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Many people have a lot of misconceptions about dental implants, and how to heal from them, that may cause them to avoid the procedure unnecessarily says dental implants Edmonton. Not only is this procedure gaining in popularity very quickly, it is gaining in popularity quickly because of the extremely high success rate for implants. A properly healed implant supposed to 96 to 98% success rate for all procedures. Not only that, but there is a 90% satisfaction rate from clients who received the procedure, even several years after receiving implants according to a dental survey. Therefore, helping people understand the truth behind commonly held beliefs about the procedure, can help ensure patients are making the right decision for them and their health.

The first thing that people should take into consideration about dental implants is that regardless of the reason why they need a dental implant, or how long they have put out a tooth or multiple teeth, they can be helped with dental implants. People sometimes believe that if they have been without a tooth for several years, and have a lot of bone loss they will not be able to get implants. Or that they need to get an implant as soon as they can after losing the tooth. Dental implants Edmonton says this is not true. Regardless of the reason why a person needs an implant, whether they have a cavity that cannot be fixed or crowned, or if they have fractured tooth from grinding their teeth or being in a car accident, whether they have got a tooth pulled recently or many years ago, or even were born without that tooth. Patients are able to be helped by the dental implant procedure.

Another misconception that patients often have, is that they can only get implants done in certain parts of their mouth. They might think that they can only get molars replaced, or only on the bottom is possible to replace, or they can not get to their front teeth replaced with implants. However, all of these are completely untrue says dental implants Edmonton. While the bottom jaw is typically a denser, stronger bone that holds implants better, that only means that they might need to to use more implants for the top jaw, or fortify the area with bone grafts. The fact of the matter is, artists of how many teeth need to be replaced, or where in the mouth they are, dental implants Edmonton says patients can get whatever teeth they need replaced.

Another common misconception when it comes to dental implants, is that if they have seen significant bone loss, they are not able to get implants. In fact, dental implants Edmonton says that bone grafts are very common to fortify the area prior to getting an implant. Whether this is to make up for eroded bone, or help support a molar that requires a larger implant, or to make up for a lack of bone density, bone grafts are common way to overcome this problem quite regularly

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The most important things that people should take into consideration is being careful when they are healing from their dental implant procedure can significantly impact the longevity of their implants according to dental implants Edmonton. As the procedure gains popularity, and more procedures than ever are being done in Canada, patients need to be more careful than ever of how they heal from the surgery, to ensure that they are healing effectively and efficiently.

One of the most important ways that patients can ensure that they are taking care and healing well, is to simply avoid smoking during the healing process. The first reason why, is because the chemicals in cigarettes can actually slow down the healing process, in part by causing the blood flow to slow down as well. Since the healing for this procedure is currently at 12 to 16 weeks, people should avoid doing anything that is going to slow that down. Not only so that they can heal quickly, but because complete healing is required before dental implants Edmonton puts the crown on the implants. So the slower they heal, the longer they will go without functioning teeth.

The next reason why patients should avoid smoking during the healing process is because the chemicals in the smoke is going to impact the ability for the bone tissue to bind with the titanium screw. This process is called osteo- integration, and smoking can actually affect the ability to heal together. This means that the implant will be weaker than it could. It changes the success rate from a 98% to 80%. Therefore, patients should ensure that they are avoiding cigarettes at all times during the healing process according to dental implants Edmonton.

After they get their implants, even before they get the crowns put on them, the best way they can care for their implants, is through regular brushing and flossing. Even though implants cannot get cavities, maintaining the health of their existing teeth and their bones and gums is just as important in maintaining the health of their implants as well. If they do not take care of their existing teeth, it is good cause their teeth to become loose or fall out, which will cause bone erosion, which can put the implants at risk as well. Therefore, maintaining good oral health is important for the longevity of the implants.

By understanding what needs to happen during the healing process after getting dental implants can help patients be prepared even before they get the procedure done. Healing efficiently and effectively is important to ensuring the longevity of the implants, therefore it is extremely important that patients follow the aftercare instructions provided to them by dental implants Edmonton. By being careful and following their oral health routine can help ensure that the dental implants that a patient gets will last them for the rest of their life.