Dental Implants Edmonton | The Best Solution For Poor Fitting Dentures

If you suffer from poor fitting dentures, then you should consider dental implants Edmonton to solve that problem. Many people don’t realize that dentures have a negative effect on the bone. As we chew food, the pressure that is applied through your teeth stimulates bone density. When somebody receives a set of dentures, their bite strength reduces to only 20%.

Because of this, the bone shrinks much faster causing dentures to fit poorly. They become loose and makes it much more difficult for the wearer to speak and eat foods. Many times it’s a struggle to keep them in your mouth with your cheeks and tongue. This can be a major hindrance to regular speech patterns and your ability to eat foods properly.

Dental implants Edmonton are a great choice to create a firm foundation for your dentures. Titanium screws are inserted into your jaw. After a healing period, locators are attached to your dentures which allow you to securely apply your dentures onto the implants.

Should somebody only have a few missing teeth however, a dental implant with a porcelain crown is by far, the best possible solution. Dental implants Edmonton look more natural than dentures. It can be often very difficult for dentists to tell the difference between what is a natural tooth and an implant supported crown.

You will have improved confidence when eating and interacting with others when you have dental implants Edmonton. With dentures or bridges, they can affect the aesthetics of your smile. If you’ve ever had your dentures fall out of your mouth while speaking or eating, you know what this feels like.

From a practical standpoint implants offer more comfort and convenience then dentures or other dental appliances. There are no special cleansers brushes or pastes required. You can simply brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. If you are the type of person who carefully maintains and takes care of their teeth, you will have no problems with your dental implant.

Almost the best feature of having an implant is that eating food is much more enjoyable. There is no trepidation when considering eating raw vegetables or nuts. Many people don’t realize how difficult it can be for someone with dentures to eat certain foods. We want to help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet at the tooth doctor. Some people think that dentists only care about people having a nice straight smile. That is only part of the role of a dentist. We care about the health of the whole person.

At the tooth doctor, it is important for us to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy pocketbook. Our goal is to help our patients keep his many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, for as cheap as possible. By achieving this goal, we will be making Edmonton a healthier place.

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Dental implants Edmonton | superior durability and low cost of ownership

Superior durability and low cost of ownership are only a couple of the advantages to having dental implants Edmonton. Considering a patient who receives dental implants in their 20s can potentially have them for 60 years, the cost of implants is drastically lower than dentures.

Dentures often need to be replaced every five years or so because they don’t fit well. The reason they don’t fit well is that the bone reduces in size due to lack of pressure being applied. When somebody receives a full denture, their bite pressure reduces to 20%. This causes the bone to shrink faster than it normally would.

Having strong healthy bone structure to support your teeth is very important. That’s why we recommend for a missing tooth, that somebody strongly consider dental implants Edmonton. When a tooth is missing, the ones that remain don’t have the same support that they did. This can also lead to further problems.

If you’ve ever had a denture fall out of your mouth, you know how greatly embarrassing this can be. Implants typically don’t fall out of your mouth. There are instances where they can but they are manageable.

If you are active in sports and you get hit in the face with a ball or a puck, you can potentially loosen or lose an implant. These instances are rare, but they can occur.

The other scenarios where you may lose an implant, is when you do not properly maintain and care for it. It is important that you brush and floss your implant the same way you would your natural teeth. Even though it cannot receive a cavity, the bone and surrounding tissues can be affected through improper cleaning and care.

You must visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. It’s important to do this not just for hygiene purposes, but also to make sure that your implant is still secure and doing well.

If you enjoy eating healthy foods, then a dental implant is the way to go for replacing missing teeth. You can eat nuts, raw vegetables, and steak. There is nothing that’s off the menu because you are missing teeth. You can eat all the healthy foods to maintain an excellent diet and great health.

An amazing benefit to having implants to replace missing teeth is that they look as good as natural teeth. It can be very difficult for friends family and others to notice you have an implant.

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