Dental Implants Edmonton | Can Multiple Teeth be Pulled At A Time?

There is a variety of reasons why patients would need to get multiple teeth extracted says dental implants Edmonton. Whether it is because they were in an accident, or are engaged in the rough sport and fractured or broken teeth. Or, if a person has not been to a dentist for several years out of fear, not being able to afford it, or thinking that they did not need to see a dentist. Regardless of why, a person may end up with multiple teeth in their mouth that need to be extracted.

If a person discovers that they have multiple teeth that need to be pulled, they should be reaching out to their dentist to find out the best method that they recommend for having those teeth removed. Dental implants Edmonton says that dentists may choose to pull multiple teeth at a time, or not. This all depends greatly on each person, and their teeth. If dentists need to pull only two or three, that is very different than needing to ten or more. The dentist may choose to pull teeth in stages, so that they are only freezing one part of a person’s mouth at a time. In the case of a significant amount of teeth, it may opt to pull all the teeth on the left side, or the right side, or all of the back teeth are all of the front teeth for example. The only way to determine this, is for patient to set up an appointment with their dentist to discuss it.

The number of teeth that are going to be pulled out of time may impact whether a dentist opts for sedating their patient or not. While some patients require sedation in order to get over their fear, many extractions only need simple freezing done. However, for the case of tricky extractions, which perhaps multiple extractions will fall under this category, the dentist will choose to use sedation. One of the more popular options for dentists and patients alike is an oral sedation, which does not put the patient to sleep fully, but ends up with them feeling completely relaxed, having absolutely no memory of the event after it is over says dental implants Edmonton.

It is also very important that once a patient has had multiple extractions at a time, that they are taking even more care after extraction is over says dental implants Edmonton. The reason why, is because the gum tissue that has not healed yet, is at risk of becoming infected. The more extractions that have been done in a mouth at a time, increases the amount of gum tissue that could get infected. Therefore, it is important that patients are taking care to avoid the activities that could cause them to become infected, which would impact their healing time.

Before and after an extraction, patients should be discussing with their dentist what types of activities they should be engaging in as well as avoiding, to avoid infections, and to ensure the best and most complete feeling of their tissue. This is extremely important especially if the patient is opting for dental implants as a method of replacing the teeth that have been extracted.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Can Multiple Teeth be Pulled At A Time?

Even though 73% of Canadians brush twice a day, and oral care routines have become more sophisticated, dental implants Edmonton says that there is many reasons why patients would end up requiring multiple tooth extractions at a time. Therefore, when a patient finds out that they have multiple teeth that need to be removed, they should be discussing options with their dentist in order to come up with the best plan of action so that they can heal quickly.

One of the first things that a patient needs to take into consideration, is if they have multiple teeth that need to be extracted, what are they planning on doing to replace those teeth? Even though not to replace them, that is not the recommendation by dental implants Edmonton. By not replacing teeth, patients are putting the healthy teeth in their mouth at risk of leaning to fill in the gap, becoming loose or falling out. This can end up affecting a patient’s bite, increasing the risk of cavities, grading cracks or chips, or even causing pain to bite or chew.

Once patient has decided on extraction, they may opt for having multiple teeth people that a time. This can be done at once if they only have two or three maybe even for teeth that need to be pulled. More than ten, and a dentist may choose to goal those teeth in stages says dental implants Edmonton. It still will depend greatly on each individual patient and their mouth as well as the teeth that they need to be pulled. Maybe the dentist will decide to only freeze one section of the mouth at a time, or pull all of the back teeth or front teeth at a time. One of the important considerations that a dentist will take into consideration, is how long a patient will have to live without their teeth before they are healed and they can utilize tooth replacement options. Therefore, it might not be comfortable for a patient to have all their top teeth gone, but all of their bottom teeth grinding against their gums. Which is why a dentist might opt for pulling all of the back teeth or front teeth of time.

How long a patient must wait before they get a dental implant will be approximately three months, but it depends on how quickly a patient is healing. Smoking can negatively impacts that ability to heal, which would be important for patients to avoid smoking during their healing process, so that they can heal up their gums and bones, so that they can get their implants done as soon as possible, to ensure they have enough bone to place the implant because if they wait too long according to dental implants Edmonton, their gums will start to shrink which could put the ability to place the implant at risk.

By understanding what they have to do in order to heal from an extraction especially prior to getting an implant is important. Patients can ensure that they are doing all of the required activities to heal properly and quickly, so that they do not have to delay in getting an implant that could cause more problems.