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Hi and welcome back to The Tooth Doctor and dental implants Edmonton here on YouTube. Thanks for joining us today. We’re here with Dr. Peter Yoo, the tooth doctor. And today we’re going to be talking about dental implant complications because we know there’s always going to be something right down the road. Maybe for some person out there.

Eleanor Roosevelt says yesterday is history. Tomorrow’s a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present. The long term failure rate of dental implants is generally five to 10%. And that’s Giorgio TBA Nyla from, I don’t even know where that is. Some place in the world. I can’t even say all those things. That’s actually a really good, uh, like a really low failure rate. Is it? Not?

Again, you know, it really just depends on the clinician. Yeah, I’ve heard of certain situations where it’s more than that situations where it’s very, very little. Oh, nice. Okay.

Well, do you have any stories you could share about any complications with dental implants Edmonton?

When I was first getting into doing implants, um, my mentor that taught me, showed me a lot of things and you know, showed me when placing implants. Um, it was great. It was awesome. It was wonderful. I was like, man, I want to do this. And then I went to a course, um, with the complications of dental implants Edmonton where a surgeon was showing a bunch of things that came about and I most from, you know, improper planning. Um, you know, patient’s not going in on a regular basis and it was scary. You know, there are things that something breaking in your mouth that’s, that’s not fun. So when you see and hear things and see situations, uh, in not doing well, um, you know, you, you, it scared me, but it made me also think about being more, uh, critical and being more, you know, being more on top of things when we do our treatments so that everything is done well. Um, you know, we don’t want to, you know, compromise the situation for someone so that, you know, we don’t want complications. So I don’t see any complications. We, the surgeons tend to deal with a lot of these complications in the city and we hope we never have one. Yeah.

Preventative. So what is the most common reason for infections at the implant site?

One of the most common things they said before was dental implants Edmonton. Okay. Oh, so people are like what? There are two types of implant crowns. There’s, when you have an implant, there’s three pieces of an implant and there’s an abutment, okay. A piece that connects to the implant, and then you have the crown on top. Okay. Now that sometimes the abutment and the crown is kind of one piece. Okay. If it’s one piece and then it goes into the implant. Okay. Now sometimes they’re, you know, S sorry. In the world there’s two types of crowns. Okay. There’s a screw retained crown and there’s a cement retain crown. Okay. So those three pieces I talked about, a cement retained crown is where you have the implant, put the abutment on, and then you glue the crown on top. Okay. And you have to put in a certain type of glue or various implant type, uh, cements that are very strong but still a little bit softer where you could potentially pop the crown off if necessary.

There are situations, uh, I place almost all my dental implants Edmonton I do, I place with screw in crowns. Okay. And I’ll get into that later. But getting back to this main King crown, when you put the cement in, some of the cement will ooze out from the edges and we obviously want to clean that up, but there are many times that cement will get down and they’ll speak actually sink in underneath the gums and you don’t know, you don’t, you don’t, you can’t necessarily feel it. And what ends up happening is it at damages everything around. Oh wow. Okay. Thank you.

So what are some of the steps you take to prevent infections pre-op? Dental implants Edmonton can get that bad.  What are some of the steps to prevent infections?

Well, before placing the implant, we always want to make sure a patient has good hygiene. Getting a scaling a, getting the tarter away, make sure there’s minimal bacteria in your mouth when give rinses and things like that. Well, we want to make sure that the pockets of the teeth and the gums are healthy so that we know, okay, this patient is a good candidate there. Their oral health is good. And so placement of the dental implants Edmonton, we know that the gum tissue will heal better, heal properly. Um, I don’t know, from my recollection, I have never placed an implant on someone who has smoked. Okay. Smoking is a very, very serious issue that affects the healing of the tissue and the bone around the implant. And so the success rate, um, for placing an implant on a smoker is drops drastically. Oh yeah. That’s okay. There are things and so there’s things like that. Somebody’s medical history or somebody you know, lifestyle situation that we have to be concerned about with talk about that so that we want to get the best. Once the dental implants Edmonton are in there, it’s, it’s the bone is healed around. Everything is healed. You know what you want to smoke, you smoke. I’m not condoning it. I’m not saying you should or you shouldn’t. What I’m saying is once that implant is healed, it is okay, but it’s the healing process. Right, right. Okay. So, okay, maybe you’ve already answered this, but.

What do you recommend to your implant patients to prevent infection?

Well, just proper hygiene maintenance. You know, using mouthwash is very helpful too to get underneath the gums to reduce the bacteria content in your mouth. Okay. Um, but again, getting, you know, there are many, many people I still see even in their fifties, sixties, I still brush once a day and some of them are lucky that they don’t get cavities and things like that. Um, but we do, you know, get concerned with the, just the general health and the healing. If we placed an implant, if they’re not brushing properly or just good maintenance and again, just coming in every six months to make sure that everything is healed properly. We do have steps ourselves. Once we do an implant for a patient, we want to see them a certain amount of times, a certain periods of times so that we can check and make sure that it’s healing. I seen many, many people, I placed dental implants Edmonton, and a week later I see them and I’m like, why is there all this fluid and gunk all over there and plan like, Oh, I don’t want it, brush it because I didn’t want to damage the guns. I’m like, no, you have to keep it clean so the gums can heal.

