Dental Implants Edmonton | Helping People Live Pain Free With TMD

Living pain free is something that people take for granted until they start experiencing daily pain says Dental Implants Edmonton. They often hear from patients who are experiencing symptoms like migraines, lock jaw, Joshua Teague as well as clicking and popping when they eat and speak.

These symptoms are all indicative of temporomandibular dysfunction, which is a jaw dysfunction. It not only affects people’s jaw joints, but it can also affect the muscles surrounding it and is quite painful and can disrupt people’s normal activities.

Some people end up avoiding speaking because of the pain associated with it. Or, they find that they are avoiding eating foods that they used to love, and actually end up avoiding eating because it’s painful.

However, people should understand that if they mentioned these symptoms to their at Benton dentist, they often are able to get treatment.

One of the first things that Dental Implants Edmonton will do is let the patient know that there is a list of foods that are known to trigger jaw pain in people who eat them.

This is because they are difficult to eat, or are chewy and crunchy and cause repetitive stress injuries in people who consume them regularly. Therefore, by understanding what the trigger foods are can help people avoid them when possible, and have strategies on how they are going to consume those things if people are going to choose to continue to consume them.

The trigger foods include chewy foods like beef jerky, steak, and sugary foods like caramel and toffee. Snack foods such as popcorn, pretzels, and nuts are also on the list. Hazard crunchy and hard fruits and vegetables such as carrots, corn on the cob and apples.

When people are going to choose to eat these Foods, Dental Implants Edmonton recommends that they cut them up extremely small, and whenever possible, steam or cook vegetables so that they are not completely crunchy.

Another thing that Dental Implants Edmonton is going to recommend people do immediately is stop chewing gum. While gum isn’t necessarily seen as difficult to eat, it’s the repetitive motion of chewing over and over that causes the stress here.

When people are already experiencing jaw pain and fatigue, the constant motion of chewing bubble gum can put further strain on their joints. Therefore, people who are experiencing pain from TMD should stop chewing gum as well.

If people are still experiencing pain, Dental Implants Edmonton recommends they find a massage therapist who is familiar with TMD and who can give the appropriate massage brush to the neck and jaw muscles.

This is very similar to how an athlete will get massage therapy done to soothe their own overworked muscles. By having regular massages, can help keep people pain-free for a long period of time.

When people are experiencing symptoms and pain of T MD, there are many things that they can do to alleviate those symptoms without pain killers.

And well painkillers can help short-term, if people can learn how to address the symptoms, then they will be able to avoid creating the problems that cause TMJ pain.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Helping People Live Pain Free

Often, when people go to their Dental Implants Edmonton, they will end up complaining about something that seems unrelated. They might say that their jaw hurts, is fatigued, and they don’t feel like speaking or eating, or that when they do they hear clicking and popping sounds in their ear.

People may also complain about migraine headaches, and they also might complain about lockjaw. When their Dental Implants Edmonton hears this, they often understand that it is a dysfunction of the jaw joint and muscles which is called temporomandibular dysfunction, or TMD for short.

Luckily, there are many treatments available for TMD that address the cause of the symptoms, keeping people pain-free because they are not doing the activities that cause their jaw pain.

One of the most common reasons why people end up with jaw pain is because they are grinding their teeth at night, or clenching their teeth together when they sleep.

This is often a stress response, and the more stressed out a person is, the more likely they are going to do this when they sleep. A great deal of people end up holding the stress in their jaw, which is why they clench or grind at night.

However, because people are unconscious when they sleep, it will be almost impossible for people to stop clenching their jaws or grinding their teeth at night. Therefore, their Dental Implants Edmonton will be able to create an oral Appliance called a splint.

They will wear the splint at night, and it will make it so that people cannot clench their teeth, or grind their teeth at night any longer. By wearing this oral device at night, people can eliminate TMD pain from their life very simply.

Another thing that people should be mindful of is how they sleep at nights. In addition to clenching their teeth, people end up sleeping on their hands or their arms, causing pressure points where their job rest on their hand or arm.

This is exacerbated if people are sleeping on one side of their head all the time. Dental Implants Edmonton recommends buying an ergonomic pillow, and alternating sides left or right that people are sleeping on.

If people are still experiencing pain, Dental Implants Edmonton recommends that they get botox injections.

Botox will completely relax the muscles of the jaw, so that people find that’s this neutralizes the stress that they can hold in their jaw muscles, eliminating the pain.

The good news is Botox is something that people only need to get injected every four to six months in order to stay pain free.

My learning what they can do to stay pain-free can help people come up with a plan on how they are going to keep the stop pain subsided.

The more successful they are with that, the easier it’s going to be to do all of the activities that they love, and do it pain-free. This can be such a relief to many people, who had been avoiding things that they loved for several years by this point.