Dental Implants Edmonton | What Patients Should Know About Dental Extractions

Prior to getting a dental implant, patients may often require one or multiple teeth being extracted says dental implants Edmonton. Unless they have had a tooth removed, or locked out previously, this is going to be acquired of all patients. And while patients that have had teeth removed several years earlier, rather than a tooth extraction, they are going to need to get a bone graft in the area and then heal before placing that implant. Either way, will require a procedure happening, and then healing period.

While 73% of Canadians brush two times a day, people are becoming more and more aware of dental hygiene, which is causing them to take a more proactive approach to caring for their teeth which has resulted in dental implants increasing popularity very quickly. The variety of reasons why a patient would need a tooth pulled in order to get implant is varied. One common reason, is if a person got there tooth broken or fractured somehow. Whether this was during a car accident, or sporting event on wrong, or even just grinding their teeth tonight, that caused a fracture in the tooth. If the tooth has been damaged so badly that fixing it is not possible, dental implants Edmonton says that patient might opt for getting that tooth extracted, and replacing it with dental implant.

Another reason that a person might need to get an tooth extracted is because they have had a major cavity in their mouth. This cavity could have come from not caring for their teeth properly, or simply they have not been to the dentist in several years due to fear. Fear of dentists is an extremely common fear, and can literally cause people to avoid the dentist for several years. Another reason that would cause a patient to avoid dentist, is if they do not have dental benefits, and it becomes cost prohibitive. Without coverage, it can be very naturally devastating. And finally, many adults do not know that they need to see a dentist on a regular basis, and therefore do not go and see a dentist until they have hurt tooth. When the cavity get so big that it causes pain, it is going to be a much more extensive cavity to fill, which puts the tooth at risk of breaking, because it has so much of it gone. Dental implants Edmonton says that even a large enough cavity can be impossible for a dentist to fix, requiring the tooth to be extracted.

By understanding all of the different reasons why patient might need to get there tooth extracted, can help them make the right decision with their dentist if they are right candidate for dental implant. By understanding this prior to getting their teeth removed, can ensure that they are prepared to do they need to do to get the implants put in at the right time. This is extremely important, and the less time that a patient waits between getting your teeth removed, and getting their implants placed, the less stress they are going to put on the existing teeth, ensuring the overall health of their mouth

Dental Implants Edmonton | What Patients Should Know About Dental Extractions

If patients are too worried about getting dental extractions says dental implants Edmonton, they may not replace the teeth need to get replaced, and impact their overall oral health. Therefore, by learning about extractions and implants can help patients ensure that they are doing everything that they need and in the right order to remove teeth that are not functional, and replace them in a timely fashion.

One of the most important things that patient needs to learn prior to getting into the extraction, is that they need to stop smoking as early as possible before getting the extractions done. The reason for this says dental implants Edmonton, is because smoking can impact how quickly a patient can heal from the extraction. The chemicals in cigarettes because the blood flow in the area the slow down, and since blood flow helps a person heal, smoking cigarettes can slow down how fast it takes to heal from extractions. This is a huge problem, because a dentist must ensure that a patient has healed enough in order to get the implant, but not healed too much in order to have bone erosion happen. By smoking, patient is putting these timelines at risk.

In addition to causing healing time to be slowed, dental implants Edmonton says that by smoking cigarettes after having an extraction done, actually increases the chances of getting an infection. The reason for this is because the gum tissue of the patient will be exposed, and open. The chemicals in cigarettes can get into the open tissue, and infect the area. Therefore, dental implants Edmonton recommends that patients avoid smoking for as long as they can before the extraction, and until they have completely healed from the implant.

In addition to causing healing to be slowed, and increasing the chances of infections, dental implants Edmonton says that patients should also avoid smoking when they are healing from getting their implants placed as well. The reason why, is because the chemicals that exist in cigarettes can actually effect ability of the owns heal into the threads of the titanium screw. By smoking during the healing process, patients are causing the implant to actually be slightly weaker, which could end up compromising the longevity of the implant. Since most people are expecting the implants to last the rest of their life, and it can, they should do everything that they need to ensure the health of their implant for a long time.

By avoiding smoking before the extraction, during the healing from the extraction, and during the healing of the implant can help ensure patients are able to heal well, and end up with a permanent solution to there tooth replacement need. By doing that, there ensuring the overall health of their mouth.