Dental Implants Edmonton | Understanding Facts About Dental Implants

Even though dental implant procedures are rising in popularity both because of the extremely high success rate, and also the extremely high satisfaction rate, dental implants Edmonton says there are still a lot of myths that are believed about the procedure. These myths might cause people to avoid getting the procedure done, even though it can significantly help them. Not only do patients need to understand the difference between dentures and bridges and dental implants, but also what a dental implant can do for the health of the patient.

The first thing that people should learn, is what is a dental implant. It might sound scary, but all it is is a titanium screw that is inserted into the jaw in the patient’s mouth, that functionally replaces a tooth root. Once that has healed, dental implants Edmonton will affix a crown to the titanium root with a screw. This single piece is now a permanent replacement for tooth. One of the commonly held beliefs is that because it is a permanent, it cannot easily be fixed in case a patient breaks it, or if there is another issue. However, because of the nature of the implant being two pieces that can screw together means that it is also easy to take apart if there is a problem. If a patient experiences a problem with the titanium screw, or the crown, dental implants Edmonton is able to win, take it apart fix the problem without any problems. Because of this, patients should not worry that they are going to be stock with broken implant because they cannot get it fixed or replaced.

Another misconception is that they have to have recently lost a tooth in order to be able to get an implant. While it is true that teeth that have been missing for a while will be subjected to significant bone erosion agrees dental implants Edmonton. This is easily overcome with a bone graft. Bone grafts can help if there has been bone erosion, or if a jaw is lacking bone density, or even if the dentist needs to fortify this spot in order to help a big implant for a tooth like a molar to have additional support. By using bone grafts regularly, dental implants Edmonton can ensure that regardless of why someone might need to replace a tooth, that there is the ability to.

Patients should also expect to have an average healing time of 12 to 16 weeks, and in order to ensure complete and thorough healing, they are going to not have the crown put on until the healing process is complete. This is going to help maintain longevity and the integrity of the in implants for years to come.

By understanding the process, and the common misconceptions, patients can make the decision easier if this is a procedure that can help them overcome there tooth loss. If they have any more questions, they can simply make an appointment with dental implants Edmonton, and get the rest of their questions answered, as well as ensure that there will be no complications.

Dental implants Edmonton | Written for The Tooth Doctor

If patients can hear all of the facts about getting dental implants, they will be able to make a informed decision about what is right for them if they have two floss says dental implants Edmonton. Even though the procedure is starting to become extremely popular, with a two point 5% growth rate across the country, there are still many things that people misunderstand about the procedure that may cause them to avoid looking into whether it is an option for them.

Many people ask dental implants Edmonton if bite issues are common and difficult to overcome. While bite issues can be a common problem with people who have implants, it is not hard to overcome. The reason there are bite issues in the first place, is because while teeth typically have a ability to feel textures of food while they are eating, which helps them avoid biting into things that could hurt them, implants do not have this same level of sensitivity. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that people have a slight space in between their implants when they are biting down. Dental implants Edmonton will simply ask a patient to bite down on something called a shim stock, and if they can slide the shim out, then there is enough space.

Patients who received dental implants need to ensure that they are getting this checked every year, because as they age, their teeth might lose that space. By getting that routinely checked, can help ensure that they have no problems with their bite. If they find that the space has attained up, it is very easy for them to adjust the crown in order to shorten it, the fix the bite. In order to help guard against this from happening, dental implants Edmonton suggests that patients get a night guard, that they can put in their teeth at night time in order to help keep their teeth in their place.

After they perceived their implants, patients need to understand that there is no additional special routine that they need to go through to care for their implants, because they are going to be able to care for the implants the same way that they care for their teeth, through regular brushing and flossing. Even though implants do not have the ability to get cavities, ensuring the overall oral health of their mouth can help ensure not just the teeth that are still in the mouth, but that the gums and bones are well taken care of as well. This can help ensure the longevity of the implants is maintained, so that patients can enjoy their implants for years to come.

Getting implants can significantly impact the ability to eat and chew food without problems. Also, it can be an effective important solution to tooth loss, regardless of whatever reason a person would like to replace their teeth. By finding out all of the facts associated with the procedure, can help them make an informed decision about their teeth and their overall health.