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Hi and welcome back to The Tooth Doctor’s dental implants Edmonton YouTube channel here today with Dr. Peter Yoo, the tooth doctor, thanks so much for joining us. Today we’re going to talk about proper dental implant care. So I like to start with a quote. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out by Robert call. Yay. That actually reminds me of just brushing your teeth day in and day out. You’ll have, you know, success with keeping them healthy and whole. It just reminded me of, you know, just every day repeated according to numbers from I data research inc around 90,000 dental implant procedures were performed in 2005. Still a huge number. So, Dr. Peter, you tell us why you’re such a big proponent of dental implants Edmonton.

You know, there are many things in life that uh, you need that you want.

And I was always, I was told by a colleague, a friend, he says, you know what, when you get older, there’s going to be a point where you can’t play sports. When you get older, there’s going to be a point when you can’t travel. Okay. But good. And a lot of times because travel insurance to go somewhere, it’s very expensive. If your health is not great, okay. There’s going to be a point where maybe sometimes you can’t even walk. Okay. The one thing you can do when you’re nine years old is enjoy a nice piece of cake or steak or whatever if you have your teeth right. You know, so, you know, that’s, that was really resounding yes in my mind. Right. That, you know, having good teeth that is, is actually a big proponent of having good health.

So what our implants made out of?

Dental implants Edmonton, the actual screw, um, a component is made out of titanium. Okay. Um, the main ones are made at titanium. Uh, it was found, um, some sort of dog research. I remember that they were just testing something and what they found that the bone actually would start to, to stick to the titanium plates, uh, that they did in this research and that’s how they found out. Oh, titanium works and it doesn’t cause a reaction and it doesn’t cause any infection. Um, so there are other implants out there, uh, ceramic, um, you know, ones that are like white. Um, I’m not too too familiar with them. They are kind of newer in the market. They see that they work just as well, uh, just to hide coloring, uh, through the guns and things like that. But, um, I’m not too too familiar with that.

Obviously these materials don’t get cavities like natural teeth. What can happen if someone doesn’t care for their dental implants Edmonton?

There are many things that can happen with implants. Um, you know, not to scare everyone. Again, I believe that implants are very successful if you take care of. Yeah. Okay. The problem is when you don’t take care, when you, uh, decide that it’s not important to go see your dentist on a regular basis, uh, you have imbalances. So things that I’ve seen are when an implant screw gets loose and the tooth gets loose and it hurts to, to bite on. I seen where the screw breaks. Um, I actually had a patient that came in that actually cracked the dental implant cause they were biting too hard. Oh wow. Yeah.

Okay. Leads me to my next question. What is implantitis?

Anything that you see that says has ends with it? I S okay. And decide is ginger Vitus okay. Just means basically means inflammation. Okay. So when you have implantitis it’s an inflammation or infection around the dental implants Edmonton. Okay. And that’s caused mainly by bacteria because of, uh, improper cleaning maintenance, uh, pockets developing in those areas. Okay.

So even though an implant can not get cavities, is calculus buildup still a concern?

Yeah, the implants don’t get cavities, but I always tell my patients that implants can get bone disease and gum disease just like natural teeth can. Okay. So the simple rule is your implants are only as good as your teeth. So if your teeth aren’t healthy, you’re implants aren’t healthy. So I never placed an implant. I never want to place a dental implants Edmonton on someone who I know that the rest of them aren’t going well, aren’t doing healthy. I’ve, I’ve seen people, they, they, they come in and they have no teeth left, but they have these four implants that are in the gums and they’re covered. But I’m like, Oh, I can see what happened. That I could just picture what happened with not taking care of their teeth and then losing them. And these implants that were there hoping to a place to, to balance out with the rest of the teeth just did not working out. Wow. Yeah.

Okay. How do dental implants Edmonton affect the surrounding teeth?

Well, lets surrounding teeth, it provides support. Okay. So if you have one more pig, it just allows for less pressure on the other pigs. Um, the implant also keeps stimulation of the bone around its area. Okay. Well what does that mean? Is also protecting the bone that are next to the other teeth. So when you don’t, when you have an implant there, the bone doesn’t shrink, which causes, reduces recession on the other teeth, gum loss. And so the roots of the other teeth aren’t exposed because possible cavities are sensitive. Okay.

Can someone brush and floss as they normally do or are there additional steps to care for dental implants Edmonton?

