Dental Implants Edmonton | What Are Dental Implants?

Patients who are looking for tooth replacement options, should consider dental implants Edmonton. While most people are very aware of dentures and bridges as a tooth replacement option, this is not a permanent solution, and can often cause problems for the patient.

However, dental implants is a way that a person can replace their teeth, in a way that looks and feels just like their own teeth, without requiring a separate implement that can be removed being put in their mouth.

As dental implants become more well-known, and more people are aware of the procedure, there has been a sharp increase in the number of procedures being done per year, with a projected two hundred thousand procedures being done each year in the future.

Part of the procedures popularity is the success rate. Dental implants Edmonton says that there is a 96 to 98% rate of success for patients who have had the surgery. This is extremely high, and those patients who have had the procedure also have extremely high instances of client satisfaction as well.

The first thing that patients need to understand with getting this procedure done, is it is a surgery. Which means they need to ensure they are prepared to do the things that are going to allow them to heal thoroughly and efficiently.

If a patient does not follow all of the aftercare instructions, the success rate of the implant falls to 80%. While this still is very high, because an implant is designed to last a patient’s entire lifetime, they should ensure the highest success rate of the procedure, in order to maintain the integrity of their implant.

The most important way that a patient can ensure they are caring for themselves during healing, is to avoid smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes can actually slow down the healing time, but cigarettes can also affect the process called osteo- integration, which is the process that describes the bone growing into the threads of the titanium implant.

If this process is put at risk even slightly, can cause the implants to be weakened slightly. Therefore, dental implants Edmonton suggests that all patients avoid smoking for the entire 12 to 16 weeks healing time.

It is also important that the implants are able to heal completely, before being used to ensure that no microtears have been in the tissue, causing the bond of bone to titanium implant to be affected and weekend.

Because of that, dental implants Edmonton will not be putting the crown onto the implant until the healing process is completed. While this healing process is completing, patients should expect to have the implant in place, without the teeth.

By opting for a surgical procedure to replace teeth, patients are ensuring that there getting an option that is going to look like their real teeth, as well as feel like their real teeth.

Allowing them to bite, eat, and speak as they have always been able to. Because the implants look and feel so much like a patient’s own teeth, dental implants Edmonton says that this is quickly becoming the preferred method of tooth replacement.

Dental implants Edmonton | what are dental implants

It is very important that when people are searching for the tooth replacement option, dental implants Edmonton says that they want to ensure that they are able to not only look as they always have, but being able to do all of the activities that they have enjoyed is just as important as well.

While dentures and bridges have often been the most common way people have placed teeth over the years, implants are becoming a more preferred method, not only because they look more natural, but because they function just like a patient’s real teeth, and because it is a permanent solution.

The reason why some patients may have opted for dentures in the past, is because they believe that they were not good candidates for this procedure years ago.

As the procedure becomes more popular, more is being known about it, and patients should be relieved to know that regardless of the reason that they need to replace a tooth, dental implants are a good option for them. Whether they have a tooth that needs to get hold because it is fractured, or it has an unfixable cavity.

Or if the patient has previously lost a tooth several years ago, either from it getting pulled, or because it was knocked out by accident, and they have a lot of bone erosion. Regardless of the reason, with the number of teeth needing to be replaced, this is a viable option for them.

If they have been significant amounts of bone erosion, dental implants Edmonton says that bone grafts can help support the jaw, and fill in the area in order to make up for bone erosion, and support the implant.

Whether they have bone erosion, or the bone is less dense in an area, bone grafts are going to help ensure the strength of the area to be able to hold and support an implant.

When patients have their implants, they need to understand that they may experience some bite issues from time to time. Dental implants Edmonton says that because implants do not have a bite sensitivity, it is very important that a patient’s bite has a very slight gap in between the teeth when they have closed their job.

This is to help ensure the integrity of the implant, as well as aid in eating. However, teeth often try to maintain contact with another tooth, and because of slight gap, a patient may experience the tooth growing up, in order to connect to the tooth above them.

So a regular maintenance schedules important to ensure that dental implants Edmonton is helping keep this gap intact. They can adjust the crown in the implant periodically to maintain that gap.

Dental implants are an effective way for patients to replace one or several teeth that they have been missing, or need replacing. It allows people to eat, chew and talk as they always have, as well as engaging in all of the activities they love that may not be possible with dentures.

When people are looking for options on how to replace teeth, they should contact dental implants Edmonton to find out more information.