Dental Implants Edmonton | Dr. Peter Yoo Explains Reasons For A Dental Implant

A dental implants Edmonton audio transcription from YouTube.

Hi, welcome back to the Tooth Doctor’s Ellerslie office here on YouTube. We are so glad that you joined us today. Today we’re actually going to talk about the top 10 reasons to get a dental implant. I’m here with Dr. Peter Yoo from the tooth doctor and he’s going to give us a lot of great information on this one.

I’m going to share a quote with you. It is from David Brinkley and he says a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have rolling on him. A study and a survey study survey published by Acta Odonto Logica scan in Africa, looked at patient satisfaction rates eight to 14 years after undergoing implant dentistry treatment. The respondents 81% reported high levels of comfort while biting and chewing and 94% of respondents reported high levels of satisfaction with their smile aesthetics even many years later. That’s good news.

Great Solutions. Can you think of a story that has taken place in your office? Something about implants that stands out in your mind? One story that comes to mind is I went to my mentors, a dental clinic and he taught me. He’s taught me a lot about implants and dental care and just treating people like people.

A Funny Story About Dental Implants Edmonton

We had this one patient at the tooth doctor, that had full upper and lower dentures and a lot of times when you, when you get dentures, you know, at an earlier age is dentures actually create a negative effect in the jaw, which means it causes the bone to shrink fast.
Getting to the point, case in point, their lower jaw, the bone was gone like flat and so they had a denture in that basically walk around like you kind of have to use your cheeks and tongue to hold it in place. And she was just done.

It’s just frustrating. And one implants. So I came in that day and implants are headed already been put in and so they were basically placing call a little locators or a little tabs to connect the denture to the implants or dentures wobbling around and comes in and basically puts these locators on and then puts the denture on the little cures on the implants and leaves waiting for it to set.

Is that okay? I’m going to be gone. I’m going to go see a patient and in about 10 minutes when if your feet try and take it off. So he left, I left, came back, I just want to say hi, see how things are going. And the lady after the beep, she was spending probably about 10 minutes trying to get this Denture off.

Denture that wobbles around all over. Like she can go home and her denture would fall on her face. Now the point of why she can’t even get the intro right now, don’t get all scared and worried like how am I going to say if I get implants?

I want to be able to take away dangers though we made sure that the it clicked on and off properly so that it was, you know, it had just needed a good little snub pressure and it would pop out nicely. But once you click it in it’s solid.

We are going to go through 10 reasons why you would want to get a dental implant from the Tooth Doctor.

Number one reason is dental implants Edmonton look more natural than dentures.

I agree. I think that implants, when you get a good lab that places we’ve gone to. I’ve gone to many presentations, and you see these specialists showing their teeth and they’ll show us big example, which one is the implant? Everybody’s like, oh, that one, that one, that one. It’s very, very hard to find the differences. Our goal at the tooth doctor is to make implants look like your natural teeth.

Reason number two, improved confidence when eating and interacting with others.

I think that when you have a denture or even something as a bridge over time, they can fit the aesthetics with denture. They become loose. I’ve heard of patients where they’re talking to someone and their denture falls out. Actually, that brings to mind about my grandmother.

On her 90th birthday, she was trying to blow out candles and so just try to blow it out and she just didn’t have the lung pressure and candles blow up. She blew harder at the candles and her denture popped out. Somebody got a perfect snapshot. So very funny. But same time, you know, just realizing that it’s, you know, when you have a loose denture or something, it does affect how you want to talk and interact with people.

It brings me to reason number three, more comfort and convenience.

Now once they place an implant in, most times it’s good. One of my previous videos, we’ve talked about how you want to take care of the implant, but on the most part then once the implant is good and solid, it doesn’t, you know, it’s like your teeth, you just live with it. Whereas, you know, with a bridge it’s hard to clean. Dentures, you have to get them checked and maintain each year. I do see a number of people at our office where they get a denture and they don’t go in, but four or five years, well in that time the bone has changed and the denture is not as solid as it used to be. It’s worn down. Yeah. So having the comfort and convenience and just being able to eat.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Reason number four, eating food is more enjoyable.

