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Invisalign Cost Edmonton | Facts About Invisalign

Hi, welcome back to the tooth doctor’s Youtube Channel at the Ellerslie location. Today we’re going to be talking all about Invisalign. And today I’m here with Riley. Right? I’m in the Ellerslie dental office and she is going to break this all down for us. But first I’m going to share a quote with you.

I don’t know who said it. I think it’s actually from a movie way back, but says you’re never fully dressed without a smile. It’s actually a good thing. Yeah. Smiling can mean so much.

So when the Invisalign system was first developed, many of the aligner manufacturing processes were carried out by hand and computer technicians had to modify each tooth in the computerized model individually. Wow. That’s coming from Wikipedia. So that’s actually a lot of work. It’s come a long way since then. Costly you to, I don’t know. Do you have anything you want to share about him?

Yeah, the story I am actually, I had braces. Many misaligns. I had resisted when I was really young. You know, like I didn’t really care about my teeth. My parents pushed me to do that. I had it done. I had no idea what a retainer is. I had retainers and never wore them.

And two years after my teeth went back to where it was. So then I grow older and I go bed and I start to notice my teeth. And then I even have friends, they laugh at my teeth. So I look at the pictures that we get. Yeah. Why did I not wear retainers? And I didn’t even, I didn’t not know that retainer exists. So, and then I start working in a dental office and I know our office does Invisalign. So I decided to do Invisalign.

Invisalign is the greatest thing I’ve ever had. So cause I don’t want braces on all my teeth anymore. I had a really bad, horrible story when I have braces. I love eating noodles. Yeah. I try to eat noodles and my noodles get caught on each bracket. Oh, it wasn’t, it wasn’t really bad. It was really bad.

So emphasize literally say to me, I had him, his eyes I had expressing his eyes is I had braces before. I guess, and I was younger when I had him, his eyes. So it was faster. It was always six months and I had my teeth straight. Like they’re very good. They great. Yeah. And I never forgot to put my in a retainer every night. It changed my life. I like to smile a lot and no one laughs at my teeth anymore.
Yeah. Great Comeback Story.

Invisalign Cost Edmonton | So what is Invisalign?

Invisalign, as everyone knows, it’s very big. It’s very popular, but it’s actually the name of the company. They in the, I think they’re the first ones started the Invisalign. So Invisalign is actually, they are a bunch of plastic trays and then because the, the target is they’re supposed to be invisible to the other people and then they aligned. So they combine this two words together. Ah, yeah. And then you’re supposed to wear them for a period of time and then they were straight of teeth for you.

How does that Invisalign work then?

Invisalign is the same as braces, the, the concept. So I’m you, they slowly move your teeth to the way you want them to be.
And at the end it just straightens your teeth. So your teeth, your bite, your, your smile, everything looks great. Okay. So each week or every two weeks, it really depends. Some patients they are younger than their teeth are not very crowded or not the level of the crowding is not too bad. So we do every seven to 10 days. Normally it will be two weeks, but some patients, it really, it’s a commitment. You have to wear 22 hours a day.

We do have some patients at the tooth doctor that don’t wear 22 hours a day. I do know if you have Invisalign, might be a little bit hard to talk at the beginning. So if you don’t wear 22 hours a day, it might not work as good as it’s supposed to be. So you might have the Invisalign trays longer than two weeks. So that’s what we want on patients to come back every six weeks to let us check to make sure everything is at the on the right pace. So you just take the trays home and just replace them? Yes. Okay.

Invisalign Cost Edmonton | What are the benefits of Invisalign?

The benefits of Invisalign, I know first nobody knows nobody, nobody can tell you have Invisalign. You’re straightening your teeth. It’s like you put it in six months, a year later your are straight. Everybody will be like, wow.

And then nobody knows what happened. Yeah. It’s, it’s really good for, I would say because it doesn’t have the brackets on your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about once your Invisalign is done. For braces, you have to take off the brackets and then normally they’re where the, that’s why the demineralization happens because you’d have your brackets on with the glue for too long.

And also it’s really hard to brush around the brackets. Right. A lot of teenagers say start to have decay brown teeth around the brackets. So Invisalign’s you don’t have to worry about it. And also Invisalign it is a commitment, so you have to brush your teeth every time after you eat floss and brush your tray.
So it’s pretty much a reinforcement to, to make you have a better oral hygiene. Yeah. Good habits. Exactly.

And braces kind of hurt the inside of your mouth? Sometimes, it depends on the doctor, how they do it. I have braces. Every time when they put new wires on, sometimes a, I sometimes the wire might stick out a little bit and then just keep cutting my lips and that’s not a good yeah, I, I developed him canker sore. It sounds painful. I know.

This is probably going to be a big question, but how much does Invisalign cost in Edmonton at the Ellerslie location?

