Dental Implants Edmonton | Better Value For Your Dollar

There is no better time than now to get dental implants Edmonton according to the tooth doctor. Having missing teeth is no laughing matter. When you have a missing tooth, the teeth that are remaining have no support to keep them in place properly. They tend to move towards each other and the bone density reduces thus causing further problems in the future.

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Dentures create a negative effect on the bone structure. Over time which causes your dentures to fit improperly. This makes them loose in your mouth and they slide around and are very difficult to hold in your mouth and do such basic tasks as eating food or speaking.

When you have implants that are securely fit into the bone that then your dentures can attach do, you have a much firmer platform for them to remain and you do not have to have them continuously refit.

In the case of missing teeth, the best option is dental implants Edmonton. One of the biggest benefits of having an implant supported crown is they look more natural than having a denture. There’s no metal or wires or other things holding the tooth in place, it is firmly implanted into the bone and has a firm foundation to stay. Because the materials are high-grade and very strong you can go about your life and hardly notice that you have an implant.

Your friends and family will not have an easy time identifying which are your real teeth and which are the implants. This means you can have improved confidence when eating and interacting with other people. Dentures or bridges can affect the aesthetics of your smile and your appearance.

With an implant you don’t have to fear dentures or dental work breaking are falling out of your mouth. This causes embarrassment for the wearers and an added cost to get the denture or bridge repaired or replaced.

If comforting convenience are important to you, a dental implant is the best solution for missing teeth. There are no special glues or pastes or cleansers that are required. You can take care of your implant just as you do your regular teeth.

Another benefit to having an implant is the ability to enjoy eating food. It is said that when a person receives a full denture either top or bottom, that their bite pressure reduces to only 20%. This means eating harder foods like vegetables, fruits, and certain meats are much more difficult.

When you’re unable to have proper nutrition because you can’t eat it properly, this will affect your overall health. At the tooth doctor we are concerned not just for your teeth, we are concerned with the whole person. If you are in need of any dental work, give us a phone call or click on the book now button.

Dental implants Edmonton | your financial health is important also

The tooth doctor always recommends dental implants Edmonton to help people with their smile and their pocketbook. It’s not enough to simply care for a person’s teeth we have to care for the full person which includes their finances.

Our ambition is to save as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, for as cheap as possible. Dental implants have a tremendous value over time in comparison with dentures and bridges. When you consider a dental implant virtually requires no extra maintenance, the value over time is much higher than that of a denture or bridge work.

Dental implants Edmonton have the potential to last you your entire life without much fuss. This is provided that you are regularly maintaining your teeth with brushing and flossing, and visiting your general dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.

When a person has a set of dentures or other dental appliances, they often need to be fixed, or replaced because they tend to not fit well over time because of bone loss of bone density.

If you’re looking for durability then dental implants Edmonton are very durable. The screw that is placed into the jaw is made of titanium. The crown of the tooth is made out of porcelain or other hard substances that are extremely strong and durable. You can have a chip or crack in one of these grounds that can simply be repaired and placed back onto the implant.

If you’re someone who enjoys speaking with other people and is more extroverted, having a denture or other dental work can hinder your ability to speak clearly and properly, especially when they don’t fit well. It’s very noticeable when someone has a full denture. You can hear that whistling sound at the back of their mouth it sounds like they’re holding a marble in their mouth while they’re trying to speak.

The only ways for people to combat this is to use sticky adhesives that are messy and require a lot of work to clean off of the denture and out of your mouth. It’s not fun or convenient. That’s why we always recommend someone have implant supported dentures.

If you’ve ever had your denture fall out of your mouth, you know how embarrassing it can be. By having implants inserted you can avoid this fear and hassle altogether. You have a firm secure structure with which to hold your dentures in place.

By having implants you are helping maintain healthy and thick bones. As you chew food, the pressure that is applied to your jaw helps to stimulate bone growth and maintain a healthy structure. Having a healthy bone structure is vital to maintaining your teeth and implants in your mouth.

Dentures have a negative effect on the bone whereas, there is not enough pressure placed onto the bone and it shrinks. This causes poor fitting dentures and more of a hassle for the person wearing them.