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A Complete Guide to Floss your Teeth

    Have you been facing dental issues lately? Are you following your dental hygiene regularly? While you might be brushing your teeth regularly, missing out on flossing could be a big mistake. Flossing your teeth is an integral part of your dental hygiene. Edmonton dentists recommend that you make it a part of your dental hygiene. Simply flossing your teeth isn’t enough, here are a few ways to get it right.

    Select a Proper Dental Floss

    Selecting the right dental products is a necessity. Before you begin with flossing, make sure you select the right kind of floss. You would find two types of floss in the market, nylon floss and PTFE(monofilament) floss. Nylon floss comes in a variety of flavors and categories such as waxed and unwaxed. It may tear when stuck in a tight spot. PTFE floss is comparatively expensive but strong.

    Steps to Follow for Proper Flossing

    • Take about 18 inches of floss and wind it on your fingers baring an inch in between. Edmonton dentists
    • Slide the floss gently back and forth while holding it tight. Edmonton dentists
    • Make gentle curves around the base of each tooth to go beneath the gum line.
    • As you move from one tooth to another, use a clean section.
    • Use the same back and forth motion to remove the floss.

    Here are some common mistakes to avoid while flossing your teeth:

    Lack of Proper Pressure

    Even though you are supposed to floss your teeth gently, not applying the right amount of pressure would leave the debris behind. It will take some amount of force to get rid of the stubborn plaque. Do not exert extreme pressure or you may end up damaging your gums.

    Missing Out on a Tooth

    A complete flossing process includes the flossing of all the teeth. Flossing between the crevices of all the teeth should take nothing less than 2 minutes. Make sure you cover all your teeth.

    Being Hasty

    Another common mistake while flossing is being too quick with the whole process. As mentioned before, it takes about 2 minutes to floss completely. You might be getting it done quickly, but you might be missing out on derbies lodged deep in your gums. Improper flossing could lead to cavities. Flossing patiently lessens the chance of derbies being left back.

    You need to consider flossing as an important aspect of your dental hygiene. It will help you keep your teeth clean. For a better demonstration on how to floss, book an appointment with one of the Edmonton dentists.