Dental Implants Edmonton | Tooth Extraction Misconceptions

One of the reasons that causes patients to delaying seeing a dentist when they have issues with their teeth says dental implants Edmonton, is that they do not understand what goes into to the extractions, and they are afraid of the procedure, and experiencing pain. However, as dental implants become a more popular procedure, the instances of people wanting a permanent solution to their dental issues are starting to increase. Therefore, more people are learning about what goes into extracting their teeth, so that they can go through the procedure confidently.

One of the first things that people should be aware of, is that dental extractions are so commonplace, that dentists are doing them on a daily basis. Therefore, dentists have seen all the different reasons why people would need to have teeth extracted. A very common reason why a person will end up with teeth that need to be extracted, is because they have been damaged. The damage can come from being in a car accident, or from being injured during sports play, or even simply from grinding their teeth at night and not having a proper mouth gear in place. As long as the tooth is damaged, and the dentist is not able to fix it by doing a root canal are putting a crown honest, the tooth becomes a good candidate for an extraction.

Another reason why a patient may need to have a tooth extracted, is if it has account with the that is unfixable says dental implants Edmonton. This could be because a person is avoiding the dentist out of fear, or out of inability to pay the dentist if they lack dental coverage. Or perhaps, they did not think that they need to see a dentist on a regular basis, and only started sought help once there tooth started hurting. However, cavities do not necessarily hurts until they have hit the tooth root, or the nerve. In this case, rather than just being a quick cavity fill, a dentist most often has to do extensive drilling. This is sometimes not possible, and it requires the tooth to be extracted. Or, the tooth requires the such extensive drilling, that it becomes brittle through having so much filling, that it becomes more likely to break in the future. If this is the case, a patient might face tooth extraction after all, once the filling fails.

Even though many people believe that impacted teeth automatically have to be removed, this is not the case says dental implants Edmonton. In fact, many adults can live their entire life with their wisdom teeth in their mouth, but they have not groaning. As long as the impacted tooth is not affecting other teeth, by pushing on their roots, causing them to lean, or without causing them to be pushed up, it does not necessarily need to be removed. Also, if the teeth that are impacted are not infected, there is no need for dentists to go in and pull them out. This can put a lot of patients at ease, who are avoiding seeing the dentist because they are worried about being told that they need to have those impacted teeth removed.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Tooth Extraction Misconceptions

One of the reasons that may cause patients from avoiding seeking help when they have teeth that need to be replaced, is because they have not liked the option of using dentures or bridges says dental implants Edmonton. This could be due to a number of reasons, including the fact that these tooth replacement options are non permanent, and can easily be taken out of a patient’s mouth. This ends up causing embarrassment if the dentures fall out during eating, or speaking. Because of these reasons, a patient may have not opted to get their teeth extracted, because they were avoiding that scenario. However, with the increasing popularity of dental implants, people are finding this a reason to go ahead with replacing the teeth that have been giving them problems for several years.

One of the first things that patients need to keep in mind when they are considering dental implants, is that when they get there tooth extracted, they need to ensure that they are allowing time to heal their mouth says dental implants Edmonton. They should expect for 3 to 6 months of healing time. However, it is important that they are not waiting too long. The reason why, is when there is no longer teeth roots in the bone to stimulate blood flow, body does not realize that the bone needs to stay there, and the body can start utilizing the calcium in the bone to nourish the body. When that is the case, it can shrink the bone in the area, which can impact the ability to place the implant in a patient’s gums.

Therefore, it is important that patients are consulting with their dentist after their extraction, to ensure that they have healed enough to be able to take the implant, but not healed so much that they have affected how much bone is in the area to take the implant. However, dental implants Edmonton says that if a patient has waited too long, and they have bone shrinkage, that does not mean that they can no longer get an implant. All that means, is that the dentist is going to have to do a gum or bone graft in the area so that they replace the tissue in the area that allows them to take the implant.

The popularity of implants is growing, dental implants Edmonton says that 90% of patients still report a high satisfaction with the procedure even several years after they have had it done. In addition to that, dental implants procedures are on the rise, with a growth rate of two point 5% year-over-year. Because of this, more people are learning about dental implants, and eliminating the fear associated with that implant and dental extraction. By being more proactive in their oral health, can ensure the overall health of a person and their body.