Dental Implants Edmonton | Best Practices for Healing Dental Implants

Even though the procedure is gaining traction, with more implants being done than ever before, dental implants Edmonton says there are still several things people need to keep in mind when considering dental implant surgery, in order to help them heal completely and have no issues with the final product. While many people are aware of the problems that dentures cause, namely being unable to eat certain foods, as well as providing speech problems in addition to fit and comfort in the potential of the dentures falling out of his mouth. Implants on the other hand are less known about, and therefore more people have questions on.

One of the first things that people should understand, is that they may end up with bite issues when the surgery is over. While this is common, it is not a large problem. People should consider that your teeth have an ability to feel the food that they are eating. For example, it is why a person can feel an egg shell in their scrambled eggs, or a fishbone in the fish they are eating, even if their tongue does not feel it first. As a person bites into food or clenches their teeth together, their teeth have a slight amount of give to them that allows them to have some bite sensitivity. Unfortunately, this bait sensitivity is lost with dental implants. Therefore, a dentist has to be careful that they ensure that there is an extremely small gap in the top and bottom teeth. This way, a person will be able to eat food more easily, because they have lost that ability to feel.

However, dental implants Edmonton says that this slight gap between the top and bottom teeth need to get checked once a year. The reason why, is because it is in the nature of the tooth to search for another tooth to rest against. That is why, when a person closes their bites, all their teeth will meet. If something causes the teeth to not meet, the teeth will grow out slightly, searching for the partner they want to rest against. Therefore, once a year, a person should go to the dentist, just as often as they would regularly, to ensure that there bite still has a slight gap. If not, it is a very quick and easy adjustment on the crown that screwed into their implants says dental implants Edmonton. A quick check up once a year is all that is necessary to ensure that any bite issues a person has are addressed and then fixed.

Compared to all of the problems that people have with dentures, bite issues are a relatively minor inconvenience that are very easily fixed. Anyone who gets implants should consider writing it into their calendar to visit their dentist once a year, they can even schedule their regular cleaning at the same time and kill two birds with one stone. Doing that, can ensure the health of their mouth and their dental implants for many years to come.

Dental implants Edmonton | best practices for healing dental implants

The reason why people will have to heal their implants, is because they are literally a surgery being done in their mouth says dental implants Edmonton. An implant is actually a titanium screw that is surgically inserted into the jaw of a person. The titanium screw acts like a tooth root, and after it has been healed, a dentist will simply screw in the crown that they made to the titanium implant. This is designed to completely replace a tooth. Whether a person wishes to replace one or two teeth, or all of them, dental implants are a good choice for replacement.

In order to ensure effortless healing, dental implants Edmonton recommends that all patients completely avoid smoking for the entire duration of the implant healing. While this period is 12 to 16 weeks long, and may be very difficult for smokers to adhere to, the reason why is very important.

In order to ensure the implant is as secure as possible, during the healing process, the bone needs to grow into the threads of the titanium screw. Dental implants Edmonton says that this is a process called osteo- integration. If this process is interrupted, it can cause microtears to happen, causing the integrity of where the tissue meets the threads to be slightly damaged. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can actually effect the overall integrity of the implant. While it might not cause problems initially, in order for the implant to last a lifetime, a person should ensure their doing everything in their power to maximize the ability to heal effectively.

It is also very important that in order to ensure best healing, that patients avoid putting pressure on the implant before it heals. This is again, to avoid causing microtears at the sight of the implant. While the success rate for dental implants is 98%, it drops to 80% if a person does not take care during the healing process. While 80% is still a great success rate, even if a person is not able to be as careful as possible during the healing process, they should still expect their implants to last for a very long time says dental implants Edmonton.

Because of this healing time, dentists will avoid putting the crown into the implant until the implant site has healed completely. Because of this, a person will have the implants in their mouth, for 12 to 16 weeks before the crown is screwed into it.

Dental implants Edmonton says that implants are a rates and efficient way for people to replace one or more teeth for a variety of reasons. However, it is important that they take care of themselves during the healing process, in order to help ensure the longevity of those implants. In order to ensure they have a healthy mouth for the rest of their life, they should take due care in ensuring they heal their mouth properly and completely.