Dental Implants Edmonton | Ensure Thorough Healing From Dental Implants

When patients are looking at all of the various tooth replacement options they have, dental implants Edmonton says that they should consider this solution.

Not only because a is a permanent solution, but also because it has such a high success rate, reported 96 to 98% for patients, and can help ensure patients are able to maintain the lifestyle they always enjoyed. As opposed to dentures, which is not a permanent solution, and can affect the activities that a patient might enjoy.

The first thing that patients need to understand, is that dental implants is an actual surgery, that is going to have a surgeon implanting a titanium screw directly into the jaw of the patient in order to replace a tooth root.

Dental implants Edmonton will then fashion a crown, and attach that to the titanium implant, and replace the entire tooth. Because this is the surgery, patients need to be prepared for all of the healing that is going to come with permanently replacing a tooth.

There are many reasons why a patient might require teeth replacement in one, or multiple teeth. Any reason that a dentist is not able to prepared to such as a an unfixable cavity, or fractured tooth that became fractured through grinding, a car accident, sporting mishap.

Also, patients should be reassured that if they have had a tooth that has been pulled previously, or has been knocked out several years earlier, they still are good candidates for getting teeth permanently replaced.

While patients who may have had teeth pulled were knocked out several years ago, may experience dental implants Edmonton calls bone erosion, it does not mean that they are not able to get the teeth placed.

Bone grafts are quite a common procedure that can help strengthen the jaw, and offer supports to implants. If patients have experienced a significant amount of bone erosion, they can get a bone graft to the area, and once its healed, they can get an implant in the area quite easily. Patients who previously thought teeth replacement was not possible for them because of this, should be reassured that they are able to get implants as well.

There are two different types of dental implants, however dental implants Edmonton prefers using the titanium screw method, where the titanium implant allows the crown to be screwed into it.

Therefore, if a patient has any issues with the crown, or with the implant, the dentist is able to easily retrieve and fix the problem. The other option is a cement retained crown, which may look quite nice especially on front teeth, it is much harder to replace.

A going to dental implants Edmonton, patients can ensure that they are getting an implant that is going to be easily fixed, because this is going to be a permanent solution for teeth replacement.

When choosing which procedure to go with to replace teeth, patients should consider how a permanent teeth replacement option can positively impact their life, allowing them to eat and speak normally and clearly, as well as engage in all of the activities that they are used to. Once they have their implants, it will look and feel just like their real teeth.

Dental implants Edmonton | ensure thorough healing from dental implant surgery

As more and more people become aware of dental implants Edmonton, the number of people getting the procedure done is steadily increasing. However, patients should understand that as opposed to dentures or bridges, that are implements made to fit inside patients mouth, dental implants requires surgery, which comes with healing time and requirements. Patients that are opting for implants, should be aware of what is required to heal from the procedure.

While the procedure has a 98% success rate, that success rate is dependent on how effectively and efficiently a patient can help themselves heal. The number one reason that can negatively affect the healing of the patients dental implant is smoking.

Not only do the chemicals in the cigarettes affect how quickly a patient can heal, but it actually affects the process called osteo- integration which is when the bone grows into the threads of the titanium implant.

It is very important that this healing is complete, because anything that affects the osteo- integration can weaken the implant.

Since this is meant to be a permanent tooth replacement, ensuring complete healing can help a patient maintain that implant for the rest of their life.

Another way that patients can ensure proper and thorough healing, is by avoiding bumping the implants before they are healed.

They should expect an average healing time of 12 to 16 weeks, and for that reason, dental implants Edmonton is going to avoid putting the crown on the implant until this healing period is over.

What this does, is help us a patient avoid bumping the implants that might come with talking and eating, which could cause micro-tears to happen during osteo- integration.

It is also very important that patients are maintaining their oral hygiene routine. By regular brushing and flossing, they can ensure that there keeping their remaining teeth healthy, because if those teeth starts to suffer, it could put the bone at risk, which puts the implant at risk as well.

Therefore, the better a patient takes care of their mouth, the healthier the implants are going to be, and will be able to last a long time.

Once a patient is done healing from the surgery, and is enjoying their new teeth, they should ensure that they are having regular, yearly checkups with dental implants Edmonton, to ensure that their implants are healthy, and have no problems.

The dentist can ensure that any issues can be detected early on, and fix them in order to maintain the integrity of the implant for years to come.

Patients with dental implants, can be reassured that there able to live the rest of their life of these implants, as long as they are being diligent with their oral health, and getting regular checkups, like they normally would with dentists and their own teeth.