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Hi and welcome back to The Tooth Doctor’s dental implants Edmonton YouTube channel. Like so much for joining us today. I’m here with Dr. Peter Yoo.

He is the tooth doctor. And today we’re going to talk about the top 10 reasons for dental implants. So you are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. That’s James Allen.

We always like to start with a motivational quote and get our minds in the right places according to numbers from Ida data research inc around 90,000 dental implant procedures were performed in 2005, so it’s probably way more than that now. Wow.

Doctor Yoo, how long have you been helping patients with dental implants Edmonton?

I worked for a dentist for five years before I owned my own practice and he loved doing implants, loved doing surgery, that thrill. And so just to watch him, you know, I would go to, I’ve heard of people taking courses, they spend thousands of dollars to go watch these dentists or specialists doing implants.

And I did it for free. I’d basically go in, you know, I finished with a patient or a filling and I walk over and I see him place three or four dental implants Edmonton and it was, it was like, it was like a slam dunk kind of situation. And so that’s kind of where I first started.

So I, I can say I’ve been doing implants for a little over 10 years and it’s been good. It’s been a good challenge, but it’s been very rewarding. You know, all the people that I’ve worked on, very few have had any issues. Most of them, it’s, if any issues, very mild issues, that’s fine. Yeah.

Reason number one, the top 10 reasons you’re ever talking about for dental implants.

Reason number one is that dental implants Edmonton help preserve bone and gum.

Yes, people always think, if I lose a tooth, what’s the deal? What’s the big deal? Um, and it’s not, you know, it’s not like life threatening per se. Um, but the issue that we have is that your teeth, they actually hold the bone. They support the bone around it.

They, every time you bite and chew, it keeps, it stimulates the bone too for the, for it to stay nice and healthy. So when you lose a tooth, now there’s no, uh, there’s nothing around that area of the bone to stimulate it and that’s why the bone will start to shrink away.

So having an implant there where it allows for that, uh, natural stimulation will help to keep the bone healthy and thriving in that area, which also protects the bone, uh, for the teeth beside it. Right, right.

Reason number two, dental implants Edmonton protect your healthy teeth by distributing biting forces. Yes.

Yeah. I just saw a patient today. This patient actually broke a tooth on the one side and so without even thinking about it and knowing about it, this patient actually only chews on, on the other side.

Oh, right. Yeah. Because it’s kind of awkward to chew on the side where the, with a broken tooth, what happening is overuse on this side. This patient actually cracked the root of one of their molars and now it’s infected.

They are on antibiotics and they had to get that tooth taken out. So having dental implants Edmonton allows, you know, even stress, uh, stress and pressures of the bite, Oh, all your teeth to help you chew properly and just give you balance.

Right. Right. Makes sense. Okay.

Reason number three, dental implants prevent your teeth from shifting.

Yes. All our teeth are in balance. Okay. When you lose a tooth, okay, those two teeth beside it, when you lose the tooth in the middle, the teeth, there’s nothing holding them back. So what they can start to do is they can start to drift. Okay.

The tooth above it that you bite on, when you lose that tooth, then that tooth will start to come down. Okay. And it affects the whole balance of your bite. So placing an implant, um, and restoring those missing teeth will allow for a proper and complete balance of your bite so that you’re not getting shifting.
Okay. Okay.

So reason number four, dental implants Edmonton prevent bite collapse, saving your smile and appearance.

Bite collapsed. People are like, what does that mean? Well, what happens here is that most people in general tend to lose teeth in the back and they’re like, Oh well I can’t see it. So who cares?

Well, what do you do if I, you know, chop one of your legs off, right? Like you’re going to have more stress on the other Leg. Right.

Um, so you know, when you lose teeth in the back, then eventually you put more pressure on the front teeth and now there’s more aware and more aware causes the bike to slowly and or guests you say more quickly, um, reduce the height of your, of your bite or your opening of your bite.

Right. Uh, in regards to saving your smile and appearance, uh, that’s the same thing, right? When you have, you know, your back teeth are made for chewing and eating. I see so many people that have no teeth in the back.

They don’t want to wear a denture or get implants or whatever, and they just chew in their front teeth and they start just, they literally just start wearing away. Cause it chewing. Yeah.

