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When people are visiting Tofield dentist, the tooth doctor for the first time. They ask many common questions. The dentists and hygienists there are more than happy. To help people get the answers they are looking for.
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One of the most common questions they get. Comes up during a person’s annual checkup. Where Tofield dentist asks if they can do dental x-rays. Many people do not know benefit of x-rays are.

And other people are very nervous. About radiation exposure, that is known. With x-rays in general. Therefore, they want to know if the x-rays are absolutely necessary. While nothing is absolutely necessary.

According to dentists, they are amazing at preventative maintenance. Especially in children, the x-rays can show. Approximately when a child will lose their baby teeth. And most children will lose their baby teeth.

Between the ages of six and twelve. However, some children lose them extremely early. Such as three or four years of age. And this can be a problem. If people get their adult teeth far too early.

Before they learn how to properly brush and care for their teeth. Therefore, Tofield dentist often. Will be able to apply a protective layer onto the child’s teeth. If they get their adult teeth early.

To protect them while they learn. How to brush, and care for their teeth properly. Another reason why dentists want to use x-rays. Particularly in their youngest patients, is because. For some children, they will not lose.

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Their baby teeth, for many years. It might be until they are eleven or twelve years of age. When they start losing their teeth. And this also can cause problems. And with patients of all ages.

Dental x-rays will show things like. Cavities that are just starting to form. Where the dentist is not able to see the cavities yet. Such as between the teeth, or among the gum line. Therefore, dental x-rays are not required.

But they are an important part of good oral hygiene. If people are concerned about the radiation in the x-rays. The Tooth Doctor uses digital x-rays. It has significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays.

In fact, they say a person is exposed to more radiation. On an airplane flight to Edmonton to Vancouver. Then if they had one hundred dental x-rays in a row. Therefore, people should not be concerned.

With the level of radiation in their dental x-rays. But rather, be concerned about dental x-rays. And things like their cell phone, which they hold up to their head in order to use.

Once people are convinced that dental x-rays are beneficial. And they are no longer concerned about the radiation. It will allow the dentist to be able to use the x-rays on all of their patients.

In order to understand what is going on in their mouth. And do the important preventative maintenance they need. To help keep their teeth healthy and happy, for years to come.

If people have more questions for their dentist. They have to do is pick up the phone, or visit them on their website. At thetoothdoctor.ca.

Tofield Dentist | Original Dental Questions

Despite the fact that almost ¾ of Canadians visit their dentist each year says Tofield dentist. There are still many questions that people have. Often because they do not visit the dentist regularly.

Or they are too nervous task their dentist their burning questions. One of the most common questions that Tofield dentist does get. Is from people wondering why their teeth are so sensitive.

There actually so many reasons why people could have sensitive teeth. However, one of the first causes that they look for. Is actually gingivitis. Gingivitis causes a person’s teeth to become sensitive for many reasons.

First of all, the gums become inflamed and sore. And since the teeth sit in the gums, the teeth can start becoming sensitive. Something else that happens when people have gingivitis, is that there gums will recede.

The recession in their gums, exposes the tooth root. And because the root of the tooth has less enamel on it. People who have gingivitis, often have sensitive teeth. Because their teeth roots are unprotected.

When people complain about sensitive teeth. And their dentist notices they have gingivitis. They will help the patient eliminate this problem. Through dental cleanings, and ensuring. That people have a good oral hygiene.

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However, gingivitis is only one cause of sensitive teeth. People can often have sensitive teeth because of a genetic predisposition to it. They could have very thin enamel, causing sensitive teeth.

Or they could be brushing their teeth far too hard. And eroding the protective enamel. All of these things can cause sensitive teeth. Therefore, Tofield dentist may suggest using a softer brush.

But also, if people do have sensitive teeth. And they do not have gingivitis. The dentist can apply a desensitizing material. While this material wears off in a few months after applying it.

For people who have significantly sensitive teeth. And no longer enjoy eating cold or hot food. It can help them significantly. Enjoy the foods that they normally are able to.

As well, Tofield dentist recommends Sensodyne. It is the best toothpaste that is designed. To eliminate the sensitivity that could be because. By a number of factors. Brushing properly with a desensitizing toothpaste.

Not brushing too hard, and not eating sugar. Are just very good ways that people can protect their teeth. Against becoming to sensitive. The dentist will also recommend avoiding whitening products.

As they can cause sensitive teeth. Or cause pain to person who already has sensitive teeth. When people have questions about their oral hygiene. Or about their teeth and mouth in general. They should not be too shy to ask.

The tooth doctor will be more than happy to answer any questions. No matter how small or silly someone thinks they are. No question is a stupid question they say. Except the question that goes on asked.