Dental Implants Edmonton | Do You Have Wobbly Dentures?

If you have wobbly dentures, then you need to come see the tooth doctor for dental implants Edmonton.

Dentures if not looked at on a regular basis, will become loose and hard to hold in place. This can create embarrassing situations where you dentures are falling out of your mouth at the least opportune moment.

The reason this occurs is because the bone shrinks due to lack of by pressure evenly distributed on your jaw. When people have upper or lower dentures they lose approximately 80% of their biting strength.

When we eat food the pressure applied on her teeth helps to stimulate bone density. With dentures you will lose much of the bone density thus creating loose fitting dentures.

The best way to combat this is with an implant supported denture. With dental implants Edmonton, you will be able to eat and chew your favourite foods with much more ease and confidence. You also don’t have to worry about them falling out of your mouth.

With implants you will gain much improved confidence when eating and speaking with other people. Without having to think about your dentures falling out of your mouth, give you a lot more confidence when speaking to other people.

Even if you have missing teeth, it can affect how you smile, how you eat and how you interact with other people.


We highly recommend that you get an implant to replace any missing teeth. The technology is advanced so much in recent years that is very difficult to tell between implant and a natural tooth.

Implants are much more comfortable and convenient and having dentures or bridges. Dental implants Edmonton to not have to be removed from your mouth with special cleaners and brushes.

You can simply care for your teeth as you normally would by brushing and flossing. It is very important that you keep bone surrounding your dental implant to screw healthy and strong.

The same way that you want to care for your natural teeth, you have to be diligent in caring for your dental implants. Over time, implants are more cost-effective than dentures or bridges. Dentures and bridges have to be replaced a routine basis where implants when cared for should last as long as you do.

Eating food is much more pleasurable when you have an implant as opposed to dentures. Because your bite strength is decreased by so much, you are limited to the types of foods that you can eat.

Even if you’re not limited, it’s much less enjoyable when you have a difficult time biting, chewing and processing food as you normally would with natural teeth. Many of the textures and slavers are affected negatively with dentures.

When you have dental implants, your sense of taste is not hindered by a covered top palette. You can also enjoy a healthier diet simply because you can eat raw foods such as vegetables and nuts and so on. You don’t have to restrict yourself to soft easy to chew foods.

Dental implants Edmonton | strength and durability are important factors

When you’re considering dental implants Edmonton, you must think about the durability and cost-effectiveness of an implant of time. Though it implant maybe two to $3000, when compared with dentures and bridges there much more cost-effective over time.

You’ll often have to replace denture every five years and a bridge 20 years or so. When you properly care for dental implant however, you should never have to have it fixed or replaced. With this in mind, dental implants Edmonton are better choice for fixing your missing tooth problem.

Another large benefit to having implants is better speech. You can often notice when people have dentures or bridgework as their speech will be a little bit different. Sometimes you’ll hear a whistle or a hollow sound when they are speaking. You don’t have this when you have an implant to replace missing tooth or teeth.

Should a crown on your implant be chipped or damaged, there very easy to replace and don’t cost as much as getting the entire implant replaced.

In most cases your dental implant won’t fall out. As always your taking care of your teeth and gums following a regular routine cleanings and checkup schedule, you should never have to replace your implant. It’s only when your dental hygiene suffers that an implant is in danger of falling out just like any other teeth.


One reason we are proponents of a dental implant is because of the development of healthy bone. Dental implants Edmonton help support healthy bone structure. When we eat foods and chew, the pressure stimulates healthy bone growth and density. With missing teeth, or with dentures, we lose bone density.

As previously stated, dentures have a negative effect on the bone which causes it to shrink faster. This causes loose fitting dentures which makes it difficult to speak, eat, and go about your life.

By having implant supported dentures you can easily fix a wobbling denture. Till implants are placed in your top and/or bottom jaws, then locators are attached onto your dentures. These will then flip into your dental implants and create a firm foundation for your dentures to rest. This eliminates much of the annoyance and problems that come with loose- or ill-fitting dentures.

P can be very difficult to tell between an implant and a natural tooth. We are very much proponents of keeping all your teeth for as long as possible however, should we have to remove the tooth like to see that replaced with an implant as soon as possible. It’s going to provide you with better confidence, comfort, and a better quality of life.

Having an improved confidence when eating and speaking with other people is a major reason why someone would consider getting dental implants. As opposed to dentures and bridges, they are not going to fall out of your mouth when you’re speaking or pulling out the candles on your birthday cake.