Dental Implants Edmonton | Understanding Jaw Pain

There are many reasons why people might be experiencing migraine headaches says Dental Implants Edmonton.


But when they’re migraine symptoms appear with other symptoms such as a clicking or popping sound when people eat or speak, jaw fatigue, lockjaw or pain in their jaw joint or muscles.

This is usually indicative of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. This is also called TMD for short, and is used to describe problems with the jaw joint and muscles. When people are experiencing pain here, there are many things that they can do to eliminate the pain without having to take painkillers.

But first, people must know that they are suffering from TMD, so that their Dental Implants Edmonton can give them a list of things that they should be doing.

One of the first things that people can do is get massage therapy. Dental Implants Edmonton says this is very similar to how Olympic athletes get massage therapy to treat their muscle aches and pains associated with competing.

Since TMD often results in muscle fatigue and muscle pain from use or overuse, massage therapy can be very beneficial. Many massage therapists are well-versed in TMD, and giving massages to alleviate the pain.

However, not all massage therapist do, so people should look for a therapist that not only knows how to treat TMD, but who offer massages designed to treat it.

They may need to get a monthly massage, but this is one way that people can alleviate the pain associated with TMD without taking painkillers.


Something else that can be very beneficial to people suffering with TMD is getting a nighttime splint made. They’re Dental Implants Edmonton can do this for them very easily, it is an oral appliance that people wear in their mouth at night.

It affects has to the teeth, and what it does is it props the jaw open very slightly, and make sure that the teeth are moved apart as well. What that will do, is make it impossible for people to grind their teeth or clench their jaw at night.

This is a common occurrence, and is one of the most common reasons why people wake up in the morning feeling like their jaw is sore. By wearing a splint at night, people can avoid overworking their muscles when they are sleeping.

Often, by wearing a splint at night can be enough for a lot of people to be pain-free when it comes to TMD.

Ultimately, people should be very mindful of how they are moving their body, and how they are holding their posture. If they are standing or sitting for long extended periods of time at work.

Dental Implants Edmonton suggests that they move around often, stretching as often as they can in order to avoid pain that is associated with poor posture and a Lack of movement.

when people are able to treat the cause of TMJ, and not the symptoms, they will be able to live pain free for a long time. By being able to live pain free without the use of painkillers is very important.

Therefore, if people are suffering from jaw pain on a regular basis, they should talk to their Dental Implants Edmonton about what treatment options that are available for them so that they don’t have to live in pain.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Understanding Jaw Pain & TMD

People living with jaw pain might have their quality of life drastically affected says Dental Implants Edmonton This is because with jaw pain, it’s going to be impossible to completely stop doing all of the things that cause pain.

Speaking, as well as eating are things that while people can minimize and make it easier, it’s not always going to be possible for people to avoid all of the triggers associated with this issue.

Typically, jaw pain is caused by temporal mandibular dysfunction, which is a dysfunction of the jaw joint. Not only can it cause pain to the jaw joint itself, but it can also cause pain in the surrounding muscles, that can be very painful for people who are suffering from it.

Luckily, even though it is going to be impossible to avoid every single trigger, the treatment options are very diverse, and very effective according to Dental Implants Edmonton.

One of the first things that people should do who are suffering from TMD is minimize the amount of trigger foods that they are eating. A trigger food is something that can cause a lot of pain to eat because the food is extremely crunchy, hard, or chewy.

Therefore, when people avoid eating the foods that are hardest to eat, they give their jaw a chance to heal, and be less painful to eat other things.


Common trigger foods include steak, caramel and toffee, beef jerky, popcorn, nuts, pretzels, and fruit and vegetables like apples, carrots and corn on the cob.

By eliminating the food’s wherever possible, and wherever it’s not possible, people should cut their food into extremely small pieces to make it easy to eat.

Something else that people should ensure that they are giving up is chewing gum. Dental Implants Edmonton says that while chewing gum might not seem like it would be a trigger, because it’s not hard to chew, the repetitive motion of chewing the gum can cause pain in a lot of suffers of TMD.

Therefore, when people are experiencing pain, they should avoid chewing gum in addition to their trigger foods.

When people are Experiencing a number of issues as well as jaw pain, that’s when they should talk to their Dental Implants Edmonton about treatment options.

In addition to having a sore or fatigue jaw, other common symptoms of TMD includes migraine headaches, lockjaw, a clicking or popping sounds that people will hear when they eat or when they chew.

If people are experiencing these in addition to a sore jaw, they should talk to their doctor right away about the treatment options that are available to them.

By treating the cause of the pain instead of the symptoms can help keep people pain-free so that they can enjoy all of the activities that they love pain free.

The sooner they can do that, the better quality of life that they will be able to have. People should understand that there’s no need to suffer with pain, or to live life having to take painkillers on a daily basis. There are options that can help them not only stop taking painkillers, but also live pain free as well.