Dental Implants Edmonton | Common Dental Implant Myths

With the growing popularity of dental implants across the country, there are several misconceptions that many people believe about the procedure says dental implants Edmonton. With the projected two hundred thousand being estimated for this coming year, while the procedure is on the rise, there are still many things that people misunderstand about the procedure.

The first thing that is important for people to know about the procedure, is that a dental implant is actually a surgical procedure. A titanium screw will be implanted into the jaw of the patient, which replaces the root of a tooth. The dentist then fashioned a crown that is attached to the implant, and functionally replace is a tooth. It is a permanent procedure, that completely replaces the patient’s tooth. Unlike a denture, which is a removable implement that can be taken out of the mouth that will, dental implants function and looks exactly like a person’s own teeth.

There are many reasons why people might choose to replace their teeth with a dental implant, such as having an unfixable cavity, or broken or fractured to. Any reason why a tooth is unable to be repaired can be replaced with a dental implant. Also, a common misconception that people have is if they have previously lost a tooth several years ago, they are not able to get an implant. However, dental implants Edmonton says that regardless of when a patient loses a tooth, they will be able to use dental implants to help a patient have a full set of teeth.

If there has been a significant amount of bone erosion, due to a tooth being lost several years earlier, bone grafts are commonly used to fill in the area, in order to support the area for an implant. Dental implants Edmonton says not only can bone grafts be used to fill in spots where the bone has been eroded, but it can also help stabilize the area if a big implants like a molar needs extra support, or if the bone density is less ideal.

Once a patient has undergone the implant surgery, you should expect a 12 to 16 week healing period. If the patient is able to adhere to all of the post surgery instructions, they will experience a 96 to 98% success rate for their implants. Therefore, it is important that patients who listen to the instructions, and follow them carefully to maintain the integrity of their implant.

Regardless of the reason why a patient might need a tooth replace, or how many teeth they require, dental implants may be the optimum solution to ensure that they not only can replace their teeth, but that they can enjoy the full range of activities that they are used to. If people have any more questions about the procedure the process, they should feel free to contact dental implants Edmonton in order to arrange a consultation, and find out more information about the process.

Dental implants Edmonton | Written for The Tooth Doctor

Even though dental implants are on the rise across the country, there still many questions that patients have about the process says dental implants Edmonton. Not only do people have questions, they also have some common misconceptions about the procedure that may impact their decision to go ahead with the procedure. In fact, the procedure not only has a 98% success rate for the implants, it also has a 90% satisfaction rating for people with implants, even after several years. With how positive the results are, it is important for people to get all of their questions answered, so that they can make the decision that is right for them.

One very common question that people have is are bite issues with dental implants common. While patients need to be aware that their teeth have an ability to feel textures, which is how they are able to detect a piece of shell in their scrambled eggs common implants do not have this same ability to feel sensation. Therefore, it is important that patients have a very slight space in between your teeth when writing down, to avoid bite issues. Therefore, after getting the procedure done, it is important that they have a follow-up visitation with dental implants Edmonton in order to ensure that there is a slight space when they bite down.

Not only is it important to ensure they have the space, because teeth and bones can shift throughout the years, patients need to ensure that they have a yearly checkup with dental implants Edmonton, in order to verify that not only are there no problems with their implants, but they continue to have this space. If that space has closed up, their dentist will be able to modify the crown easily to ensure that the space is maintained.

Another common question is since implants are permanent, what happens if one breaks or becomes loose? While there is two different types of implants, dental implants Edmonton prefers the titanium implants, primarily because the crown is able to be screwed into the implant, which means if there are problems with either the crown or the implant, the dentist is able to go in, and easily unscrew the crown, so that the problem can be fixed easily. Patients should not worry about the fact that it is permanent. Because permanence does not mean unfixable.

It is very important for patients to also understand that they must maintain a regular dental hygiene routine. Even though there implants cannot get cavities, good oral hygiene helps keep the remaining teeth healthy, as well as their gums and job. Healthy mouth helps ensure the implants are healthy as well. Therefore, patients need to ensure that they are taking care of their entire mouth at all times.

By understanding the common misconceptions surrounding dental implants, patients can make a decision on what to the replacement option they would like to go with. Dental implants are safe, permanent, and can ensure patients are able to eat and speak just as easily as they were able to before.