Dental Implants Edmonton | What Patients Should Know About Extractions

There are many reasons why a patient would need to have tooth extracted from their mouth says dental implants Edmonton. However, regardless of the reason why it is important that they choose what method of tooth replacement they would like to go with, even before their dentist removes that tooth. By discussing this with their dentist ahead of time, can help them avoid problems that can occur by waiting too long after an extraction to replace a tooth.

Even though 73% of Canadians brush twice a day, extractions are still a very common procedure that dentists are doing on a daily basis says dental implants Edmonton. Despite the fact that oral hygiene is much more improved than it was several years ago, and in addition to that, dental procedures have also improved significantly. That means, that people should avoid being worried about extractions because the procedures and medicine that exist now, mean that patients can get it done essentially painlessly and easily.

The most common reason that a patient in an extraction is because they have a cavity. Many people worry about how that makes them look, thinking that will be judged for not taking care of their teeth. However, it does not necessarily mean that patients are not taking care of themselves says dental implants Edmonton. In fact, there may be several reasons why a patient has a cavity. They may have avoided going to the dentist are several years because they have a fear or phobia of a dentist. This is a very real fear that impacts a lot of people. In addition to that, people may have avoided seeing the dentist for many years because they have not had dental coverage, and it can become extremely cost prohibitive. And ultimately, there are people that are not aware that they need to be seeing a dentist on a regular basis. And they believe instead that they should go see a dentist they start getting mouth pains. However, patients need to keep in mind that cavities do not always hurt until they hit the root or the nerves of a tooth. And then instead of being just a quick cabin fill, this large cavity needs to be extensively drilled out, which causes the tooth to be more fragile, increasing the chances that it will be broken in the future, requiring an extraction says dental implants Edmonton. Or, a person might have such a bad cavity that it is unfixable.

The second most common reason why patient needs an extraction done is because they have a tooth that is broken and is unable to be fixed. Fractures that break they tooth in half, or fractures that go down to the root will cause a tooth to be unable to have a root canal or crown put on. Whether patient had this damage because they were involved in a car accident, as sporting mishap, or even grinding their teeth at night because they are not wearing a mouth guard says dental implants Edmonton.

Dental Implants Edmonton | What Patients Should Know About Extractions

it is very important for patients to understand that if they need to to the extracted, that they do it as soon as possible says dental implants Edmonton. The reason why, is because they could put other teeth at risk of damage. And even more important than that, patients need to understand that if they require a dental extraction, that they choose their method of tooth replacement before they extraction with their dentist. That way, they can ensure that they are getting that replacement option done in the right timing.

Patients need to keep in mind, that if their method of tooth replacement is dentures or bridges says dental implants Edmonton, after their extraction, they need to wait about six months. Six months is going to allow for the boys to completely heal, as well as offer some additional shrinkage. When there is no more tooth roots and the gums and bone of the mouth to stimulate blood flow, the body does not realize that that bone serves a purpose, and it will start stealing the calcium in the bones away, causing the gums and bone shrink. By waiting until their mouth is healed enough, and then waiting little bit more time, will ensure that their gums have shrunk enough to be able to be fitted for dentures. The reason why it is important to do this, is because if a person gets there dentures fit before this shrinkage, they will become loose much faster. Patients need to understand that this shrinkage is going to happen for their entire lifetime, causing them to continually need to get fitted and refitted for dentures.

On the other hand, if patients have decided to get an implant done, they should wait until the gums have healed, and for the bones to heal a bit, but they want to ensure that they are not waiting too long that the gums start to shrink. The reason why, is because dental implants Edmonton requires as much bone in the mouth as possible in order to place the implant. If a patient waits too long, the gums will start to shrink, which will affect the ability to place an implant in the area without resorting to bone or gum grafts. While this is possible, it is essentially unnecessary if patient does not wait to long before getting implants done.

After a patient has tooth extraction, they need to ensure that they are following their dentists advice on aftercare instructions says dental implants Edmonton. This means being careful what they eat, to avoid having infections on their gum tissue. In addition, they need to be careful of what they need to do one what they need to avoid such as sucking on a straw. A care pamphlet will also detail what kind of medication person leaves to beyond, and instructions to call the dentist if they have any questions, concerns or problems. They would much rather patient calls them and have the issue be not important, then for the patient to avoid calling and have it be actually serious.