There are studies that, see when somebody has a full upper denture, whether it be top or bottom, their bite pressure actually decreases to about 20%. They lose 80% of their biting power. Eating certain foods becomes a lot more difficult. No people do a, but again, just the enjoyment of eating and it just kind of feeling the textures and all that stuff. We watch, Chef’s table or you know, Mr. Ramsey, right. And everybody sees all these different cool, different types of foods and stuff like that. And all of it is just the flavors, the texture.

The number five reason is, your sense of taste is not hindered by a denture covering your pallet.

Yes. Your tongue does most of your tasting people, I just know that, but your palate, the roof of your mouth also does taste.
And even your sense of smell when you smell something and then you eat it, you get the full aroma and that enriches the, the taste of, of certain foods.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Number six, better diets and health.

I guess that kind of relates to it being able to eat things like apples instead of some people they just don’t want to eat certain foods or eat their vegetables and greens, stuff like that. Raw vegetables are very important for good, balanced diet. I don’t know anybody that says not even vegetables is fine, but kids might say that anyways. Your overall health and being able to eat and enjoy foods and just having a solid bite?

Even just chewing food properly and getting it down so that it can be broken down and digested is very quick. We care about the health of the whole person at our Tooth Doctor location, not just their oral health.

Reason number seven, the durability.

I do tell my patients at our Ellerslie location, you don’t wait if you’re young in your twenties I’m like, hands down, you should give me an implant because the durability of the implant. If you’re 20 years old and you live until you’re eighty. That’s 60 years. If you had an implant when you’re in your early twenties my belief is that that implant most likely will be with you, if you’re taking care of it, will be with you pretty close to the rest of your life.

Let’s say you chipped the crown or something, you’ve got to replace it. Overall cost wise, if you get a denture and you had changed every five, 10 years. So cost wise in the and your denture will cost more. Cost wise for bridge, you know, bridges on average they say last about 20 years.

So if you’re 60 years you’re going to have three bridges, you’re going to actually pay more in me. And so durability wise, the implants are very good, very solid.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Reason number eight, better speech.

Well that’s in relation to, you know, when you have something in your mouth. I mean we relate to glasses. I used to wear glasses, I got laser eye surgery. And so, you know, glasses are great, you know, they’re helpful.

They are beneficial in various ways. But the same goals, trying to do things all natural at the Tooth Doctor. If you have your natural, you know, teeth and eyes and eye lashes. Sorry ladies, you know, when you have things that are natural, it’s a lot easier this less time and maintenance that go with that.
Being able to speak better. You know, when you have a tooth that looks, feels like a tooth, I know some people where they have a bridge and I don’t know what’s happened. When they start talking, they hear like a whistle.

So various things that like, that’s like can happen again with dentures, you know, as much as they look nice and a lot of people have to get them. It cannot affect how you say certain words.

And reason number nine, implants don’t fall out.

An implant is supported by the bone. So if you’re keeping the bone healthy, coming in for your routine, cleanings and maintenance. It’s like a car. You don’t just drive a car for like five, 10 years. You have to go in every so many months to get the oil change, check and make sure that the seatbelts and the timing belts are all working properly. So you car guys out there, you understand, you know, if you take care of your car, it’s going to last for many years. You see all these classic cars from the sixties and seventies.

Those people that took care of them. That’s why they run really well today. Implants they’re not going to fall out if you maintain them. They’re like natural teeth. It’s just easier to clean. That’s why they’re there more making you come in and get them checked out at our clinic.

Number ten reason for an implant, bone development.

This is a little bit more in depth. For people out there that basically the bone around the teeth are actually supported and stay thick because of your teeth. When you eat certain foods, that pressure is actually stimulating the bone to stay nice and thick. When you have an implant, when you’re biting on the implant at the same thing. It creates that stimulation of the bone to keep it nice and thick.

Let’s say you get a bridge at the Tooth Doctor’s Ellerslie office, and so now you have a space where there’s no two things like that.
There’s no stimulation of the bone and it will tend to shrink. And so when you have a tooth and there’s bone here, well, what can happen over time is as the bone shrinks away. What happens to the tooth? Now? You just see that the, the root is being exposed and that’s where you get more risk of, uh, sensitivity and cavities on the roots.

Thanks for breaking down those top 10 reasons to get a dental implant. Thanks for joining us here at the two doctor on Youtube. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and give us a like a thumbs up and we’ll see you on the next one.