And the cost is very different for everyone. So our costs are from $6,500. Normally that’s for two years of the lane. Okay. A lot of dental patients, they do need longer. Appointments are longer period of time to straighten teeth. And then every, it’s, it’s actually, it’s not according to us at the tooth doctor, it’s according to the Invisalign company.

But we do they do provide a if you’re trying to put your Invisalign’s in and they didn’t really work out, they do get provided a second chance and that’s, that is free of costs. So they will change the whole plan for you and then they will put it in for you see how it goes. So you basically have, Invisalign two times for the same cost.
Okay. If you need it if you need it. Yeah.

How long does it take to straighten your teeth with Invisalign?

It really depends. I had it for six months and I love it. The best part of Invisalign cost Edmonton is if you’re not happy of the way your teeth are, say by six months, you’re supposed to have straight teeth, you’re not, there’s always a different ways we can do first, we can replace the trays, we can do a second round and end up too. You can also put some thing posts on the trace. So we’re moving the way you want your teeth to move. Yeah. It’s very flexible actually.

So it’s really good to come in and have the dentist at the office take a look. You don’t really have to come every six weeks and you have any concerns. But for that you can always give us a call and you can come me so we can check your teeth.

Invisalign Cost Edmonton | How painful is Invisalign?

It really depends on individual. I had the express Invisalign’s that time. To be honest, it hurt a little bit. Yeah. And it was moving fast. I did popping to Advil that day. And then normally Invisalign trays are not supposed to hurt that much if you’re not going to few during the regular one. I would, I will say the first day it might be a little bit uncomfortable. The second day might be slightly uncomfortable. By day three, it should be pain free. Yeah. You shouldn’t feel anything.
If you’re doing two weeks every, every tray normally the second week you shouldn’t feel anything either. You take off your tray, brush your teeth, put it back on anything because normally when you’re putting it back on, it’s this where it gets sore.

Is Invisalign as good as regular traditional braces?

There are cases that Invisalign cannot fix. There are cases that I did see a patient I last week at the tooth doctor location, her are very….it is just so hard for an Invisalign company to make a tray because it’s very far apart. So for, for her situation it might not be the best cause we’re moving too much. And then the root of the tooth, if we’re moving too much and in too fast, it might not be good.

And I have a, a root resorption or anything, so we might not, for braces, the good thing is you put the bracket down, you can slow down the process. So for Invisalign it’s pretty much computerized. So we if we do it too fast, we don’t think it’s good for you. So besides that, everything else is pretty much the same.
But the Invisalign is also a very I would say costs less than braces. And then do pretty much the same amount of the time but forces you to have a very better oral habit and also nobody can see and it doesn’t hurt your lips, doesn’t cause any canker sore. So they both have good and bad side of that.

Okay. And if I had a question and I don’t know, what would be the statistic, maybe if you don’t know this, of how many people you could help with Invisalign cost Edmonton as opposed to the case that you said? Like is it pretty? Yes. we, so far we only had one patient that being, I worked here for eight years. That was the only one patient at the tooth doctor that we actually had to refer her out. And also it’s depends on the patient’s age as well.

Like if we see that patient does have a lot of cavities, so that was the, that was the only case. And patient doesn’t really brush your teeth a lot. So for instance, I do have to commit to brush your teeth every time I have to eat. So we see that we know that patient is not a good candidate because then then that’s why we refer out and then 99.99% of the time we say yes and then, Ellerslie dental patients come back with a very positive plan feedback. Nice. Okay.

Let’s say you get approved, how long does it take to get started using Invisalign?

Okay, if we think you’re a good candidate, normally we check with your insurance. If you do have an insurance and if everything is okay, you say, okay, now we take an impression, we have to customize your trays and then we send it to Invisalign company.
That takes about a week or two. Then they will send it back, we call it, we call a claim check. So as a computerized stay and then we opened up the program. So we have you back in about two weeks after the an impression. We choose which way you want or we choose together in the tooth doctor’s office.

Say you want to choose to move this way, you want your teeth to move the other way and how long you want it to move. How, like how rapid yeah.
And cause you have to convince them to do a good oral hygiene everything. Right. And then if sometimes patients are going away for a vacation and they will be back in four months and then we will make it out, they will, will was sorted out. How are we going to do this and that you miss out.

This is a good thing for Invisalign cost Edmonton, you can have your trays with you and then we can customize the process. So you actually, if you’re going away every time you take a picture and then you send it to us, we’ll tell you, okay, you’re good for the next tray or you’re not. So that’s the very good thing. Yeah. Really good. Yeah.

Once you’re approved for the claim check we, we say yes on the computer and then they’re going to start making the designs.
Then about two weeks you’ll get Invisalign. So about a month you can start at Invisalign. Great. Yeah. Good to know. Wow. Lots of great info. Thank you so much for sharing all that with me. Yes, thanks for joining us today here on YouTube, and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel like the video. This was a really good video. Lots of great info, lots of good questions answered, and we’ll see you guys on the next one. Bye.