Dental Implants Edmonton | Who Is a Good Candidate For Implants

Even though there is a projected growth rate of two point 5%, dental implants Edmonton says that not a lot of people are still aware that they are a great candidate for a dental implant to surgery to replace teeth. There are many reasons why someone would have lost a tooth, and sometimes they think that the reason why they lost it, or how they lost it means that they are a poor candidate for dental implant surgery. However, that is not necessarily true, anyone can be a good candidate for surgery, as long as the right precautions are being taken into consideration. The first thing that people need to understand, is that a dental implant consists of a titanium screw being implanted into the bone in a person’s mouth.

There are many reasons why a person might need to replace the tooth. Perhaps they have a cavity that is so bad, it is unfixable either with the filling, or with the crown. Or, perhaps they had a tooth that was fractured either in a car accident, a sports injury, or even simply through grinding their teeth and not having a night guard. Or, a person may have been born without that tooth. Some instances were call a person never losing their baby tooth, and then as an adult have a space where there tooth should be. Or, a person might have had a tooth knocked out, or pulled and they were not able to replace it at the time, and now want to fix it permanently. Even more these days, are people who have used dentures for many many years, and are looking for a more functional fix. All of these cases are extremely good candidates for the surgery according to dental implants Edmonton.

While many people realize that if they have previously lost a tooth, the bone in the area that there tooth is lost, starts to erode away. This is not their imagination, this is a real phenomenon. Dental implants Edmonton says that this is a problem for the surrounding teeth, because it causes them to be unstable, causing them to become loose, fallout or expose their route which can results in pain or increased cavities.

If there has been significant bone erosion, that does not mean someone is a poor candidate for the surgery. Bone grafts can add bone back to the area, and once healed, a dentist is able to put in the implant with no problem. Bone grafts are also common if there is not enough density in the jaw to allow the size of implant needed. Therefore, a bone graft help out all areas of the mouth, whether they have had bone erosion their or not.

Dental implants Edmonton says that implants can help a wide variety of people and if patients have a question if whether they would make a good candidate or not, they can simply call dental implants Edmonton, set up an appointment to speak to the dentist and find out the answers to their questions themselves.

Dental implants Edmonton | who is a good candidate for dental implants

The reason many people might have trepidation concerning getting dental implants Edmonton, is because they understand that there is a surgery involved. Dentures on the other hand are a device that can be fitted into a person’s mouth, that can help them replace teeth that they have lost.

Unfortunately, there is often a lack of functionality that come with dentures, causing people limited ability to eat food, and have problems with their speech. Therefore, they may want to consider implants, but are hesitant. There is many reasons why people should not be hesitant, and learning exactly what is involved in the process can help take some of the nervousness away.

I data research has done studies and discovered that in the year two thousand and five, ninety thousand dental implants were done in that year. With a projected growth rate of two point 5%, it is expected that the average number of dental implants are going to skyrocket to two hundred thousand per year.

This growing number is due partly due to the growing awareness of the procedure, but ultimately the success rates speaks for itself. 98% of dental implants are successful. This is extremely high, and because of the high success rates, many people who would be nervous about getting the procedure done are often comforted by the success rate.

Because implants are going to be directly and surgically inserted into the jaw inside a person’s mouth, they need to ensure that they are caring for their new implants very specifically. The first thing that is going to happen, is that the dentist is going to do not screw the crown into the titanium implant until it is completely healed.

The reason why, is because in order to ensure thorough osteo- integration of the bone to the threads of the titanium screw, people need to avoid putting pressure on the implant before its healed. The pressure that can be incurred from talking and biting can cause microtears in the tissue, causing weakness to happen where the tissue is healing into the threads of the screw. this means that the entire implant is slightly weaker, causing potential failure of the implant, or problems with the implant down the road. However, patients need to understand that this lower success rate still means that it is an 80% success rate for the entire procedure.

Dental implants Edmonton says that the success rate, and ability to heal is why dental implants have become so popular. Also, because it allows people to engage in all of the same activities that they enjoyed before the implants, in a way that dentures do not allow, means that this is the preferred procedure for anyone who wants to keep the same lifestyle that they have always had. Being able to speak clearly, and eat any foods they want are possible with dental implants once they have completely healed.