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Even if people are brushing their tooth regularly says Tofield dentist. They may not be protecting their teeth as well as they think they are. Brushing the teeth, is only one important way to protect the teeth.

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In fact, even if people brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. If they are flossing every day. And using mouthwash. They still are susceptible to acid where, and bacteria that cause cavities.

This is because fluoride is important mineral. In protecting the teeth, and strengthening the enamel. And if people are not consuming enough fluoride in their diets. They will need additional fluoride treatments.

Since most people typically never get enough fluoride in their diet. Even though it is a mineral that is added to water by municipalities. In order to support healthy teeth.

Therefore, going to their Tofield dentist on a regular basis. In order to get fluoride treatments is very important. The body will take the fluoride that is applied to the teeth.

And in a process called remineralization, will strengthen the teeth with this mineral. So that the teeth can be stronger. However, as the fluoride protects the teeth against naturally occurring acid in food.

And the bacteria that cause cavities. As well as the acid in plaque, that can cause tooth decay. It will gradually wear off the tooth. Which is why people need to always be vigilant. By brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

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And then going back to their Tofield dentist regularly, every six months. For additional fluoride treatments. By doing this, altogether. People can protect their teeth.

Many people may wonder if they can ever have too much fluoride. And the answer is yes, although it is rare. That is called dental fluorosis. And it happens, when someone takes in two much fluoride.

This typically does not happen by ingesting fluoride in the water. Or by brushing the teeth too much, causing a buildup of fluoride on the teeth. Usually what happens, someone will accidentally swallow toothpaste.

That has a high concentration of fluoride in it. And this is very common in children. Adults typically do not have to worry about dental fluorosis. But what happens to anyone who has this problem.

Is that their teeth are actually no longer protected. As an excess of fluoride builds upon their teeth. And it can cause a discolouration of the teeth. That many people are concerned about for cosmetic reasons.

There is a very easy solution. People can go to their dentist. In order to get the excess fluoride removed. Which they will do, by applying very we can acid to the teeth. In order to remove the fluoride.

It will remove the discolouration at the same time. And then, they will apply fluoride at the end of the process. To ensure that they do have enough to protect their teeth against tooth decay and cavities.

If people have any questions about fluoride, or their teeth. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor for an appointment. That their teeth cleaned, and answer all their questions.

Tofield Dentist | Getting Regular Fluoride Treatments Is A Great Idea

Many people often are wondering if the fluoride treatments the end of their visit with Tofield dentist. Are actually necessary. And the answer is a resounding yes. This is vital, in strengthening their enamel.

The bacteria that causes cavities, will destroy the enamel. And fluoride is the protective barrier that can prevent that from happening. As well, if people eat acidic food.

Like citrus fruit, such as oranges, grapefruit. Lemons or limes, even drinking orange juice. As well as having things like tomatoes that are high in acid, and food with a lot of vinegar in it.

The acid can wear way at the enamel. Weakening it, softening it. And making their teeth more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Having additional fluoride on the teeth.

Can protect the teeth against this acid, as people eat and drink. This is why regular fluoride treatments are so beneficial. To children, teenagers and adults alike. If people are wondering if it is necessary.

Because they are brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste. It is still very important for many reasons. Including the fact that most people do not brush their teeth as often as they should.

They are not brushing their teeth as long as they should, to get the full benefit from the fluoride. And people are not brushing their teeth thoroughly enough. Missing certain spots, leaving their teeth vulnerable.

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As well, if they have ever had gum disease or gingivitis. Part of their tooth roots will be exposed. And tooth roots are more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities according to Ellerslie dentist.

For the simple fact that tooth roots have less enamel than the rest of the teeth. Therefore, even if people have had gingivitis before. And it has been eliminated. There exposed tooth roots will still need protecting.

If people have crowns, bridges or braces in their mouth. They will need fluoride treatments as well. Simply because those implements. To make it difficult to brush their teeth thoroughly.

They might miss certain spots, because it is hard to get there tooth brush. Therefore, having their dentist paint on the fluoride. Or use a liquid, to switch around in their mouth.

Can ensure that spots that would be missed by the toothbrush. Are not missed by their Tofield dentist applying fluoride. And finally, if people have dry mouth syndrome.

Either is a side effect of the medication. Or just as a symptom of advancing age. Then they are susceptible to cavities. Because they lack the saliva, that protects their teeth.

Therefore, regular fluoride treatments can provide that protective barrier. That even if they do continue having dry mouth. Can help prevent cavities. Although, they can also talk to their dentist about what they can do to eliminate dry mouth as well.

When people are ready to talk to their dentist about fluoride treatments. All they need to do is contact the tooth doctor for an appointment. He can come in for a cleaning, or for a treatment. And get answers to all of their questions.