Dental Implants Edmonton | Facts About Dental Extractions

It is very important for patients to find out all of the facts associated with dental extractions says dental implants Edmonton. The reason why, is because misconceptions can cause patients to be more fearful of the procedure, causing them to delay in coming in. The longer a patient waits to get teeth extracted, the worse the situation can get, increasing the chances of needing multiple procedures, and increasing the potential for the patient to be in pain. Therefore, it is extremely important for patients to understand the procedure to eliminate their fear of it.

While 73% of Canadians brush twice a day, dental extractions still is an extremely common procedure. This is because not taking care of teeth is not the only reason why patients would need their teeth replaced. There is a number of reasons including being in an accident causing teeth to be fractured, getting teeth broken in a sporting event. Ultimately, damaged teeth that are unable to be fixed are good candidates for extractions. While cavities that have gotten so bad they cannot be filled or have a crown put on them are also reasons why patients need to have their tooth extracted, there are a variety of reasons. Patients should not be afraid of being judged, especially because their dentist has seen a wide variety of patients and reasons for to the extractions says dental implants Edmonton.

Another reason why a patient might need extractions, is because they have not seen a dentist in years because nothing has been hurting. Dental implants Edmonton says cavities do not typically hurt until they get bad enough to reach the nerves of a tooth. And when they reach that point, rather than being a quick cavity fill, a dentist will have to engage in more extensive drilling deeper into the tooth, which could actually and up causing the integrity of the tooth to be compromised, making it more fragile, and increasing the chances of that tooth breaking and needing to be extracted.

Many patients believe that if they have an impacted tooth, that that will require an extraction. But this is not necessarily the case says dental implants Edmonton. Some impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth remain embedded in the gums for the lifetime of a person. As long as the impacted tooth is not pushing on other teeth, compromising them, and if the impacted tooth is not causing any pain, then there is no reason for an impacted tooth to be removed. This should put a lot of patient’s minds at ease who have a full set of wisdom teeth, but they have never erupted.

Regardless of the reason why a tooth would need to be removed, dental implants Edmonton says it is a common procedure that can be done simply and easily. If a patient knows that they need to get a tooth pulled, they should see their dentist right away, to avoid the situation getting worse, and compromising the health of their other teeth.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Facts About Dental Extractions

There are many patients who are avoiding seeing their dentist because they know they have to get a tooth pulled and they are fearful of that says dental implants Edmonton. However, patients should understand that the best and most inexpensive dentistry is when a procedure is done well and write the very first time, and that lasts for a long time. By delaying coming into the dentist can put a patient at risk for needing more procedures, and having those procedures be even more complicated taking more time as well.

One of the things that causes patients to be fearful, and avoid going to see a dentist is they are afraid of being put under general anaesthetic. This is a common fear says dental implants Edmonton, and it extends to patients outside of just dentistry. However, patients should understand that dentists can use in oral sedation that is quite common that allows them to feel very relaxed but stay awake. One of the benefits of this is that they will end up having no memory of the event. This should put people who are nervous about getting put under general anaesthetic, as well as patients that are worried about being awake for the procedure. All they need to do is ensure they discuss their fears with their dentist, in order to be cared for in a way that will alleviate their fears.

Another reason why people are fearful about getting extractions done, is because they think they are going to have to go back several times for multiple teeth. Dental implants Edmonton says that it is very possible depending on the situation, the patient and how tricky their extractions will be if they can pull multiple teeth at a time. This is often more preferred, to avoid a patient having several extraction sites in various stages of healing. As is extremely important if a patient is planning on replacing the teeth they are extracting with dental implants. A dentist may choose to pull all of the teeth that once, or pull them in stages, so they do not have to freeze the entire amount of the time. They will come up with a great plan based on the patient and their teeth.

Once a patient has had the extractions done, they should expect about 1 to 2 week healing. Further gums. During this time, the gum tissue will be open, which means it is more likely to be at risk of infections. Therefore, dental implants Edmonton says that patients must follow their aftercare instructions extremely carefully. They need to watch what they eat and put in their mouth, and ensure that they are rinsing their mouth thoroughly afterwards to avoid getting bacteria in their open wound. After about two weeks, the risk of infections drops significantly.

Once a patient has had an extraction, they should follow their dentists aftercare advice, so that they can heal quickly, and thoroughly. Whichever method of tooth replacement they choose, a patient should ensure that they are going to the dentist after the right amount of time, so that they do not put their implants at risk for waiting too long, and have their gums start to erode. By following the instructions and going back to their dentist on time can help ensure that patient will get there implants at the right time for them.