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Even though 73% of all Canadians brush twice a day, there still many reasons why a patient might need to get teeth extracted according to dental implants Edmonton. Reasons for needing to pull out a tooth could be from the tooth getting damaged an accident, and being unable to fix the fractured tooth, to cavities that are causing pain, and are unable to be crowned. Regardless of the reason, tooth extractions are still very commonplace in dentistry today. Therefore, there is no reason for patients who are facing this to worry about the procedure.

One of the most common reasons that dental implants Edmonton is seeing extractions, is because people have not been to the dentist in several years. This could be out of fear of the dentist, or may be due to financial concerns as well. Or, many people think that they do not need to see the dentist because nothing hurts. However, patients should learn that if they wait to go see a dentist until something hurts, rather than being something that can be a quick fix, the solution will require a lot more work. Therefore, patients should ensure that saying a dentist is a regular part of their oral health routine, to ensure that problems do not escalate.

Many people are nervous about getting their teeth extracted, because they are either worried about going under sedation, or they worry about not being put under. While dental implants Edmonton says that most extractions simply need to have complete freezing done in order to painlessly extract the teeth. However for nervous patients, or tricky extractions, dentists can use sedation. One of the most common and popular methods, is for dentists to use oral sedation, which ends up making the patient feel completely relaxed, without being put completely to sleep. However, when they wake they will have no memory of the event.

Also, people who require multiple teeth removed should talk to their dentist about the best method they recommend. While it is possible for dental implants Edmonton to pull multiple teeth at a time, it will depend on the situation, and what teeth need to be extracted to determine the best way to remove them. While a dentist might opt for point all of them the same time, it is often best to pull them in stages, so that a dentist only has to freeze a certain part of the mouth, or pull all the back teeth all the front teeth at a time for example. This will allow for the bone to heal well, especially if the patient is going to need to get dentures or dental implants Edmonton.

Patients should not worry about getting teeth extracted, by going to a great dentist, it will be done painlessly, and properly so that they can heal their teeth quickly. This will allow them to get dentures or dental implants, whichever one they have discussed with their dentist is the best option for them.

Dental implants Edmonton | Written for The Tooth Doctor

Sometimes the reason why people worry about getting teeth extracted is cost, but more often than not, people are worried out of fear and as they needs to get dentures or dental implants Edmonton, this fear is putting their oral health at risk. Therefore, it is important that patients talk to the tooth doctor and find out all of the facts about tooth extractions, so that they can do what is needed to ensure the overall health of their mouth and of themselves.

Dental plans Edmonton says that patients should expect six months before their bones to completely heal. This is important to wait six months if patients can be getting dentures, because in addition to completely healing, there is going to be a bit of bonus shrinkage that is normal. By waiting this long, a patient ensures that their gums will have settled into their shape, so that when the dentures are fitted, they will be most likely to fit the best.

However, if they patient is going to be receiving dental implants Edmonton, they should not be waiting as long as six weeks. The reason why, is because that shrinkage that is needed to ensure the dentures fit properly, might put the ability to put a dental implant in place at risk. Therefore it is important that a patient comes back to see their dentist to get fitted for an implant before that bone starts to erode. The more bone a person has in their mouth, the better it is to hold a dental implant.

Even though it takes about six months for the bone to completely heal after an extraction, dental implants Edmonton says that patients should expect that the gum tissue should be healed over after about 1 to 2 weeks, and the risk of infections is greatly reduced after five days. But that does not mean that they can get back to eating anything they want. They should follow their dentists suggestions for what foods to eat in order to take care of their mouth properly, so that they avoid any problems.

Whatever the reason for patients tooth extraction, dental implants Edmonton sends a pamphlet home with each patient to outline what aftercare they are going to require. This will include information on what a patient should eat, what they should do and what they should avoid. This also discusses the types of medications that patients should be on, and instructions on what to do if they encounter any problems. They recommend that patients who have problems should come back into the clinic immediately, to ensure the problems are fixed quickly to ensure complete healing.

By finding out all facts surrounding tooth extractions, patients can be reassured that it is not going to be painful or scary, and that they can go into see their dentist get the procedure done in order to ensure overall oral health. By doing that, patients are ensuring that they are healthier overall which will allow them to lead a full and happy life.