Dental Implants Edmonton | What To Expect with Dental Implants

Many people opt for getting dental implants Edmonton, instead of getting dentures. I data research indicated that there is ninety thousand dental implants being done in that year, with unexpected growth rate to two hundred thousand within a decade.

As the popularity of the procedure increases, more people are becoming aware of what is involved. When people are considering getting dental implants, understanding the process can help them make the decision that is right for them.

The first thing that people should understand is what a dental implant actually is. It is a titanium screw that is implanted directly into the jaw that replaces the tooth root. I dentist fashions a crown that then attaches to the titanium screw.

These two parts replace an entire tooth. The reason why this is so popular, is because it does not result in a removable dental implement in the mouth, it is a permanent fixture, that looks and feels just like a patient’s own tooth.

There are many reasons why patients might choose to get a dental implant. They might have an unfixable cavity that cannot get a crown put on it, they might have a fractured tooth from an accident or from grinding their teeth, or any reason why I dentist feels a tooth cannot be repaired, can be replaced with a dental implant.

Also, patients might have had teeth pulled years earlier, and now would like to get it replaced with a dental implant.

Getting dental implants anywhere in the mouth is possible, but there are certain areas of the jaw that are better for implants than others says dental implants Edmonton. The thicker the bone is, the better will be for taking implants well.

Since the bottom jaw is on average more dense and stronger, they will hold implants quite well. However, that does not mean that they top jaw cannot receive implants, however a dentist may choose to use more implants to hold the teeth because of the lesser density. If there is significant bone loss, a dentist can use a bone graft to strengthen the area.

A person can also affect how well they heal from the surgery, and the number one way that people can help themselves heal well, is to avoid smoking. Not only do the chemicals in cigarettes affect the healing, which may cause the implants to be slightly weaker, but it also can increase the length of time it takes to heal.

Dental implants Edmonton recommends that people avoid smoking completely for up to sixteen weeks after the surgery to ensure optimum healing.

While dental implants is a surgery, it is extremely effective at replacing the teeth in a patient’s mouth, without affecting their ability to eat and to as well as speak.

Since dental implants look and act just like a patient’s actual teeth, this is the preferred method of tooth replacement, especially for younger patients, who want to be able to continue doing all of the activities they are used to, that may become more difficult with dentures.

Dental implants Edmonton | what to expect with dental implants

There are many reasons why a patient might want to explore dental implants Edmonton instead of getting dentures. They might want to ensure that they can maintain the same lifestyle that they always have, that dentures may make difficult to do.

Because dental implants are permanently fixed into a patient’s mouth, and they look and feel just like a patient’s own teeth, this is quickly becoming the preferred method of tooth replacement, over dentures. In order to help patients make the decision, there are several things that patients should know about dental implants in order to make an informed decision.

There are two types of dental implants according to dental implants Edmonton. Their preferred method is the titanium screw that is implanted into a patient’s jaw. They implant the screw, and healing requires osteo- integration of the jaw tissue affixing to the titanium screw.

Once it is healed completely within 12 to 16 weeks, a dentist fashions a crown that they then screw into the titanium root. The reason why this is the preferred method, is because if the dental implant becomes loose, or has any issues whatsoever such as cracking, it has what dental implants Edmonton calls retrieve ability.

It can be unscrewed, fixed and then screwed back in. The other type of dental implant is the cement retrained crown. This can often look nicer, which is important for they front row of top teeth, but this type of implant is actually directly cemented into the jaw, and can be harder to replace or fix if there are issues.

The most important thing to keep in mind with dental implants, is in order to allow the complete healing and osteo- integration of the jaw tissue into the threads of the titanium screw, dental implants Edmonton is going to implant the titanium screw into the jaw, and then need to wait for complete healing before they put the crown on.

The average healing time for the implants is 12 to 16 weeks, and in that time the patient needs to understand they will be without the crown in the implant. They also need to ensure that they are being very careful during the healing process.

The reason why the crown will not be screwed into the implant at this stage, is because during the healing process, if there is any impacts to the implants such as from biting and chewing, it may affect the osteo- integration, which can affect the integrity of the implants.

Therefore, when patients get dental implants, they need to understand that they will get the implants, and be without teeth for up to 12 to 16 weeks.

There are many reasons why dental implants Edmonton is becoming more popular as a tooth replacement, and the fact that it is a permanent solution, is a big part of its.

It looks and feels just like a patient’s real teeth, and allows people to eat bite and to as they normally would be able to, as well as speak clearly, and without any problems. Patients looking for tooth replacement options should seriously consider dental implants.