Dental Implants Edmonton | Getting Extractions For Dental Implants

While dental implants are not the only tooth replacement option there is according to dental implants, it is gaining in popularity significantly says dental implants Edmonton. In fact, the projected number of procedures for the upcoming year is two hundred thousand. The more people that are getting this procedure done, means the more people that are gaining awareness of this procedure. There are many reasons why patients are opting for this instead of dentures or bridges. Ultimately, because it is a permanent placement, instead of at temporary appliance that can be removed from the patient’s mouth like dentures or bridges.

If a patient has gone to see their dentist, they have confirmed that they need to have a tooth extracted, and they have discussed all of the tooth replacement options the patient has decided to go with a dental implant, that is going to affect the aftercare of their mouth and gums, and how fast they must go back into the dentist to get there implant put in.

Ultimately, the actual extraction of the tooth is going to be the same regardless of the method of replacement says dental implants Edmonton. However, it is very important that the patient does not wait to long before going back to their dentist in order to place the implant. The reason why, is the longer they wait after they get the tooth removed, the more bone shrinkage they will end up getting in that area, putting the ability to put an implant in that site at risk. the longer a patient waits, the more the bone in the area erodes. Therefore, the sooner they get in to get the implant placed the better.

However, patients that have had teeth removed for several years do not need to worry about not being able to have an implant says dental implants Edmonton. The reason why, is because dentists can always use them and bone grafts in order to replace the bone and tissue that was there, to allow them to take the implant.

When a patient is healing from the surgery, they should ensure that they are taking care of their extraction site so that they do not compromise the healing of their mouth, that may cause problems placing the implant. For example, if a patient smokes during the healing process, not only are they affecting the ability to heal quicker, because the chemicals in cigarettes actually cause the human to slow down by reducing the blood flow to the area. But also, they are increasing their chances of having infections in their gum tissue because of the chemicals in cigarettes.

When patients are aware of how important it is to take care of their extraction site prior to getting implants can help them take care of their mouth says dental implants Edmonton. The sooner and faster they heal, the sooner they will be able to place the implant, and avoid the shrinkage and bone erosion that could put their implant at risk.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Getting Extractions For Dental Implants

Even though dental implants are not the only tooth replacement option on the market, it is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons says dental implants Edmonton. As opposed to bridges and dentures that are temporary and removable options, implants are permanent fix that look, feel and works just like the patient’s own teeth. As this procedure becomes more done, it is gaining more popularity as well.

One of the first things that patients should keep in mind, is they need to communicate with their dentist what their tooth replacement option is even before undergoing the extraction procedure. The reason why, is because a dentist needs to properly time the placing of the implant, to ensure that the bone has healed enough from the extraction, that they can place the implant, but if they wait too long, the bone could shrink so much, that negatively impacts the ability to place an implant in that spot without having to resort to a bone graft says dental implants Edmonton.

In addition to understanding that the have to get back to their dentist in a certain time. At the extractions, patients should also ensure that they are taking care of their extraction site as well. If they are not careful, they could cause problems that could end up negatively impacting the ability to get implants. One of the most important things that patient needs to do directly after their surgery is ensure that the gauze is actually covering the extraction site and that a patient is putting pressure on it to minimize pleading. Dental implants Edmonton says that many patients contact them complaining they have not stopped bleeding, when all it is the gauze that has moved, but the patient lacks the ability to feel that, because there is still frozen.

Patients also need to be very aware that being on what they need to do as well as the but they need to avoid is very important. If they are not careful, they could end up with dry sockets which not only impacts the ability to heal, but can also impact the ability to get an implant in that site as well. Therefore, it is very important that patients follow their aftercare directions their very carefully says dental implants Edmonton.

If patients have any questions about the procedure, they should ask their dentist as well as dental implants Edmonton so that they can be prepared well in advance of the extraction and the implant. By being prepared and knowledgeable about the procedure can help demystify it, and make it less frightening. Since many patients fear dentists, and to dental procedures, learning everything that they can is an important way that patients can ensure that they show up for their appointment and take care of their oral health. This is extremely important for patients to do, therefore learning about the procedure early on after finding out from their dentist they need in extraction is a very important step in their oral health.