Dental Implants Edmonton | Avoiding Trigger Foods

Dentist often have to hear many people complaining about tooth pain, but when it is jaw pain that usually points to something else says Dental Implants Edmonton.

Jaw pain is often indicative of a condition called temporomandibular dysfunction, which refers to a dysfunction of people’s Jaws. Where the lower jaw connects to the skull, is called The temporomandibular Joint, which is a ball-and-socket joint that is cushioned by cartilage.

If this cartilage wears out, or slips, the ball and socket joint grind against each other every time the jaw is opened, closed or clenched. This can be extremely painful, and has no known cure.

Also, people who are experiencing Fatigue in their jaw, in the muscles, will also have the same treatment options although the cause is slightly different.

Therefore, anyone who is experiencing jaw pain or fatigue should know what they can do to help avoid pain here.

Dental Implants Edmonton recommends that people avoid eating foods that can trigger jaw pain. Foods that are house to eat because they are chewy, tough, or hard and crunchy can cause even more jaw pain.

Whether it’s because the joint itself is damaged, or whether it’s in the muscle itself, people will be able to alleviate the pain by eating the correct foods, and avoiding the wrong ones.

The first thing that they should avoid is chewing bubble gum. While nobody swallows chewing gum ideally, chewing it can create pain and fatigue the muscle out further.

Therefore, people who are already experiencing jaw pain or fatigue should avoid chewing bubblegum at all costs.

The next foods that people should be avoiding are hard and crunchy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Apples, carrots and corn on the cob are examples of hard, crunchy foods that can cause pain.

Dental Implants Edmonton recommends that people avoid these foods, but if they can’t, they should steam or cook them until they’re no longer hard and crunchy. If it’s difficult to steam or cook, such as in the case of an apple, what people can do is cut the Apple into small pieces.

Also, eating food directly on the fruit or vegetable can be difficult, there for people should cut the corn off the cob, and cut the Apple into bite-size pieces, so they don’t have directly into an apple core.

This can help ensure that people are able to enjoy the foods that they love, without causing their jaw any additional pain.

It can be very difficult for people to avoid eating the food that they love, however, even by avoiding it for the next few months can help people’s muscles heal, so that the can go back to eating those Foods in moderation, without pain.

Rather than constantly taking painkillers, if people avoid trigger foods, they are going to be able to heal their muscle, and eventually get back to eating what they love, pain free.

If people are experiencing pain when they eat, they should be very mindful about what they eat, by keeping a diary and then coming up with a plan on how to eat those Foods pain-free.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Avoid Those Trigger Foods

People who are experiencing jaw pain may find that they stop eating before they are full, simply because they are tired of eating says Dental Implants Edmonton.

Or, alternatively they stop eating foods that they love because it causes them a great deal of pain. By knowing what foods are more likely to trigger TMD pain, can help people create a meal plan that minimizes foods that can cause pain.

People can have a soft food diet until their jaw muscle heals enough to add trigger foods back in on an occasional basis.

Some of the trigger foods that people needs to avoid eating according to Dental Implants Edmonton are hard and crunchy Foods. Foods like nuts, particularly the harder ones like almonds or peanuts should be avoided.

Another thing that people can avoid eating is popcorn, pretzels, and beef jerky. It can be very difficult to modify these Foods in such a way to make them easier to eat. Therefore, the recommendation is for people to stay away from while their jaw muscles are healing.

Other foods that people should stay away from include sticky, sugary candies like gummies, caramel and Taffy.

These can cause the muscles to have to work very hard to eat. And while consuming these in small, bite-sized pieces can be helpful, people should be very mindful that when they are experiencing pain, they should be avoided completely says Dental Implants Edmonton.

Meet can also be very difficult for people to eat when they have TMD, particularly things like pork chops and steak, especially the tougher cuts of steak can be difficult to eat.

If people must eat these Foods, they should cut them into very small bite-size pieces whenever possible. By modifying what they eat, can help people ensure that they will be able to heal their jaw muscles quicker and if they were not avoiding these Foods.

Dental Implants Edmonton says people can also choose to eat meat that is easier to consume such as hamburger, either in a burger, meatball or meatloaf form. If people do wants to consume meat, like steak, they should tenderize it’s quite a bit, and always cut it up into small pieces.

When people are experiencing pain in their jaw, by avoiding eating trigger foods, they can help heal their jaw faster, so that they will be able to get back to eating some of the foods that they love sooner.

However, Dental Implants Edmonton says people may feel it necessary to avoid these Foods ongoing basis, because they are so difficult to chew.

People who are experiencing at jaw pain needs to understand that this is not something that they necessarily have to live with. And it’s not something that they can only get rid of by taking painkillers.

By being mindful of the food that they eat, people can end up with strategies on how they are going to eat food and avoid the types of food that is going to be difficult to eat, and fatigue their job even more.

By being aware of the foods that’s can cause pain, people can create a meal plan that will help them eat healthy, but also pain-free says Dental Implants Edmonton.