Dental Implants Edmonton | What to Know Prior To Getting Dental Implants

When people are looking for options and tooth replacement options, dental implants Edmonton says permanent solutions are becoming more and more popular. Not only because they are a permanent solution, but because they allow people to eat and speak without issues. Not only are dentures less common nowadays, because they are a separate implement that people have to put into their mouth each morning, but because it can impact a person’s ability to eat, bite into as well as cause issues speaking. However, there are many things that patients need to consider when making the option to get their teeth permanently replaced with implants.

The first thing that people need to take into consideration, is that an implant is actually a surgical procedure. While a lot of people are aware of this, it can actually effect a patient’s decision to get to the procedure. However, it has a 98% success rate, and a 90% satisfaction rate, even several years after the implants were done. Because of how successful the surgery is, and how pleased patients are worth it, more and more people are overcoming their aversion to surgery, in order to get there teeth permanently replaced.

There may be a variety of reasons why a person might have one or more teeth that need to be replaced. There they are unfixable cavities, fractured tooth, or even replacing teeth that have been missing for several years, or all possible with dental implants. Even if there has been significant bone erosion, bone grafts can help dental implants Edmonton ensure that there is enough material to place implants into.

One important thing that people need to take into consideration when they are considering this procedure says dental implants Edmonton, is that the average healing time for most people is 12 to 16 weeks. If a patient follows the aftercare instructions well, they are going to heal efficiently, and have high success with their implant. However, patients are warned that if they do not follow the aftercare instructions, not only cannot lengthen their time it takes to heal properly, but it can actually impact the success rate of their implant, dropping it 18% success rate of only 80%. Since implants are designed to last a patient their entire lifetime, they should be taking due diligence to ensure they are maximizing the healing, and maintaining the integrity of their implant.

Since it is important to heal completely in order to have the best success, and longevity in their implant, that is why patients should not expect to have the crown on their implant right away. Dental implants Edmonton will wait for the implant to completely healed, before they put the crown on it, because even speaking and eating can cause microtears in the implant site, that can impact the integrity of the implant.

In order to find out all of the information on whether permanent to the placement is the right option for them, patients who need teeth to be replaced can contact dental implants Edmonton and book consultation in order to get all of their questions answered, and find out what their next steps need to be in order to permanently replace their teeth.

Dental implants Edmonton | Written for The Tooth Doctor

There are many questions that people have about permanent tooth replacement according to dental implants Edmonton. By understanding what is involved with the procedure, and what they can expect both before and after can help patients make the right decision on what tooth replacement option is the right one for them.

The biggest thing to remember about the procedure, is that it is a surgery, and therefore the aftercare is extremely important. The number one recommendation that dental implants Edmonton has for patients is to avoid smoking during the healing process. There are several reasons for that and the first one being the chemicals in cigarettes can actually slowly healing process by limiting the blood flow to the area. This can cause a patient need much more than twelve weeks healing time. Since the implants need to be fully healed before they put the crown on, to maintain the integrity of the implant, will either have to wait a longer time to heal, or put the crowns on the implants, and potentially negatively affect the implant.

The second reason why patients should completely avoid smoking during the healing process, is because it can affect the ability for the bone to grow into the threads of the titanium screw. This process is called osteo- integration, and is necessary to happen without issue, in order for the implant to last the longest amount of time. If this process is interrupted, or affected by smoking cigarettes, it can produce the success rate of the implant to 80%, which could cause the implants to have problems or fail.

There is potential for an implant or a crown to become loose. However, the method that dental implants Edmonton uses for their tooth replacement, means that this is an easily treated problem. Because they use titanium implants, but where the crown screws into it, this means it has a certain amount of retrieve ability, so that if the implant, or the crown has any problems, there able to unscrew the crown, and fix whatever issues there are. Therefore, patients should not worry about what will happen if there is a problem with their implant, because it will be possible to fix, especially if the patient is engaging in regular checkups, or catching potential problems early.

Dental implants can be an extremely effective method of replacing teeth regardless of how many teeth a patient needs, or the reason why they need to replace them. By getting this permanent solution, patients are ensuring that they are able to eat and speak without a problem, and can look forward to having this solution last for the rest of their life, eliminating the needs to purchase replacement parts, or have things break. If patients are looking for more information, they can contact dental implants Edmonton and arrange a consultation where they can get all of their questions answered.