Looking for Invisalign cost Edmonton while straightening your teeth is mostly associated with the traditional method of using those small metal brackets on your teeth. However, with advancement in the field of science, this is not the case today.

There are various options available to straighten your teeth. As malocclusion and bite problems affect not only the oral health but also your appearance and confidence, getting it treated is becoming more and more important. Based on your comfort and preference, any Invisalign cost Edmonton dentist will use the following ways to straighten your teeth.

1. Braces

Braces are the most traditional and commonly used method to align your teeth and give you a proper bite. These braces are small metal brackets connected using elastic bands. The arc of the braces puts pressure on the teeth making them turn their position. Rubber bands are also used to create more pressure depending on the severity of the misaligned teeth and bite problem.

These wired braces create irritation at the start, but one gets used to it with time. Also, there are various types of braces you can go for such as:

  • Traditional Wired Braces

  • Clear Braces

  • Gold-plated Stainless Steel Braces

  • Titanium Braces

  • Multi-loop Edgewise Archwire

2. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are like traditional braces but are placed behind your teeth. These braces are custom-made according to the need of your teeth. Since they are placed behind, these braces do not give a shabby appearance but, they will irritate your tongue and can cause speech problems too. Compared to traditional braces, lingual braces are costlier and may take more time to give the desired result.

3. Invisalign

Invisalign are transparent and clear aligners that are made using thermoplastic polyurethane. The trays are mostly custom-made by the Invisalign cost Edmonton dentist to provide you comfort and quick results. Invisalign works by slowly and gently shifting your teeth vertically or horizontally. If needed, they can even turn your teeth completely to align properly. The rapidly increasing use of Invisalign is because of its pain-free, removable, and easy to use features. Along with the “invisible” feature where people don’t even know you’re wearing them, the tray provide a GUIDED movement of the teeth where reducing excessive pressure leads to minimal to NO pain when changing from tray to tray.

4. Retainers/Appliances

Retainers help support the teeth after surgery or long-term use of braces. They are made using metal wires and plastic that can be removed as and when needed. Also, retainers are a good option for everyone who wants to get rid of undesired gaps between their teeth, including kids.

Appliances are like retainers but have screws or could that put pressure on the teeth. Utilized between 5-14 yrs of age, EARLY treatment of teeth and the dental arch can minimize the need for braces…and the high cost.

(We had a family where the daughter got braces at a cost of $10,000. We are treating the younger son with appliances (ie: cost of $2000) to align his teeth)

5. Surgery (in combination with Braces)

In extreme cases, Invisalign cost Edmonton dentist will prefer a surgery to straighten your teeth. Surgery is done when the above methods are not viable to give the desired result, or if you want an immediate result to your misaligned teeth. Getting a surgery involves a lot of aftercare and needs a regular dental check-up with the dentist.

Are you also facing the issue of overbite, underbite, malocclusion or any other problem that is causing misaligned teeth? If yes, then consider the treatment methods mentioned above. For more information, contact a dentist in Edmonton who will guide you through the treatments that will give you the desired result in minimum time.