Just wearing the enamel down. Oh yeah. And then it affects your smile, you smile, and you have a chip on your tooth and just not pretty. Yeah. Not wait. Not the way it’s meant to be. Right.


Reason number five, dental implants Edmonton don’t decay.

That’s actually a great feature. No kidding. You don’t really need to sell that one, dude. Okay.

Reason number six, dental implants Edmonton are long lasting.

You know, I, I believe that, you know, dental implant compared to other treatment is longer-lasting. Okay.

When I say, when people hear the word long lasting, they’re like, Oh yeah, one implant for the rest of my life. Well, you know what? When’s the last time you had a car for the rest of your life?

There are probably few, maybe one in a million that actually have a car and they use it and take care of it for the rest of your life. And that’s keyword taking care of it.

Anything you get, you want it to last longer, you have to make sure you take care of it and maintain it. And same thing with your dental implants Edmonton. Yeah, that’s right.


Reason number seven, dental implants improve the ability to chew and speak.

Chewing if you have teeth. Um, they actually say that when you have a full upper denture or like any complete denture, top or bottom, your bite power reduces, uh, by 80%. Okay.

So you’re actually only using 20% of your actual full biting power cause people are kind of, um, I don’t know, it’s just a thing that your body, your brain kinds to compensate in terms of like, uh, reducing the power so that you don’t damage anything or something like that.

It’s just not the same know. So having your, an implant in there, it’s like a natural tooth. You naturally want to chew, um, with the same power. Okay. Uh, in terms of speech, yeah.

You know, when you start losing teeth, it does affect how you, uh, you know, say certain words in letters and it can affect the way, uh, people here. Yeah. Okay.


So reason number eight, dental implants Edmonton eliminate the need for removable dentures.

Let me need, need for removal yet yours? Yes. Um, you know, you could get an edger, you’d get a bridge where you can get an implant. So one of the key things with implants is that it stays in your mouth.

It’s like natural tooth is designed and maintained so that you don’t have to take it out. Um, so you know, a lot of people are like, Oh well it just costs too much. I’ll get denture.

Well, how do you take something in and out of your mouth? The basically the proper way of doing it, she supposed to take it out every time you eat so that after you rinse it and clean it, put it back in your mouth so that food doesn’t get trapped underneath there.

Um, yeah. So constantly taking something in and out of your mouth is very cumbersome and overall will affect your quality of life.

So yeah, that makes sense. Okay.

Reason number nine,

dental implants Edmonton are more reliable than any other restoration or tooth replaces.

There have been studies that talk about implant success. Okay. A number is that I’ve grown up with and that I hear usually within like the 95, 90%. Okay. So that is very high.

So when I, when I was growing up and in terms of my dental career and experience in education, uh, to me implants were a very, very successful, the way the, uh, machining, um, you know, the, the preparation and the making of implants, the precision that is required for things to fit for each piece to fit properly for, uh, for all that stuff. It’s very precise.

Uh, and it’s very specific. And so that’s where it becomes a very, um, uh, this success is in, is in the research. The success is in the numbers. Okay, okay.

When you’re looking at micrometers as opposed to millimetres or inches, you know, there’s a big difference and they, they try not to leave room for error.

You know, there are very many things and I appreciate you saying that because yeah, you know, you sometimes think, Oh, if implants are so great, what’s wrong?

Like, you know, there are very important things that your teeth do, the implants can do and just the natural, the naturalness of your teeth is very important. Right? Tell anybody per anybody that’s had a hip replacement or knee replacement, you know what they’ll say.

I’m so thankful. You know, it makes a big difference, you know? Yeah. But you know what, they can still remember a time when their knees were good, but they had for good. You know what it was it, yeah. You don’t ever want to go get away ideally from something that is natural for sure.


Reason number 10,

dental implants Edmonton look like your natural teeth.

Yes. One more with aesthetics, dental labs, uh, dental, ceramics. Uh, they’re making the crowns, the crowns that go on top of the implants and just their overall shape and positioning, uh, to look as natural as possible.

Every time I go to the course and they’ll, they’ll show these teeth and you know, the instructor will show it. You show a picture and all the dentists will look at and he’ll say, which one is the implant?

And you look and like that one, that one and not never 100% is right because it looks so natural.

That’s good to know. Yeah. Lots of options, man. Well, thank you so much for just kind of reinforcing all those top 10 reasons for dental implants. I appreciate it.

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