Dental Implants Edmonton | Tooth Extraction Facts

There are many reason why people might decide to get their teeth extracted, from having teeth that are unable to be filled or have root canals performed, or perhaps the getting dentures or dental implants Edmonton. Regardless of the reason, many people are often afraid to get their teeth extracted because they are worried about it being painful. However, by understanding the process, people can good of their fear and ensure that their mouth is as healthy as it should be.

Even though dental practices keep getting better year after year, dental extractions are still a common enough procedure that most dentists are performing them about once a day at a minimum. There are many reasons why a dentist would recommend patient to undergo an extraction. Their teeth could have been damaged in a way that makes it impossible to repair, or put a crown on. He could have a cavity that has gone to deep, or tooth could be fractured. In this case, when the dentist recommends an extraction, it is either because they are going to replace that tooth with dentures, or have the patients get dental implants Edmonton.

Many people are worried about getting their teeth extracted, because they are worried about going under the Asian. However, many extractions just need a simple freezing to be done in order to complete the extraction properly and painlessly. However, for nervous patients or tricky extractions, a dentist can use sedation. One of the most common forms of sedation is oral sedation that ends up relaxing the patient, but not putting them completely under. They end up feeling relaxed, but have no memory of the event.

While dentists can pull multiple teeth at a time, it all depends on this situation, and how many teeth patient needs to be extracted. I dentist might opt to pull them in stages, so that they are only freezing one part of the mouth. Or perhaps they will decides to pull all of the back teeth at the same time and once those of healed they will come back in to get the front teeth pulled. Depending on the patient’s situation, dentists will assess what is best and can pull multiple teeth at a time, in a way that is best for the patient.

Some people think that if they have an impacted tooth, that is going to be extremely difficult to pull. But that is not necessarily the case, some impacted teeth do not even need to be removed at all of their not causing any pain or problems for the patient. Impacted tooth is what it is called when the tooth is still below the gum line. Sometimes they cause problems for patients when they start to hurt, however if they do not hurt, there will be no reason to pull those teeth. However if they do start to cause problems, a dentist will be able to remove them.

Patients who are worried about getting extractions, either because they need dentures or dental implants Edmonton, they should not worry about the process. I going to the dental experts, they can ensure that they are getting the best care, and have their teeth removed painlessly so that they can ensure their overall mouth health is kept intact.

Dental implants Edmonton | Written for The Tooth Doctor

Many patient wonder about the process of getting their teeth extracted, whether they need dental implants Edmonton or if they need dentures. By learning about the process, it can put many patient’s minds at ease so that they can do what their dentist is suggesting to ensure their overall oral health is being looked after. By not pulling the teeth that are causing problems, patients are compromising the rest of their healthy teeth, and even potentially causing pain for themselves.

Many patients are wondering how long do extractions take to heal. Dental implants Edmonton says that extractions can take up to six months for the bone to completely heal, but after one or two weeks, the tissue on the gums will have healed up, and the risk of infections is very low. However, patients should understand that while there extractions will take six months to heal, it is not ideal to wait six months before placing an implant. The reason why, is the longer patient waits after getting teeth extracted, the greater the likelihood is that the gums will start to shrink, which may impact the ability for the dentist to place implants in that location. Therefore, I waiting about three months, the bone will have started to heal, but no come shrinkage will have occurred.

Even though many people might be afraid of getting teeth removed, dental implants Edmonton suggests that patients should take care of their oral health by removing teeth that are not healthy, but also replacing them is just as important. Without replacing teeth after an extraction, can greatly affect a person’s overall oral health. Since the teeth that surrounded the tooth that was extracted they start to drift, not only affecting a person’s bite, but potentially causing pain, and the healthy teeth could start to drift or be more prone to cavities, compromising their health as well. Therefore, it is very important that not only are patients removing teeth that are not healthy, but that they replace them as well to ensure they keep up their overall oral health.

Even though many patients worry about getting their teeth extracted, as long as they are going to a great dentist, they should not worry about their tooth extractions. Removing unhealthy teeth, and coming up with a plan on how to replace them whether it is dentures or through dental implants Edmonton, that can help ensure the overall health of the patient. Without the proper teeth in place, it will allow a patient to not only ensure the health of their other teeth, but help them with being able to eat well including biting and chewing without pain. Therefore, patients who are worried about having teeth removed should speak to the tooth doctor today about how they can help.