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If you suffer from poor fitting dentures then it is a great idea to consider dental implants Edmonton. At the tooth doctor, you can receive a free no obligation consultation for dental implants. They are a tremendous help in supporting your dental work so that you don’t have to be concerned with difficult to manage dentures.

Many people don’t realize that dentures have a negative effect on the bone structure. Because their bite strength is reduced dramatically, there is not enough pressure placed on the bone when eating.

This causes bone to shrink much faster than it normally would and in turn, causes the dentures to fit very poorly over time. The wearer to has to get their dentures refit so they can continue eating, talking, and going about their life as normal.

When you have dental implants Edmonton supporting your dentures, it is much more advantageous than not having them. You’ll have a secure platform on which your dentures can be mounted and not easily fall out of your mouth.

For the person who has a missing tooth, or teeth, having an implant is the best choice for replacing that tooth. Dental implants Edmonton look as real as your natural tooth. Your friends and family will have a difficult time identifying which is the implant, and which is your natural tooth. The technology has come a very long way and is only getting better.

Having missing teeth can affect a person’s confidence. When you have a dental implant, or implant supported dental work, you can eat and interact with others with confidence. Dentures and bridges can affect the aesthetics of your smile and your appearance.

When implants are supporting dentures, you don’t have to worry that they will fall out of your mouth. No more embarrassing cases of your teeth flying out of your mouth when you’re trying to blow out your birthday candles.

Considering comfort and convenience is one of the biggest benefits to having a dental implant. There are no adhesives or cleaners that are required to take care of your implant. It is firmly fit into your jaw therefore, you can take care of it just as you do your other teeth.

Dentures and other dental work often need to be removed and rushed or soaked in order to remove bacteria and food particles. This is not convenient or helpful.

Enjoying food is one of the great benefits of life. As mentioned earlier, when someone has dentures they lose 80% of their bite strength. This means enjoying a lot of foods out there is much more difficult. This can negatively affect the amount of nutrition that you’re receiving.

Because is more difficult to chew food, you cannot properly crush food for proper digestion. Another factor to consider is labours and textures are greatly affected which reduces the enjoyment of a great meal. Contact the tooth doctor for a free consultation. One of our dentists will take the time to help you understand fully if you are a great candidate for implants.

Dental implants Edmonton | a better fit for better health

Your health is very important to us at dental implants Edmonton. We want you to enjoy life as you should. Having missing teeth should not be a hindrance to you enjoying great food and better nutrition.

Because a person’s bite pressure is reduced to only 20% when someone received dentures, it’s important that you consider getting dental implants Edmonton to support those dentures. It’s much easier to chew food when you have a firm foundation. Dental implants can help with that and give you more confidence when speaking to other people.

An alternative to a full upper denture is by having dental implants Edmonton. Your sense of taste will not be hindered by having a covered upper palate. This will also allow you to enjoy raw vegetables nuts harder foods like apples, and more.

Over time, the cost of an implant is quite low compared with dentures and bridges. When properly cared for dental implant should last your entire life. Dentures and bridges often need to be repaired or replaced altogether which can be quite costly.

If you are someone who enjoys speaking with other people than having implants support your dentures is the way to go. You will enjoy better speech as you
are not trying to hold your dentures in your mouth while speaking. If possible, having implants to replace your dentures is even more beneficial. You don’t have to take them out of your mouth to clean them, and you have a more natural look and feel to implants.

When you are looking at the differences between dentures, bridges, and implants, the dental implant typically doesn’t fall out. You have to ensure that you are keeping the bone surrounding your implant healthy with regular brushing and flossing as well as ental visits for routine cleanings.

By having implants it helps with bone development. As you chew foods, it stimulates the bone which helps it to stay thick. Having strong bones is beneficial to maintaining healthy environment for your teeth. When you have a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth that remain miss out on having that support structure. The bone density where the tooth once was reduces and it affects the teeth on either side of the void.

If you want to avoid this then you need to speak with your dentist, or call the tooth doctor to get a free, no obligation consultation. Dr. Peter Yoo, or one of our other fine dentists will be able to assess your situation and recommend the right course of action. Whether it be dental implants or some other solution, we will come up with a plan to help you with any missing teeth in any other dental issues that may be of concern.

We do regular cleanings, Invisalign aligners, and all the general dentistry services that you come to expect from a dentist in Edmonton. We look forward to seeing you.