Dental Implants Edmonton | Ensuring The Health of Dental Implants

Not only do patients who are seeking permanent tooth replacement options need to understand that it is a surgical procedure says dental implants Edmonton. But patients also need to understand that following the aftercare instructions is extremely important to heal properly, and avoid encountering problems in the future. The success rate for implants is 98%, but that percentage is dependent on how well a patient heals, and how they follow their aftercare instructions.

The single most important thing that a patient needs to do in order to ensure effective healing is avoid smoking during the in tire healing process. The healing process can be anywhere between 12 to 16 weeks, and abstaining from smoking during this entire time is extremely important. The chemicals in cigarettes affect blood flow to the area, and can cause the healing time to be much longer than sixteen weeks. But also, the chemicals in the cigarettes can actually effect the process that allows the bone to grow into the threads of the titanium implant. This process is called osteo- integration, and cigarettes can interrupt it, causing microtears to happen, affecting how well the tissue attaches to the implant. What this does, is because is the implant to be weak, which results in a reduced success rate to 80%.

Other things that can interrupt this osteo- integration is if stress or trauma is put on the implants before they heal. Because of this, dental implants Edmonton will ensure that the healing process is complete before they put the crown on the implant site. It is important to note that patients need to be engaging in good and diligent oral hygiene not just after the process, but during the healing process as well. Especially since a patient will have the implants in their mouth for several weeks before they get the crown.

The reason why oral hygiene is very important, is even though implants can to get cavities, oral health is important to ensure the bone and gums are in good shape, because if they start to suffer, the implants can get weakened. For example, if a patient loses more teeth, the bone can start to erode, which puts the implants at risk. Therefore it is very important that patients are taking care of all of their teeth in their mouth during and after the process.

When patients are considering an option for permanent tooth replacement, they should contact dental implants Edmonton in order to find out all the information that they need, as well as ask all questions that they have. As the process becomes more and more popular, the more patients have questions about the procedure and whether they are right candidate for it. They should find out all the information they need, in order to make the decision if this is the right option for them. Not only is it a permanent solution, but it can help patients eat and speak just as easily as they could with their own teeth.

Dental implants Edmonton | Article written for The Tooth Doctor

Dental implant procedures are on the rise according to I data research, with ninety thousand dental implants being done in two thousand and five, and a projected growth to two hundred thousand procedures being done in a year, dental implants Edmonton says that as the procedure becomes more well-known, more people have questions about the process, and the healing that comes with it.

One of the first questions that many people have about the procedure is what it actually is. It is a surgical procedure that has a dentist surgically implanting a titanium screw directly into their jaw. This acts as the root of the tooth, and after the implant is healed, they will attach a crown to the implant which replaces the entire tooth. It is important to note that this will feel and act just like a patient’s own tooth, allowing them to speak and eat unhindered, in a way that’s not possible with dentures and bridges.

Another question that people often have is if they are a good candidate to get implants done. Dental implants Edmonton says that there is a variety of reasons that people may choose to get teeth replaced, from having a cavity that is unfixable, and can to get a crown but onto it. They might have a fractured to from a car accident, sporting incident, or even from grinding their teeth. If there is any reason why a tooth cannot be repaired or crowned, can be a good candidate for implants. It does not even matter how many teeth a person needs are placed, they can get one, or multiple implants, regardless of where in their mouth they need teeth replaced.

Some patients believe that they would not be a good candidate for this procedure, because they have lost teeth several years previous, and are experiencing bone erosion. Dental implants Edmonton says that regardless of how long ago they had a tooth removed, bone erosion can be overcome with bone grafts. Not only for bone erosion, but also in order to support larger implants like for molars. Also, if the bone is less dense, bone grafts can help as well. Therefore, patients should not assume that they would not be able to get the procedure due to bone erosion.

Once a patient has decided that this is the right solution for them, they should contact dental implants Edmonton in order to get a consultation, to find out what they need to do in order to start the procedure. Whether it is getting a graph first, or having to get teeth pulled in advance, by understanding what they need to do first, as well as having clear aftercare instructions so that they can be prepared for what to do after the surgery is over to enable the best healing is important. As long as patient’s care for their implants properly, the success rate is 98%, and can last people for their entire life.