Dental Implants Edmonton | What Patients Should Know About Dental Implants

The growth rate for dental implant procedures is on a steady rise, growing at two point 5% per year in this country according to dental implants Edmonton. In fact, there is a projected number of two hundred thousand being estimated that will be completed within Canada in a few years. However, even though awareness of this procedure is increasing, there are still a lot of misconceptions about not only what the procedure is, but why patients might choose that over other methods such as dentures and bridges. By learning more about the procedure, can help understand what is involved, so that they can make the right decision for themselves and for their health.

The first thing that people should understand is what a dental implant actually is. It is a titanium screw that is implanted into the jaw inside a patient’s mouth which replaces the root of a tooth. After it is healed, dental implants Edmonton will attach a crown to the implant, and this completely replaces the tooth.

The reasons why a patient might need to replace the tooth are extremely varied. He could have an unfixable cavity, that cannot be filled and cannot be crowned, or they have fractured tooth from grinding or getting into an accident. They have these teeth, and they need to get them pulled but they want to replace them. Also, it is a good procedure for someone who has previously had a tooth pulled may be a few years ago, or very many years ago. They might have bone erosion, and they want to get rid of the gap. These are also a reason why someone might want to get a tooth implant. They also could have a tooth missing from birth, called a congenitally missing tooth. These are all very good reasons why someone might want to get an implant, and interestingly enough they are all very good candidates for an implant as well.

One of the misconceptions surrounding the procedure, is that patient will have to have had a recent tooth loss in order to be able to perceive a dental implant. While it is true says dental implants Edmonton that the longer a person is without a tooth, the more bone erosion that is going to be experienced. However, that is not a barrier to getting the procedure done. Bone grafts are very common, and are used to support the implant, whether it is because there is bone erosion, or dental implants Edmonton requires additional support for a larger implant such as for a molar. Or, the bone density might require extra fortification, such as an upper jaw, or in a woman who has osteoporosis.

Whatever the reason, dental implants Edmonton says that they can be a good candidate for an implant, which can completely and permanently replace their missing teeth, that looks and feels just like their own teeth. This can lead to increased confidence, and continuing the social life that they have enjoyed. They should ensure that there finding out all of the facts about dental implants, is that they can make the right decision for them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Written for The Tooth Doctor

One of the most important things to consider about getting a tooth placed permanently, is that the procedure is gaining a lot of popularity, partly because of the high instances of client satisfaction even several years after getting their implants says dental implants Edmonton. Also, there is such a high success rate of 98%, that there are very few people who have had bad experiences with getting an implant. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding the procedure that can cast dental implants in a negative light, and may cause people who are extremely good candidates from shying away from the procedure. By understanding all of the facts regarding this procedure can help people make the best choice for themselves and their health.

People have often heard that bite issues are common with dental implants. And while dental implants Edmonton agrees that this is the case, it is not the cause of a lot of problems like many people believe it is. The bite issues that happens, is while people’s teeth have a tactile ability to feel the textures of food, for example think of a person accidentally dating into a piece of eggshell along with their scrambled eggs. That sensation of the shell grinding and they person’s tendency to open their jaws very quickly when that happens is a built in mechanism to ensure people do not hurt themselves while eating food. Because that sensitivity does not exist in implants, dental implants Edmonton must ensure that there is a very slight space in between the teeth when a patient bites down. This does, is it help increase the ability to open jaws quickly if they have bitten into something like an egg shell.

All dental implants Edmonton needs to do in order to fix this bite issue, is ensure that patients teeth do not touch when they bite down. If the teeth do touch, it is simply a very quick adjustment to the crown to shorten it to keep that space. It is important that patients go back to dental implants Edmonton on a regular basis to monitor this, because it is the tendency of teeth to try to grow to connect with the tooth when they bite down. Therefore, it has to be consistently monitored to ensure that space stays intact.

Even if a patient has a Louis implant, the fact that its permanence does not stop dental implants Edmonton from going in and fixing it. Because it is a titanium root with a crown that can be removed, if a patient has a problem with their implant for any reason, they can go in very easily, fix the implants and put it back together.

By understanding the truth behind these common misconceptions can help patients when they make a decision on what tooth replacement procedure they would like to proceed with. Dental implants can help people maintain the same quality of life, eating foods just as they always have been able to, and speaking confidently without risking any parts of their implants falling out of their mouth. This is very important, and therefore patients need to understand all of the facts associated with the procedure.