Dental Implants Edmonton | Tooth Extraction Myths

There are many reasons why patients are fearful about going to the dentist to get one or more teeth extracted says dental implants Edmonton. The reason why patients are fearful, is because they do not completely understand the procedure, or they believe a lot of his truths about the procedure. In fact, getting teeth removed is an extremely common procedure that dentists do on a regular basis. Instead of avoiding the procedure due to these misconceptions, patients should contact their dentist and find out the truth behind the procedure, so they can alleviate their fears and get the procedure that they need done before becomes worse.

One of the most common is that causes fear in patients is they are afraid to get put under in order to remove the tooth. Fear of general anaesthetic is very common among many people, and it is causes dental patients to avoid going to the dentist out of fear of this. However, patients should understand that many extractions do not need any anaesthetic. Dental implants Edmonton says many just require the right amount of freezing in order to do the extraction painlessly. However, for nervous patients or extractions that are a bit more tricky or difficult, dentists have the option of using sedation says dental implants Edmonton. Oral sedation is a commonly used one, that has the patient remaining awake, but fully relaxed. At the end of the procedure, the patient typically has no memories of the event.

Another misconception that patients often have, is that they are going to pull all of the teeth at the exact same time. While a dentist will be able to pull multiple T that time, it will depend on the situation and how many teeth need to be extracted that determines how many teeth the dentist will pull. Often, it is best for dentists to extract teeth in stages, to avoid freezing the entire mouth at a time. Also, a dentist may choose to pull all the teeth on one half of the mouth, to allow the patient the ability to eat while they are healing. By discussing their particular case with their dentist can help them make the decision on how may teeth the patient needs to have pulled at a time.

Another misconception that patients often have according to dental implants Edmonton is that it is going to take them a year to heal from the extraction. While it does take a significant amount of time to heal, patients should first expect the first two weeks while their gums are healing to be the most difficult. Also, this is the time when they will be at high risk of infections, therefore they need to be careful what they eat and to rinse well when they are done. After that, they should expect to be healing for about six months.

By understanding what goes into a tooth extraction, can help put people’s minds at ease when they need to get the procedure done. By understanding all the truths, they can get the procedure done right away instead of putting it off out of fear. The longer person waits, the more difficult going to become to do. Getting it done quickly can help ensure that a patient is preserving their overall oral health.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Tooth Extraction Myths

There are many reasons why a patient might need to get a tooth extracted says dental implants Edmonton. And although 73% of Canadians are brushing their teeth twice a day, dental extractions remains to be a commonplace activity. Whether a patient got a tooth damaged in an accident, or playing sports, or if they have a tooth that has a cavity that cannot be fixed, a patient should find out all of the facts associated with getting an extraction done, so that they do not delay getting the procedure when they need it.

A lot of patients are concerned with how painful they expect the extraction to be. However, there is great sedation that dentists can use these days that can help ensure patient is pain-free at the time of the procedure. If they are sticking to their aftercare carefully, and taking the medication that their dentist as prescribed says dental implants Edmonton, can ensure patient heals from the extraction painlessly.

Patients often hear that it takes an extremely long time to heal from an extraction, which causes them to want to avoid the procedure. And while it is true that the first two weeks or write to be the most difficult, while the gum tissue is healing up, patient should wait about three months before going back to their dentist to get an implant put in. If they wait much longer than that, they could be putting their gums at risk for eroding and having the bone start to shrink, putting the ability to place an implant there at risk. Therefore, a patient needs to ensure that there seeing their dentist regularly, so that they can make the right determination on when this time to place an implant would be.

Patients who are not opting for dental implants Edmonton and instead going for dentures or bridges should wait about six months for the healing to be completed, and then some of the bone to shrink. This way, when the dentist fits the devices in their mouth, it will be able to have a better fit for longer. However patients need to understand that the bone erosion and shrinkage will continue for their life time, therefore they are going to need to keep going back and getting their dentures or bridges fitted.

It is important that patients understand why it is important to get their teeth extracted as soon as they need to be, so they can avoid putting off the procedure. This can help ensure that they are eating, biting and chewing properly so that they are maintaining a healthy diet. After their oral health, they are ensuring that overall health of their entire body.