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Hi thanks for joining and welcome back to dental implants Edmonton here on YouTube. And the doctor, Peter Yoo, the Tooth Doctor, today he’s going to answer all our questions about dentures and alternatives.

You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. That’s true, right? Seize the day. Yes, that’s right. 75% of Canadians visit a dental clinic annually and 86% do so at least once every two years. And that’s coming from the Canadian dental association.

Doctor Yoo, you aren’t a denturist, but what are some ways you have helped patients with denture issues?

We do some dentures. We like to help our patients out when we can. And at the same time we want to direct them to the pros if it’s a little bit tricky. So with denture issues, you know, sometimes a tooth breaks off or there’s an imbalance in the fit the denture. And I’ve seen some patients, I met this one lady, she came in and she had a denture. It was about five years old. And she’s like; yeah, it hurts over here. And I looked in her mouth and I saw the denture, you know, and that her bone is like this, but denture wasn’t sitting like this. It was actually sitting like this. Oh, okay. So it didn’t hurt. It didn’t bother her. And in my mind I was like, okay, if I just shave this piece off, then it’ll be feel good and it won’t rub on her inside of her lip.

But then I realized, wait a second. So that’s her. When’s the last time you had realign and got your dental check? She’s like, I haven’t, I, when I got it five years ago, I just kept it fits good. Everything’s good. Well, I told her, you don’t, if I shade that piece off, well then now there’s a big gap and now food can get underneath your denture and it’ll just be more of a nuisance. So what dental implants Edmonton suggested to her is go to see what we would do is realign or basically re realign the denture so that it’s fitting properly and then we would reduce that piece off so that now there’s not a hole or gap where food can get trapped in. So that’s just a simple thing that we can try and do to help our patients.

Explain the difference between partial dentures, full dentures and overdentures.

Well let’s start off with full dentures. Full dentures mean you have no teeth. So all your teeth are the denture. Partial dentures where you have some of your teeth anywhere from one to more. I’ve seen people with two back molars and the rest of their teeth or dentures, that is still considered a partial denture. An overdenture is situation where you have teeth, but the denture actually sits over top of them. Okay. So, uh, have been one, one example comes to mind is a patient they had two canine teeth. And what ended up happening was the patient had the teeth shaved down and put cones on them. Oh great. And then, then a denture was made to fit over top of those cones. And so then all their teeth that you saw were the denture teeth. Um, but those, those cones, those, those teeth that were covered up with the, uh, the cone crowns per se, they were there for support to prevent that shaking here. Oh, okay. Yep.

So one common issue with dentures is difficulty eating. Why is it, why is that and what are some ways to overcome it, dental implants Edmonton?

It is difficult to eat when it feels like anything that’s foreign to your body is going to feel different, right? It’s like putting on rubber gloves and trying to try to make something with your hands, right? Like planet, you know, put on big rubber gloves and play lego, right? It just, it’s not the same. Yes. Uh, so with dentures, when it’s something foreign in your mouth, you know, it’s a little bit bulkier and so it does affect your speech in your bite and chew and just the way your, your tongue and mouth moves around. And so there can be issues with that.
Difficulty eating, dental implants Edmonton says that with your dentures that does, your feeling and sensation is different. So your bite power actually reduces quite a bit. Okay.

All right. Other issues that are common with dentures are denture slippage, difficulty speaking and pain. What are some tips to help with these issues?

A denture slippage, difficult speaking pain. You know, we do tell patients to go in to see a denturist or dentists regularly, at least once a year, just to make sure that everything is feeling properly. Pain is usually come when there’s an imbalance. Dental implants Edmonton says, if there’s too much pressure on the gums in certain areas, it can cause sores or ulcers. And so we need to relieve those. Um, but you want the denture to be sitting as much on the tooth as possible. If you have gaps in the areas, then the, then there becomes, you know, an extra pressure in certain areas, which actually creates a negative, effect on the bone, which actually causes district faction.

Is it common for people with dentures to avoid wearing them due to some of those issues? Like, would they maybe not wear their dentures? Because slipping a lot of times I see a lot of people, it’s like [inaudible] yeah, it’s in my house somewhere, over two years ago. I’m not sure where it is, you know? So you hear, I hear many stories like that, huh? You know, dentures that aren’t fitting well or they just don’t feel comfortable.

