Dental Implants Edmonton | Healing From Dental Implant Surgery

It is very important for patients to understand that the success rate for dental implants are between 96 to 98% according to dental implants Edmonton. However, there is many things that people can do to impact that success rate. Therefore, people should ensure that their taking care before and especially after their surgery to take care not only of their teeth, but of their mouth to ensure that they are increasing their chances of being able to heal quickly and without problems from their surgery.

The average healing time for implants is 12 to 16 weeks, depending on the person. However, if a crown is placed on an implant before it is done healing, it affects the success rate of the procedure by taking it down to 80%. While that is still a great success rate, many dentists are choosing to wait until the implant fully heals before putting the crown on it, to maximize the longevity of the implant.

The reason why dentists would choose to avoid putting a tooth on the implant, because during the healing process, they need to ensure that the bone is integrating into the titanium screw in a process that is called osteo-integration. If pressure is put on the implants before the healing process isdone, it causes microtears in the tissue, putting the implant at risk on a long-term basis according to dental implants Edmonton.

There are things that the patient can do as well, in addition to ensuring that they are not putting pressure on their implants. The number one thing that someone can do to ensure the proper and timely healing of their implants is to avoid smoking. The chemicals existing and cigarettes mean that the tissues that need to heal can be aggravated, and even slowed down and take even longer to heal. Dentists suggest that the patient with dental implant surgery completely avoids smoking during the healing process.

Patients can also ensure that they are taking care of their new dental implants by observing diligent oral health. They should care for their mouth the same way that they always have, by diligent brushing and flossing of their teeth. The reason why it is so important to engage in great oral hygiene, is because the existing teeth need to be healthy in order to ensure the health of the surrounding bone. If a person ignores their teeth, they are actually putting their jaw bones at risk of erosion, which can impact the stability of their implants according to dental implants Edmonton.

While very few people actually experience problems with their dental implants, because of the high success rate, there are still many things that people need to take into consideration when healing from the surgery. By ensuring that they are avoiding risky behaviour like smoking, and by being very diligent in practising good oral hygiene, they can ensure that they are ensuring that the healing of their implants goes smoothly, and quickly, so that they can ensure that dental implants they get will last for as long as they do.

Dental implants Edmonton | healing from dental implant surgery

If a person has lost one or more teeth, as they are looking for ways to replace them, they should consider dental implants Edmonton, as opposed to dentures. Whereas a denture is a device that a person places in their mouth to fill the spot previously held by a tooth, ones that are designed to replace only one or a few teeth, are largely cosmetic in nature. The full sets of dentures, are required to have the functionality of teeth, but also can create problems for the patient in a number of areas. However, a dental implant can not only be a cosmetic, but a very good functional fix that allows people to function in their lives as well as they could with their teeth. A dental implant therefore, is when a dentist implants a titanium screw into their jaw. This titanium screw acts like a tooth root, and then a dentist can fashion a tooth that is called a crown, and can screw it into the titanium implant and that replaces a tooth.

The reason why someone would opt for this instead of dentures according to dental implants Edmonton, is not only because it gives them a cosmetic fix, it also replaces the functionality of a tooth almost completely, and definitely better than dentures. However, one thing to take into consideration is there are certain areas of the jaw that are better suited for implants than others. This comes down to the density of the bone in the area they need to put the implant. While the bottom jaw is typically a denser bone and is more able to hold implants than the top jaw, even if a person has limited density, there are options such as a bone graft.

A book graft is great for if a person needs to increase the density of the bones in their jaw to hold an implant, but also a bone graft is especially necessary if a person has been missing a tooth for a long period of time. The reason why says dental implants Edmonton, is because when there is not at tooth root in the spots, it is not stimulating the blood flow to that area, and causes what is called bone erosion. This means, over time the bone where the tooth used to be starts to erode away. Not only does this put other teeth at risk, but it means that in order to put an implant in the area, a bone graft is needed says dental implants Edmonton.

There are many challenges that may come with putting in dental implants, such as not having dense bones, but also by having eroded bone in the area, that needs to be fixed before a patient can get a dental implants. However, with the technology available, this is not a problem, and they can graft the bone, wait for it to heal, and put in the implant for the patient. But how straightforward this is, it is a great option for people who have one or more teeth they need to replace.