Dental Implants Edmonton | Is It Possible For Migraines To Be Caused by TMD?

If people are experiencing migraines, they might have temporomandibular joint dysfunction says Dental Implants Edmonton. However, they may not realize that it is related to other symptoms that they might be having.

This is why it’s incredibly important for people to describe all symptoms that they’re having to their dentist at their annual checkup, so that they can get proper treatment for issues, instead of taking painkillers infinitely.

Other symptoms that might cause a dentist to think that migraines are related to TMD would be lock jaw, a sore or swollen jaw, hearing clicks or pops when people are eating or speaking that may or may not be audible to other people.

If these are the symptoms, it’s quite possible that people are suffering from a jaw dysfunction, which causes pain and fatigue in their jaw joint as well as their muscle. By treating the cause, and not the symptoms can help keep people pain-free for longer.

One of the first things that people should do according to Dental Implants Edmonton is to sleep with a dental Appliance called a splint. The reason why, is because one typical cause of TMD is when people grind their teeth at night, or clench their jaw when they’re sleeping.

This is extremely common, because a lot of people holds their stress and tension in their jaw, and while it’s easy to tell them not to do that when they are awake, when they are asleep it’s far more difficult that to get them to stop doing those things.

Splint will force people’s jaws and teeth apart, so that it can become hard or impossible to clench their jaw and grind their teeth. By keeping people from doing this, can be enough to make the pain associated with TMD go away.

It’s also very important for people to avoid trigger foods. This is because it’s not going to be possible for people to avoid eating altogether, therefore their Edmonton dentist will give them a list of foods that they need to avoid eating, or eat only sparingly.

These Foods include chewy food like steak and beef jerky, caramels and Taffy including gummy candies, hard food like popcorn, nuts and pretzels, or crunchy food like fruits and vegetables such as Apple’s, carrots, and corn on the cob.

Whenever possible, people should either cook this food until it’s soft, or cut it into tiny pieces to make it much easier to eat. People should also avoid chewing gum says Dental Implants Edmonton, as it’s not necessarily hard to eat, but the repetitive motion of constantly chewing 4 hours can aggravate people’s TMD.

When people are able to avoid the triggers that cause TMJ pain, that will allow them to heal their job muscles, so that they can be pain-free for longer.

When people know what foods they should avoid, it’s going to be that much easier to avoid triggering the pain, so that they can live a normal and healthy as well as pain free life.

Dental Implants Edmonton |Are Migraines Caused by TMD

In order to find out the reason behind migraines, people should bring those migraines up to their Dental Implants Edmonton. Any other symptom that they have, no matter how unrelated they might think it is should be brought up as well.

Many people who suffer from TMD end up getting migraines, but without realizing it is starting in their jaw, they never get the proper diagnosis. People with migraines often end up taking a lot of painkillers, that might be unnecessary if they could treats the cause behind their TMD and not the symptom itself.

Therefore, when people are having their annual checkup with their Dental Implants Edmonton, they should bring up all symptoms, so that their dentist can make the correct diagnosis.

Often that the reason that people are experiencing jaw pain is it because they have poor posture says Dental Implants Edmonton. This poor posture can happen while they are walking, driving to work, sitting at their desk at work, or even when they are asleep.

Therefore, people needs to be very aware of correct posture, so that they can choose the correct posture throughout their day. It’s also incredibly important for people to take breaks often at work, so that they can stretch, whether they’ve been standing, sitting, or doing something physical.

By stretching their upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and jaw, people can minimize pain associated with TMD.

Something else that people should be mindful of is how they sleep says Dental Implants Edmonton. Good posture while sleeping is important, so that’s why they recommend people get an ergonomic pillow.

My pillow like this can help reduce pressure points on Jaws, especially if people are sleeping on their side, and they don’t alternate from left side to right side. Ultimately, people of TMD pain might find that sleeping on the back is one way that they can eliminate a lot of their pain.

But ultimately, a proper pillow, and switching sides often can help keep people symptom-free from TMD pain.

If proper posture does not fix the problem, they’re Dental Implants Edmonton can always inject Botox into their jaw muscles. How this helps is forcing the jaw muscles to relax, and neutralize the stress in people’s Jaws.

Therefore, the botox forces the muscles to relax, giving them the time they need to heal. Weather people need this once, and then they heal up enough or whether it’s an ongoing thing, people will only needs to get botox injections once every four to six months, making it an extremely effective and long-term solution.

When people have come up with the right combination of different treatments that they can use for their jaw, is going to become even easier for them to state symptom-free says Dental Implants Edmonton.

It might take a while to figure out what the right combination is, but when people have figured it out, they’re going to be able to be pain-free, and not because they’re taking a lot of painkillers.

This is extremely important, because people should not be taking painkillers on an ongoing basis for how it damages their kidney. Therefore, by talking to their Dental Implants Edmonton, they’ll be able to gets a solution to their TMD pain, and live a very full and happy life.