Okay. Yup. Important to come in. And so how can bone loss affect a dental implants Edmonton?

One last can fit go well, you know what? You think of a dental implant like a screw. Okay, so you see all the threads that are on there. Okay. So what happens is that if you have an implant and you have bone covering it, and as you as a bone starts to shrink away, it’ll expose the threads. Okay? And then the situation is that the threads there are much, much harder, much harder, maintain and sold in a lot of food and germs and bacteria can, can trap onto the areas which increases more homeless. Okay.

Okay. You already mentioned this, but let’s just take it a step further. Can smoking and poorly controlled diabetes caused issues with an implant?

I can’t say it enough. You know, like, I know people I know friends and family that have diabetes, people that smoke. Uh, but those are things that affect healing. So if you don’t, if you want something to heal properly, you have to, you know, prevent all that. Right? You got to eat the right things. You know, it’s like, Oh, I want to have good teeth, but I want to eat candy every day. You know, it’s, they’re, they’re saying there are many things that are counterproductive and smoking is one of those things. Uncontrolled diabetes really affects the healing of many things in your body. And so placing the implant in my mind would be a no-no. Maybe some other dentists would be fine with it cause they’ve had experiences with that. Right. But it, I feel the success rate really drops down and I want the implant to be completely covered with the bone. I want that to, to be healed. I want it to look natural. Right. And those are my concerns.

Okay. What can cause dental implants Edmonton to come loose?

A dental implant can come loose a lot of times because of the bite. Okay. So usually when you’re biting in your, in your, um, putting too much pressure that weight can cause the, the, you know, pint to loosen up. Um, I like to use the example of cars. You know, it’s uh, you know, here in Edmonton we have, uh, two seasons. Okay. Summer and winter. So a lot of people have with tires. So let’s say you change your summer tires to your winter tires. Okay. And the mechanic or the shop that puts your tires on, they torque the bolts. Okay. They actually tell you after you driven for about a hundred kilometers, you need to go back and they need to recheck it to make sure that the bolts are nice and tight and haven’t loosened up. Okay. Same thing with the screws. Can overtime loosen up and sometimes you have to come in and have had a handful of people that have done that. And again, because we use screw retained crowns, we can go in, unscrew, check, make sure clean the area, put it back on, screwed tight again. And it’s back to normal very quick.

Great. So, so then how do you treat a loose dental implants Edmonton?

You kind of already answered it, didn’t just check it out. And then, so when you see a tooth implant crown, you’ll see a like little hole. Okay. And we placed a screw in there and then what we do to cover the hole as we put a little white filling to cover it up. So you’ll see kind of this the situation where it looks like that. Okay. Whereas the implant and the tooth, and then if we ever see that screws loose, we can just drill out the, the white filling, no freezing, nothing. It basically just take it out. There’s usually a little piece of cotton that we place or something to separate that filling from the screws so we don’t damage the screw. And then we can go in, pull out the cotton, look in there, get screwed on, screw it, and then tie it back on. I always unscrew it to make sure everything’s good, make sure there’s nothing that got trapped underneath there. And then once I know it’s clean, place it back on, screw tight, take an X Ray so that we know we got the tooth in the right position and yeah, that’s all good.

Nice. Uh, how do you determine if a patient is a good candidate for an implant?

Well, we look at their history, their medical history. Um, we take some x-rays and impressions to see kind of what’s going on. Uh, if their bite is OK, there’s enough space to place a tooth. You, they may have the space here, but let’s say there’s a tooth that’s literally touching the gums. Well you’re not, you can’t place an implant. You’d have to go in and do other things. You probably have to see some gets on sort of, um, we call it full mouth reconstruction where they would have to go in and get everything dealt with so that they have the right, um, positioning of the teeth to get the dental implants Edmonton.

When a patient doesn’t have sufficient bone density or if they have gum disease, is it possible to fix those problems so an implant can be used?

The, with bone density and bone fish, the, you know, with your medical, I would refer them to their medical doctor to see if they need to calcium supplements, uh, various things too, just to give the strength back to the bone to get them healing. You know, there’s many women with osteoporosis, so those are things that we take in consideration when we’re placing an implant or how long. Sometimes we want to wait longer for the bone to heal around the dental implants Edmonton before we go in and place two therapy, things like that. Okay.

And how can someone get started with The Tooth Doctor then?

You know what, give us a call. You know, I’ve seen many people where the, they’re like, Hmm. You know, what does it cost? You know, can I do it? Can I not? What would I need? You know, so we ask people, Hey, if you’re interested in you have questions, feel free to call us. We can have you come in with our free consultation. We can have a look around, see what’s going on, give our thoughts in terms of, you know, this is a good situation, not so good. Maybe we need to send you to a specialist, uh, or someone who, you know, the deal a lot with implants and then they can, you know, sometimes give you a better understanding of your concerns. If it’s a little bit more tricky case. Um, we do cases where we know that everything is going to be successful. So, you know, I would love to do dental implants Edmonton for everyone. And every person. Um, but when I know that there are situations where it’s a little bit trickier and I’m concerned about it being successful, I want to, um, I do have colleagues that I know that are very knowledgeable of the situation, but you know, come and see us. We want to have a look and help you out and give you a best, uh, understanding in terms of your costs, your options. You know, how long it will take, how treatment will be, things like that.

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