces?
To be honest, two, three, four years old. Wow. We get kids coming in and we look at them. My son, when he was two, three years old, he had all his baby teeth come in. He had an underbite. So he was biting like this.

Oh Man. And I say this to all my patients because it was a, it’s like a joke because my teeth aren’t like that. My wife’s teeth aren’t like that. So I’m looking at my son, I’m like, he has an underbite who’s the father? But understanding that your mouth is as a result or your, your teeth are a result of how your mouth works. I understood that um, breathing, proper breathing will correct things. And so that’s what I did. I just gotten to breathe properly and his underbite corrected itself. I’ve had a number of dentists come and when I shared that story they’re shocked.

We do things differently at our Edmonton dental office.
They’re like, what did you do? What did you do? So you have to come in and see me to understand what I really did. Yeah, he’s a wizard, the dental wizard. Um, so I know we talked about different appliances and you’ve used one of these with our children and it works really great. Um, that 4K aligners for kids. Is that like a major thing that you, you get people started on? I, I am trying to get that um, worked on and, and becoming a key part for child development.

You know, I want, I don’t want kids having to pull out teeth or having pain when, when teeth are removed and this applies, all it does is it trains your mouth to do the right things the right way. And from that, the end result is that your teeth actually straighten it with, they come in the right way I guess.

So it’s correcting things naturally at our Edmonton dentist, and that not having to spend thousands of dollars and multiple visits with an orthodontist later on. Sorry, orthodontists. So what do you recommend for adult patients who want straight teeth? Obviously Invisalign is, is that you’re going to tell me a little bit about, you know, who is the ideal client for Invisalign? Like if you have like how, how bad can your teeth be and still working Invisalign,

Invisalign cost Edmonton, I used to be, I’d be used to believe that Invisalign fixed, you know, the minor crowding. But there are a number of patients that I’m working on that we are doing some, some major movements and major, uh, straightening. Um, I’ve had patients up to age 63. Wow. That I’ve, I’ve used Invisalign and gotten some great results at my Ellerslie dental office. And you know, you got some patients, you know, this one patient I have had the, you know.

The natural, the vampire teeth, and we basically move the teeth back, teeth back and create space and this person’s teeth, the smile looks fantastic. Wow. Parents who are shocked. I personally, I was, I feel, I’ll be shocked too. I was like, wow, this worked. Wow. You know? And again, just understanding the physics of what you need to move teeth and get them online. I think Invisalign works for them.

Almost all cases. Wow. That is, that’s amazing. And that’s good news because, you know, getting, having straight teeth is a, is a big confidence booster. Yeah. Some people don’t smile because they don’t like their teeth. They don’t like how they look. Um, and that’s, that’s sad. And if there’s a way to, to fix it, then kids get on that piece for sure. Yeah. Um, so our orthodontist, the allotments who can prescribe Invisalign for patients.

There are many orthodontist that do Invisalign and braces. They are very well equipped, but there are a number of dentists that have been doing it for many years. A lot of it. When we go to these Invisalign conferences, a lot of the speakers are regular dentists. They just kind of took it on as a passion and they’ve treated sometimes thousand people a year in the Ellerslie dental office. And so Invisalign cost Edmonton is for the dentists that, that feel comfortable and qualified and you know, they just want to, you know, make it work for their patients. Awesome.

So to a great alternative and a lot of dentists can, can do it. You do it and do a fantastic job. Your patients I’m sure smiling when they lock up the door. Um, so now with Invisalign, how long do people have to wear them? Like is it a three year process like
braces, or is it shorter? Well, they see on average with Invisalign it’s about 11 months at our Ellerslie dental office.

Okay. So we’ve had some patients where we finished them in five, six months. We’ve had patients where they’ve taken almost two years. So the thing that I enjoy or appreciate about Invisalign is that it’s a guided movement. You know that from one tray to the next tray, they can only move a certain amount.

They can only rotate a certain amount. So you know that everything is moved, um, with, with accuracy, you know, it’s not just kind of guessing, you know. And so the key thing that I feel or I like about this site is when people go from tray one, tray two, the next to the next, they actually have very little, very minimal pain. And that is a key thing because when you’re moving teeth and you don’t feel pain, you know that it’s moving in regards to the health of the bone and the person’s biology, right?

When you’re pulling teeth and using braces if your teeth are really hurting that that’s a sign telling you, hey, you’re moving me to fast. And again, there are patients there where their teeth come out and everything looks great. But I have seen the ones where the roots actually shorten. So if you move it to too quickly or too much force on it, dude, instead of pushing the bone and then moving the tooth, you’re actually dissolving the root of the tooth. Oh yeah.

That doesn’t sound good. That’s very, that’s very serious. That sounds like a very rare event. Um, so the question now is what are the biggest benefits to having straighter teeth benefits? Big thing is, um, overall health. Okay. I’m a person about health, about long-lasting. I always tell my Ellerslie dental office patients, I want you, I want you to keep as many kids as possible for as long as possible and for as cheap as possible.

So having straight teeth, easier to clean, easy to maintain, less food gets stuck. You know, when you have, you know, I have some patients where they have some really, really crowded and in those places they’ve gotten some really big cavities or they’ve actually lost a tooth because, um, they were just not able to keep it clean. So, so massive benefit to your health, making sure that you’ve got nice straight teeth and you can clean and all of those crevices.

I’ve got crowded teeth, so I understand all of that now. The very fine. Yeah. But even just getting that, just that long, long term effect. And also it’s not even just the ability to clean, but you know, when you have everything in the right position, then things align properly. It’s like driving a car. You have a tire that’s not balanced or you know, there was put on wrong, you’re going to get uneven wear and then you’re going to have to change those tires sooner.

So that’s a key thing. Uh, and again, in the biggest comp, the biggest thing that people enjoy is just competence. They have a better smile, they feel confident to feel great about themselves and they can walk out with a smile. And that smile, it has a psychological effect on me. When you smile, you actually have, they say that you have endorphins and, and the chemicals in your body that just make you feel better. Awesome.

Well, that is a prescription for good health and a good life at our Ellerslie dental office. So if you are interested in getting to an Invisalign, definitely talk to Dr Yoo or go to the website at thetoothdoctor.ca And um, that’s all for us. If you like the video, give us a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and maybe leave a comment or two down below and we’ll do our best to answer those. Thanks. And we’ll talk to you guys next time.