Tofield Dentist | What Are Dental Sealants

One recommendation that Tofield dentist makes for most of their patients. Is to get dental sealants, and while they are young. The reason why, is because it can help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

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Particularly on molars, that have what dentists call pits and features. Referring to the very and even surface of a molar. While that makes the tooth particularly good. And grinding food.

It makes it very difficult for people to brush their teeth very thoroughly. Without missing any parts of the very rough surface of the molar. Even adults have a hard time brushing these teeth of theirs.

And children, who are just learning how to brush their teeth. Are bound to miss parts of their molars. As they develop their own oral hygiene habits. Dental sealants, provide a protective barrier.

Protecting the surface of their molars from the bacteria. That cause tooth decay and cavities. It ensures that even if people have not reached the most troublesome spots of their teeth. That they are less likely to develop cavities.

However, a common question that Tofield the dentist gets from parents. Is wondering if their child should get this. Even if they still simply have their baby teeth. They are not sure it is necessary.

However, it is very important. To protect the children’s teeth. And ensure that the baby teeth are kept healthy and strong. So that their adult teeth can grow in properly. As well, some children can have.

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Significant tooth decay. Requiring the teeth be pulled. And that would leave them without their teeth for perhaps years. Until their adult teeth grew in. Which would not be ideal for their overall health.

Therefore, even in children who are quite young. And still have their baby teeth. Can benefit significantly from getting dental sealants put onto their teeth. As well, parents should keep in mind.

That even if their child gets one single cavity. They are going to have to pay more to get that one filling. Then they would have paid for the dental sealant procedure. And chances are quite good.

That the child will be able to make it into adolescence. Where they would simply need another set of dental sealants says Tofield dentist. In order to protect their now adult teeth.

The dental sealants will last for approximately ten years. Therefore, the two procedures needed. To protect their children for their entire childhood, and teenage years. Together, will cost less.

Then filling a single cavity in their mouth. Not only that, but getting cavities filled. Is traumatic for many children or teenagers. Or, can end up being painful. Especially once the freezing wears off.

However, parents need to also impress upon the importance. Of maintaining good oral hygiene to their children and teenagers. And ensure that they also will see the Tofield dentist regularly.

The dental sealants can develop cracks or chips. Particularly if the child engages in rough sports, such as roughhousing. Or if they grind their teeth, or eat food with a lot of bones.

Tofield Dentist | Learning What Dental Sealants Are

A recommendation that Tofield dentist makes to most parents. Is that they should get dental sealants applied to their children’s teeth. It is a protective barrier. That can protect their molars from tooth decay.

It is very important to apply the dental sealants. To the child’s teeth, before they have developed their first cavities. Because once they have cavities. There is little point in applying the sealant.

That is designed to protect them from cavities. As well, many parents wonder. If they can get a dental sealant put on their child’s teeth. If they have some dental decay or a cavity.

In place of getting a filling done. And also, the answer to this is no according to Tofield dentist. In order to properly protect the tooth. And eliminate the tooth decay. The dentist must first drill the tooth.

In order to get rid of all areas of the teeth that have decay. Because any spots of decay that are left. Will continue to eat away at the tooth. This is why it is important to this when the child is young.

However, anyone can get dental sealants done. As long as they do not have any cavities. Therefore, teenagers and even adults. Can ask their dentist about this procedure.

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How to apply the dental sealants is a very fast procedure. And can be done and the end of any dental appointment. The dentist must dry off the patient’s teeth. And they will do this, by putting a row of cotton.

Surrounding the teeth, and once the teeth are dry. There Tofield dentist will be able to apply a mild acid. In a process called etching. Once the etching is complete, they will rinse the tooth and dry it again.

And then, they can apply the sealant, which is a very thin liquid. Once it is applied. The dentist will then use a UV light, to cure the sealant. Which means to make it hard. The entire procedure will take about five minutes.

Not only will it take a very short amount of time to do. It also costs a fraction of the price. Of putting in filling into someone’s mouth. Therefore, it can be cost-effective as well as preventative.

Another question that many people have. Is wondering if there are any side effects from getting dental sealants. There are virtually no side effects. Once the appointment is over. People will be able to do anything.

From eating, talking. And doing all of the normal activities that they are used to. Once the appointment is over. However, it is important. For people to take note, that there is a very small trace amount of BPA in the finished dental sealant.

However this very small amount. Is not going to cause any harm to people. Therefore, nobody needs to worry about the BPA content in dental sealants. If people are interested in getting this procedure. All they have to do is reach out to the tooth doctor in Tofield for more information.