So what are some potential issues associated with not wearing those dentures?

Uh, the issues with not wearing dentures is I tell patients, you under your dentures are supposed to protect the teeth that you already have. You have to think of it that way. And so by having the denture and it spreads, the force of your bite allows you to chew properly. Okay. The other thing too is that with dentures, it helps to support the rest of your teeth. Okay. So when, when you have, with your natural teeth, it prevents a teeth from shifting and moving, uh, you know, incorrectly. Okay.

How do dental implants Edmonton help solve some of these common problems with dentures?

Well by having a, we call it an implant supported denture. It helps to provide a lot of stability. I met a lady once, she had a denture full lower denture, kept wobbling around. She didn’t like it. She had two implants placed and then the dentist clipped the denture on the implants and I said, okay, I’m going to go into a different room and see a patient in about 10 minutes. When you hear the beep, try and take it off. Okay. They went there and came back and she was like fighting with it to try and get up. Like it was literally night and day. And so having an implant, having dental implants Edmonton to support your denture just allows for very, um, just feels more solid. Right? Yeah.

If someone has a partial or full denture, what is the process to get implants?

Someone has the partial for denture then what we would recommend is coming in and then we can assess the health of the remaining teeth. Or if they have no teeth and we basically assess the bone quality.  Then from there we can try and plan out what kind of implants we want to place, how many implants would want to place. Uh, so there’s various different ways of going about placing the implants and how the implants, um, can support the denture. Now, sometimes the peach bowl people want, we call it a denture implant supported denture. Okay. Or some people want some kind of hybrid. Okay. So the denture are the clips on clips off. Okay. Or you have a denture where it’s actually screwed on. Okay. Oh, and so then it stays in your mouth. You don’t have to take it out. Okay. But you do have to go in yearly where they have to go in and, and clean underneath there. Um, sometimes he has to actually take out, unscrew it, take it off, make sure things clean, and then put it back on, screw back on. Okay. Yeah. Those are really cool. Very nice. You’ve, you almost feel like you’ve got your teeth more natural. Yeah, for sure.

So do you work with your patients denturist?

Yes, I think that what the mentor that I work with, he originally had a denturist working in the clinic and to see them, they do every day. Right? They’re kind of like a specialist. And so, you know, I love doing all of the variety of things, you know, checks, fillings, you know, crowns, all that stuff. So, you know, I enjoy all the variety of aspects and so, you know, my knowledge and my, my time with dentures is not as much as I denturist would be. And so I’m more than happy to deal with it. We have a few people in town that we refer to them. They send us the patients so that we can prep the teeth so that they’re, so the teeth are prepared to place the denture. Uh, and then they’ll refer to us sometimes. Sometimes they’ll refer it to our dental implants Edmonton office if there’s tooth that needs to be removed.

Various things like that. So, we are more than happy to coordinate with denturists. Yes. Great collaboration.

What should someone do to get started with The Tooth Doctor?

Well in regard to denture, you know, if you have an issue with your denture, if it’s loose, just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it doesn’t look right, come in, we can give you options in terms of, you know, either replacing the whole thing or maybe even just replacing the teeth or getting it, getting realigned and fit properly. We can help you with dental implants Edmonton or, different options. You know, everything is about quality. To me it’s about quality of life. So, you know, why did you get into dentures, how many teeth are on the denture, you know, can we could possibly avoid it. You know, I just saw a gentleman, he came in and had, he had his front three teeth and he had this denture that had broken half.

It was worn out if you is actually, I was surprised it actually stayed in his mouth cause it wasn’t even grabbing onto the teeth when we talked to him about, Hey, do you want to wear this thing and have something or do you want to maybe, you know, put a bridge in and not have to wear a denture anymore? So there are various options that we like to do to help our patients and we give them options, right? Cause you know, various things will be a factor. Just your time, what you feel comfortable with. And so those are things that we want to help you explore. And so give us a shout for dental implants Edmonton. You know, we want to be open and honest and do what’s best for you.

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