Tofield Dentist | Straighter Teeth Impact Overall Health

Anyone can get straighter teeth says Tofield dentist. And everyone can benefit from straighter teeth. This is why adults getting braces. Is on the rise, both in the US, and Canada.

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The reason why straighter teeth are preferred. Is cosmetic, helping people feel more confident. About their smile, how they appear to their coworkers. Their customers, and their peers.

It can help people smile more, be more confident to speak. And simply feel better about themselves. However, confidence. Is not the only reason. Why people should straighten their teeth.

Another reason why straighter teeth is important. To a person’s overall health, is because straight teeth. Our easier to clean and maintain. Crooked teeth can cause food to become stuck.

And can be very difficult to brush, or floss away. Therefore, through no fault of their own says Tofield dentist. Patients can end up with tooth decay, cavities. As well as gingivitis, requiring more dental procedures.

Such as cavities, root canals and crowns. And eventually, losing the tooth. Requiring it to be pulled. Because there is no way. That patients can save a tooth, that is continually getting tooth decay.

Because it is impossible for a patient to clean it properly. That is another reason why people look for to straightening solutions. A third reason why straighter teeth lead to better overall health according to Tofield dentist.

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Is because it allows people to eat healthier food. Such as crunchy fruits and vegetables. Fruit like apples, pears and peaches for example. And vegetables like carrots, can be much easier to eat.

When the teeth are straight, and properly aligned. When the teeth are crooked, it often causes a patient pain to eat crunchy food. Causing pressure on different parts of their mouth, jaw and in their bones.

Causing them to avoid some of the best food. That they should be eating for overall health. Therefore, many people will make an appointment. With their dentist, the tooth doctor in Tofield.

And ask about different alternatives to straighter teeth. Of course, there is the traditional metal braces. However, many adults are not very keen on this tooth straightening system.

Partially because it is often very painful. But it is also very noticeable. And they feel it would impact their confidence. To have to wear metal braces for many years. The next alternative.

Is a system called Invisalign. This system uses plastic trays, that a patient wears on their teeth. That will slowly, move their teeth into a straighter position. This system is beneficial because nobody can tell.

That a person is wearing Invisalign trays on their teeth. Therefore, they can have increased confidence. Of having nothing on their teeth. While moving their teeth, into a straighter position.

If people would like more information about Invisalign. All they have to do, is make an appointment with the tooth doctor in Tofield. In order to get a 3D smile scan. This will show them what they could look like after the Invisalign system is complete. To allow them to get started today.

Tofield Dentist | Straightening Teeth Impacts Your Overall Health

Many people get their teeth straightened as a child according to Tofield dentist. However, this is not always the case. And many adults. Are looking for tooth straightening solutions.

Invisalign is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods. Of straightening patients teeth, for many reasons. First, Invisalign is a much more gentle method. Then traditional metal braces.

Metal braces often first require pulling some teeth. Which can cause a lot of pain to patient. And according to Tofield dentist. Pulling teeth is absolutely unnecessary in many cases.

But another reason why metal braces are often much more aggressive. Is because there is no digital precision used. To figure out how much to tighten the wire across the patient’s teeth.

Therefore, the orthodontist tightens the braces by hand. Causing the teeth to move faster than they should. Which causes a lot of pain in the jaw, gums. Giving the patient headaches as well.

However, it is not just the pain. That metal braces cause. If the teeth are trying to be moved faster. Then the jaw wants to allow. What will happen, is that the root will start to dissolve. In order to allow that to to move easier.

This can negatively impact a person’s overall tooth health. As they will have teeth that are more likely. To become loose as they age. Requiring them to be pulled, if there gums recede at all.

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Therefore, while Invisalign is more gentle. It is also better. For the overall tooth health both in the short term. As well as the long term. When people are wearing metal braces.

This process takes anywhere between 2 to 3 years. Or longer, depending on how much tooth straightening they need. While Invisalign is usually done in just under one year. At eleven months.

Some patients can be finished in 5 to 6 months. Or, they will need much more straightening. And it will take them to years. Regardless, no matter how much or how little straightening is required.

They will end up having shorter amount of time. With Invisalign, then traditional braces. And while Invisalign is extremely popular in adults. Because of its versatility, and its invisible nature.

Invisalign is absolutely possible with children. Making it easier for them to keep their teeth clean. Because they do not have to brush around braces. Helping them get straighter teeth faster.

So that they can have better overall body health, and tooth health. That they will carry with them into adulthood. If parents of children want more information about the Invisalign system.

All they have to do is contact their Tofield dentist. At the tooth doctor, and get a 3D smile scan. That will show them what their teeth could look like. After the Invisalign system is complete.

People can get their first set of trays sent to them, only two weeks after their initial scan. Which means getting started with Invisalign is fast, and easy.