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People have many important questions when they visit their Tofield dentist. Often because they simply have not seen a dentist for a year. According to Canadian dental measures survey. 74% of Canadians have seen a dentist in the last year.
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But much fewer have seen a dentist more often than that. While seeing a dentist once a year is a great start. In order for people to have the best, and healthiest smile. They should get into the habit. Of visiting the dentist twice a year.

The reason why twice a year is best. Is because at the first visit. The dentist will check their teeth. To ensure that they are healthy. And that there is no sign of bigger problem. Such as oral cancer.

As well as gingivitis, tooth decay and cavities. They will also get a dental cleaning done. Because no matter how well they brush their teeth. Plaque buildup happens. Simply because plaque is incredibly sticky.

And will accumulate on their teeth Tofield Dentist. Or how diligently people brush. As well, the brush cannot reach every single area of the mouth. Back teeth often get missed. And there is plaque buildup below the gum line.

There is no way to prevent this plaque buildup from happening. Even with the best oral hygiene routine. Therefore, they should get their teeth cleaned at this dental visit. However, because plaque buildup happens.

In approximately 5 to 6 months. The second trip to their Tofield dentist is important. To ensure that they can get their teeth cleaned again. So that they do not develop tooth decay and cavities.

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Caused by plaque buildup. That should have been removed by a professional. Therefore, it is important that they come back every six months. But the dentist will only need to see them one of those visits.

Another question that many people have. When they do visit their Tofield dentist twice a year. Is wondering what the best oral care routine is. This is a common question. Because often what people have been told growing up.

What people are told now are different. For example, people were told to brush their teeth. Immediately after eating. And to brush their teeth three times a day. That is no longer considered best practice.

If people brush their teeth. To quickly after eating, they can brush away. The protective enamel coating. That cannot be replaced on the teeth. Especially if people eat foods that are acidic. Such as anything with vinegar.

Including hot sauce, mayonnaise or salad dressings. Citrus fruit is also known for having a high acid content. Therefore, they should avoid brushing their teeth. after consuming high acidic food.

Because acids soften the enamel in their teeth. Therefore, brushing only twice a day. Is considered best. While using mouthwash twice, and flossing once is the best oral care routine.

If people have any more questions. They are encouraged to make an appointment. With the tooth doctor, that not only has a convenient location in Tofield. But to other Edmonton locations as well.

Tofield Dentist | Very Important Dental Questions You Need To Ask

Tofield dentist is used to having people ask many questions. And there is no such thing as a bad or stupid question. On their question that is not asked. People should not feel as though they should have already known the answer to many questions.

And would rather people ask, and get the correct information. Then relying on information. From outdated sources, or simply incorrect sources either. One of the most common questions they have Tofield Dentist.

Is from people wondering why they should get dental x-rays. There are typically two reasons why. People are concerned about getting dental x-rays. The first one, is from people who are concerned.

About radiation. And while yes dental x-ray machines do give off radiation. The radiation is such a small amount. However, most dental offices. And certainly Tofield dentist have already switched.

Two a digital x-ray machine. That only gives off a fraction of the radiation. That regular x-ray machines use do. In addition to that, they use extreme caution. Such as placing iron bibs over the patient during the x-ray.

And only directing the x-ray where it is needed. Exactly when it is needed. Most dental offices, Tofield dentist included. Carrie was called a Geiger counter. During the level of radiation in the office.

At no time has the Geiger counter indicated. That there was a dangerous amount of radiation. Even when the dental x-ray machine. Was used significant amount in a single day.

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Dentists also want patients to know. That radiation exists. In many of the equipment that we use daily. Including our computers and our self owns. In fact, people will be exposed to more radiation.

From a five minute phone call on their cell phone. Or they place the phone to their ear. Or on a commercial flight from Vancouver to Edmonton. Therefore, dental x-rays are extremely safe.

Another reason why people are concerned about getting dental x-rays according to Tofield dentist. Is because they do not want to pay. Many people do not have dental insurance. And it is already a very expensive visits.

And they do not want to pay for anything that is not absolutely necessary. Tofield dentist would not do a dental x-rays. If it was not necessary. But it is a good prevention tool. They can see issues when they are small.

And often, before a dentist can see the problem with the naked eye. They can fix the problem when it is small. And very quick, as well as inexpensive to fix. If people waited until the problem was visible.

Or worse, waited until the problem was painful. Not only would it be a worse problem to fix. But it would be a more expensive problem to fix as well.

Therefore, people should not fear the x-ray machine. And know that they would rather pay for the x-ray. Then have to pay for a much larger, expensive dental procedure in the future. Call the tooth doctor for your appointment today.