Dental Implants Edmonton | Typical Issues with Dental Implants

While dental implants are on the rise according to dental implants Edmonton, with ninety thousand been done in the year two thousand and five, the projected growth rate is two point 5%, with an estimated two hundred thousand surgeries being predicted per year within a decade. This is perhaps due to the awareness of the procedure. However, it is still a process that is in its infancy’s, with many people who need to replace one, some or all of their teeth opting for dentures. However, dentures are not always as functional as many people want them to be. In that case, dental implants become a great alternative to using dentures.

Many reasons why someone would lose a tooth, and would opt for a dental implant. From having an unfixable cavity, to fracturing at tooth during a car accident, sporting event, or even simply by grinding their teeth. Even people that have had their teeth pulled, or get knocked out previously, who want to replace their teeth now are good candidates for dental implant surgery. This requires a dentist inserting a titanium screw into the jaw of the patient. That titanium screw acts as the tooth root, while they then fashioned a crown with a screw on the bottom that they can screw into the titanium root and functionally replace the tooth.

While this provides a lot more functionality than dentures, many people often wonder if there is any problems with the procedure. Dental implants Edmonton says that while issues are rare, and the success rate extremely high at 96 to 98%, one of the most common issues that dentists see with dental implants, are paid issues. One of the most common reasons for bite issues to happen, is because it is the tendency of teeth to want to match up together. However, in order to protect the longevity of the implant, there should be a very slight gap in the teeth of the patient. So that when they bite down, there is a very slight space. This can help avoid problems that might come from grinding. However, dental implants Edmonton says that if the teeth do not feel each other, they have a tendency to grow a tiny bit so that the teeth can meet. Therefore, it is extremely important that patients go to a dentist once a year to ensure that slight space is maintained. All a dentist has to do is adjust the crown on each of the implants to bring it back down so that there is space once more. Since this is an ongoing issue, for the life of a person, they need to ensure that they are seeing a dentist once a year as they typically would for oral health.

Dental implants Edmonton says that problems with implants are rare, but luckily it is easily dealt with. As long as a patient is engaging in routine oral care, they are going to ensure they have healthy implants for the lifetime of their mouth.

Dental implants Edmonton | typical issues with dental implants

People should not be afraid to consider dental implants Edmonton as opposed to dentures if they need to replace teeth. Even though many people are afraid of surgery, a dental implant can actually last longer, and ensure that a person is still able to eat all of the things that that they enjoy, which is not the case with denture wearers. In fact, dental implants are on the rise, with the projected two hundred thousand being performed in a year. The rise in awareness of the procedure, as well as the extremely high 98% success rate means that dental implants are more common than ever before.

While problems with dental implants are very rare, some people do have issues from time to time. The most important thing to keep in mind says dental implants Edmonton, that if issues happen, the fix is extremely easy, the sooner a patient is able to get to their dental implants Edmonton office and deal with the issue. For example, it is very rare, but implants may come loose. While most dentists prefer a titanium implant, if this is the type that comes loose, it is extremely easy for a dentist to unscrew, clean and fix and then put back together. If dentists have used what is called a cement retained crown, while it often looks nicer, and is commonly used for the front teeth for cosmetic reasons, it can be harder to replace, therefore it is important that people get to their dentist as quickly as possible.

Another problem that happens with implants is in the healing process. The number one reason healing is compromised with dental implants is because the patient is smoking during the healing. Dental implants Edmonton says that the chemicals that exist in cigarettes affect the healing, as well the smoke affects the process that allows the bone to grow into the threads of the titanium screw. This process is called osteo- integration, and can be interrupted, stopped or reversed when smoking cigarettes. Therefore, best practices are for all patients to stop smoking during the in tire healing process. Since the healing process can take 12 to 16 weeks, that is length of time that is recommended people stay away from cigarettes.

What can happen to an implant if a person does not take care of them during the healing time, is what is called microtears in the tissue, which can cause the implants to be weakened slightly. People who are not taking care of their implants report back an 80% success rate, and while that is still very high, that is a decreased success rate of 18%, which is rather high.

Dental implants Edmonton says implants are extremely safe, and once implanted and allowed to heal properly and thoroughly, can ensure patients will have their implants for the life of their mouth. Implants will allow them to engage in all of the same activities that they enjoyed whether it is sports, talking and singing, or eating their favourite foods.