Dental Implants Edmonton | A Few Great Reasons To Get Them

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The first reason you might want to consider dental implants is that they look more natural than dentures. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between implants and natural teeth. The technology is getting so good that even dentist have a hard time pointing out which one is real or fake.

This provides a lot of people who have missing teeth and want to deal with them, but don’t want to go down the path of getting a denture or partial dentures. This will allow patients to have improved confidence when eating and interacting with other people. Which is our second reason why you should receive dental implants Edmonton.

Dentures or bridges can affect the look of your smile and your appearance. When you have implant supported dentures and dental work, you don’t have to worry about flying out of your mouth if you sneeze or are blowing out your birthday candles.

The other reasons that you may want to consider having implants is for comfort and convenience. With a denture and bridges you must get them checked on a regular basis to ensure their fitting properly. Often you have to get them replaced because they’re not fitting right.

With these types of dental appliances you have to ensure that they are kept very clean. You have to have special pastes and cleansers brushes to get rid of any lingering bacteria that is present. If you don’t, you have follow odours and tastes in your mouth that are not very pleasant.

When you have an implant or implant supported dentures, eating food is much more enjoyable. It is noted that when someone receives a full dentures, either top or bottom, their bite strength reduces to only 20%. This is a big deal. When you can only bite with 20% of your capacity, there are a lot of foods that you have to take off of your menu.

Because you are less inclined to eat hard foods, your diet will suffer because of it. And as your diet suffers, your overall health is affected as well. Rob vegetables and fruits are great for digestion as well as nutrients for your body. We want to help you maintain the best possible health.

At the tooth doctor our philosophy is to help as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, for as cheap as possible. That’s why we do everything in our abilities to help you maintain your teeth, and a healthy lifestyle. Give us a call today to schedule a free no obligation consultation.

Dental implants Edmonton | better than having missing teeth

There are several reasons to consider having dental implants Edmonton. It is often said that having something is better than nothing. When it comes to your teeth, it’s better to have something in place that missing tooth that having nothing there.

Our teeth support each other. When there is a missing tooth once started moving towards each other. One of the negative effects of having missing teeth is the loss of bone density in that space. This can affect you in several different ways but most noticeably in your appearance.

By selecting to replace that tooth dental implants Edmonton, you are doing yourself a big favour. If you’re concerned about the cost of a dental implant you will be pleased to know that they are much less then having dentures over time.

Dentures and bridgework often needs to be replaced because doesn’t fit properly or it gets broken. When you spread the cost of a dental implant over the lifetime, you will see that the cost per day is extremely low in comparison. If someone has implant from the time they are 22 the age of 80, that implant has cost them almost nothing per day.

Dentures often have to be replaced about every five years, and bridges but every 20 years depending on how they are cared for. The cost basing is going up all the time so when you take that into consideration dental implant is a great investment.

Not only is the cost better, you have a better looking smile, you can eat foods more easily, and you don’t have to do any special routines to keep it safe and clean in your mouth. You’re able to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would your natural teeth.

It’s important that you do take care of your dental implants Edmonton so that you can maintain it for your entire life. They don’t typically fall out of your mouth like dentures do. It is important to note that you are subject to gum disease if you don’t properly floss and brush your teeth.

Implants help with ongoing bone development. As we chew foods, the pressure that is placed across bone stimulates it, causing it to stay thick and healthy. When you have missing teeth, or a denture the bone shrinks. This is why dentures tend to fit worse over time.

One important thing to note is that a dental implant looks much more natural than dentures it’s near impossible to tell the difference between a natural tooth and an implant supported crown. The technology is getting so good that even dentists can be fooled. The way to tell for sure is by taking an x-ray. That might be a bit extreme, but it is difficult to tell at a glance which tooth is the fake one.

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