Dental Implants Edmonton | Typical Questions About Dental Implants

One thing that people who are looking for tooth replacement options should take into consideration, is that not only are dental implants Edmonton on the rise across the country, they also have a 98% success rate, and a 90% client satisfaction rate as well. As this procedure becomes more commonplace, it is raising awareness, which is causing more people to inquire about the procedure. There are many commonly asked questions that help patients understand if this is the right procedure for them when they are looking for tooth replacement options.

The first question that people often have is what actually is a dental implant. Dental implants Edmonton says that it is a titanium screw that is implanted into the bone of the jaw, which acts as the root of a tooth. Once its healed, they will take a crown and attach it to the titanium screw. Both pieces joined to replace an entire tooth of a patient. Regardless of why a patient needs a tooth replaced, or how many teeth need to be replaced, this procedure can help.

The next question is were the reasons why a patient would get a dental implant? There are many reasons why says dental implants Edmonton. Perhaps they have a tooth that is unfixable. Perhaps cavities that cannot be filled or crowned, or if a person has developed a fractured tooth from grinding their teeth at night, as sporting accident or even a car accident. Or perhaps, a person has had a tooth extracted, or knocked out previously, and has been living with a gap for a long period of time and are ready to get a tooth replaced. Even occasionally, people will have a tooth that has been missing since birth called congenitally missing teeth. They may decide that they want to fill in the gap, in order to ensure the health of their gums and other teeth.

Another question that many people have is are any areas of the jaw better for implants than others? While the bottom jaw is typically a more dense and a strong bone, which takes implants a lot better, dental implants Edmonton says that that does not mean that the top jaw is suitable for implants. In fact, all a dentist might have to do to ensure they can use the top the jaw for an implant is use more implants for top teeth. Also, bone grafts are common way to strengthen the area for implants. So even if the top jaw is less dense, dental implants Edmonton can overcome that problem easily.

By understanding all of the various reasons why a dental implant might be needed, and some common problems that can easily be overcome, patients can make the decision if dental implants are the right option for them and replacing one or multiple teeth. It is a very common procedure, that has such a high success rate that patients should be reassured that this can be a suitable option for them, regardless of what reason they need to get teeth replaced.

Dental implants Edmonton | Written for The Tooth Doctor

Even though dental implants are more common than they ever have been, many people still have a lot of misconceptions about the procedure, that are impacting their decision on what tooth replacement procedure they would like to get says dental implants Edmonton. By understanding the common misconceptions, and finding out the truth can help patients be informed about all of the facts surrounding dental implants, so they can make the right decision for them.

Many people have heard that there are frequent bite issues with dental implants that are difficult to overcome. Dental implants Edmonton says that while bite issues can be common, they are easily overcome with regular checkups. The reason why bite issues exist, is because people’s teeth have the ability to feel textures of the food that they are eating. Such as if a person bites into scrambled eggs and bites down on a piece of shell. This ability to feel texture it allows people to open their job quickly to avoid writing down on something that could harm them like a rock. Since implants do not have this sensitivity, it is important that dental implants Edmonton ensures that there is an extremely slight space between the teeth when writing down to make up for the fact that the implants do not have that sensitivity.

In order to help ensure that patients maintain this slight space in between their teeth when they are writing down, they should visit their dental implants Edmonton once a year, to ensure that space is maintained. As the year progresses, there is a tendency for people’s teeth to want to try to meet, which is why it is important to get this regularly checked out. If dental implants Edmonton discovers that the gap has closed, they can simply adjust the crown to shorten it slightly to bring that gap back, and help people not bite down so hard.

Another question that many people often have about their implants is: what happens if the implant becomes loose, can it be fixed even though it is considered permanent? This is an extremely important question to ask, because patient should understand that even though a dental implant is a permanent solution, that does not mean it cannot be fixed if there is a problem. Because dental implants Edmonton uses a titanium screw, if there is a problem with either the crown or the implant, there able to unscrew the crown, fix whichever part needs fixing, and then be put back together. Patients to be very reassured that permanent does not mean unfixable.

When patients are considering what options they have for tooth replacement, they should look into dental implants, and all of the facts about them. They are becoming more commonplace, not only because they help ensure people can eat and speak effortlessly, because the implants look and feel like the regular teeth, but because it is a permanent solution that can help people avoid having to replace parts over and over as they age.