They are mostly taken care of like your natural teeth? Right. So that’s, that’s why implants are there. So brushing, flossing, uh, there is a little bit of a style to flossing with your implants, you know, floss. Most people floss up and down between their teeth, you know, they may do a little J or C C curve as they’re cleaning with implants. It’s, you know, because it’s rounded. There’s sometimes kind of a cross figure eight type situation where you floss any kind of philosophy through it. I know it sounds silly, but it’s something that, you know, I would recommend you coming to CSM. We can tell you all about that. Right. Yeah, that makes sense.

Okay. Do you recommend electric toothbrushes, water flossers mouth washes as additional preventive


Yes. With, uh, implants, a lot of times it’s very difficult to keep things clean. I know a lot of patients that have, um, implants with dentures that are held by the implants and so water flossers help to get underneath and keep the dental implants Edmonton nice and healthy in areas where your toothbrush just can not get into. So your water flosser um, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend, I don’t think there was toothpicks. Uh, but yeah, water, flossers mouthwash just to get into those areas, uh, will be very helpful, um, to just to maintain the bacterial, um, keeping the bacteria down. Got it. Okay.

How do night guards or retainers help prevent open contact?

It’s night guards or retainers? Well, you know what, with um, you know, when you have implants, uh, when you, when you, when you want to keep things stable. Okay. Things can always shift. So having a night guard, well it’s basically like a retainer. Okay. It holds your teeth together and so that prevents the teeth for opening up. Uh, I, I have met a patient where we had an implant done and for some reason, um, a few years later there was an open space between the tooth and the implant.

Um, know we’re trying to figure out what’s going on, but you know, everybody knows dental implants Edmonton don’t move. Like once it’s in the bone, it stays there. So something had, must’ve happened with the teeth to cause a shift. And so there was a little bit of a space in food kept kept going in there. So you had to deal with that, but you know, having a night guard or or retainer would have held the teeth in the position and preventative things like that. Okay.

Are dental implants Edmonton patients required to visit the dentist more often?

I wouldn’t say more often, but on a regular basis. Okay. One of the things that we do are in patients that have implants is to check their bite.

Okay. Now people are like, well, what does that mean? Okay.

You have to understand that an implant. Okay. And your tooth. Okay. When you bite down on a tooth, the tooth actually moves down. Okay. An implant, when you bite on it does not move.


So when you’re biting your teeth together, okay. If you bite really hard, what’s going to happen?

Oh great.

I’m exaggerating a little bit. So you, you, so you on TV can see what’s going on with my hands is that when you bite hard on your teeth, your tooth actually shifts down a little bit. Okay. Well, what does that mean for your implant? Your means you’re biting really hard on your, your implant. Okay. So on a natural when your mouth is resting and not biting, your dental implants Edmonton needs to be at the same height as when you’re pressing down there in tooth. So at a natural state, your bite should actually be like this compared to your implant. Okay. There should be a slight gap between the two, the tooth and the implants compared to your tooth in your tooth. Okay? Okay. Because when you bite really hard, that’s when your implant in your tooth will touch. And so we check that and make sure there’s a very slight spread with your implant so that you don’t end up chipping it, chipping the crown, um, breaking it, causing other problems in the future.

Oh, that makes sense. I didn’t know that. How can someone get started with The Tooth Doctor if they think they might need dental implants Edmonton? What should they do?

Well, we recommend you coming in. Obviously want to make sure if you’ve had a, have your regular dentists or if you’ve seen a dentist before, we want to make sure that everything’s healthy. As I said before, an implant is only as good as your teeth. So we want to make sure your teeth are good, they’re healthy, there’s nothing wrong with them, you know, placing an implant, uh, in an area. We want to obviously make sure the teeth that are beside those teeth, uh, there’s no cavities or any issues with them in that regard. And then from there we can do proper assessments. We take impressions, we’ll take, uh, x-rays to see the health and the quality of the bone, the thickness of the bone. And that’s where we can decide, you know, what size to use. Um, and then basically get the ball rolling with finding the appointments or placing the implant, and later on doing impressions and placing a twos on top of that implant. Then you know, you’re brand new again.

Yeah, yeah. Sounds good. So don’t hesitate to call The Tooth Doctor or like the video, leave your information. And also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. We have lots of more great information coming at you all the time.