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If you’re an adult and need Invisalign, call the dentist in Ellerslie at 780-760-8668 and schedule a free consultation. The tooth doctor Ellerslie will be glad to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Peter Yoo.


A lot of people have questions about Invisalign because they don’t know if it’s too late for them to get straight teeth. Most adults are not excited about wearing metal braces. They can’t see themselves wearing train tracks for three years at age 65.

The tooth doctor has helped patients as old as 65 with Invisalign invisible aligners. When Invisalign first began many of the aligner manufacturing processes were carried out by hand. The computer technicians had to modify each tooth in the computerized model individually.

Today Invisalign has more than 6 million patients that they’ve helped, and using advanced computer technology can help almost any patient using Invisalign. The dentist in Ellerslie at the tooth doctor loves helping patients achieve the smile that they’ve always wanted using Invisalign.

The reason why Dr. Peter likes using Invisalign is that it’s a planned guided movement of each tooth. There is not a lot of stress or strain put onto the tooth and there’s less chance of root damage with a slow, guided movement.

It’s often asked how long the Invisalign treatment takes. It really depends on each person, but Invisalign says that the average treatment is around 11 months. We have seen everywhere from four months to 24 months.

The best thing for you to do is contact the tooth doctor at 780-760-8668 and schedule yourself a free consultation. This way you can get all your questions answere from one of our general dentists at the tooth doctor, a dentist in Ellerslie.


Some of the great features of Invisalign are that they are invisible, easily removable, and aren’t painful.

The thought of having metal braces is a big factor in one’s decision to strain their teeth. Because Invisalign trays are clear, almost nobody can tell that you are wearing them. That all depends on how much you smile.

One of the clear advantages to invisible is that you can remove them easily. Removing your aligners to eat all your favourite foods is a major advantage to choosing Invisalign over traditional braces.

Keeping your teeth clean is very important when you’re undergoing tooth alignment treatments. With traditional braces, this is much more difficult to do. With all the wires and brackets in the way it is easy for food to get stuck, and bacteria to grow.

Teens especially are susceptible to demineralized Asian and tooth decay as a result of traditional braces. This is why parents love Invisalign for their teens. Invisalign allows their team to remove the aligners and brush and floss their teeth as they should.

Invisalign also comes with blue compliance indicators so that parents can see that their teen has been wearing their clear aligners. Having straight teeth is a large investment, so this is a great feature that Invisalign has included in their product.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Consider Invisalign For Yourself

You should consider getting Invisalign invisible aligners from the tooth doctor, your dentist in Ellerslie. Invisalign is a tremendous product that has helped numerous patients over the last several years.

In fact, over 6 million smiles are used to help craft the perfect smile for their new patients. The amount of data that is available today makes Invisalign the tooth straightening product of choice.

Adults and teens alike love using Invisalign. Metal brackets and wires are not the ideal method of straightening teeth any longer. There are some instances where braces are necessary. These are becoming fewer and fewer as technology gets better and better.

Invisalign allows you to eat the same foods that you always have enjoyed. You simply remove your clear trays and eat your food normally. You are not restricted to what you can or cannot eat.

That being said, you have to maintain a healthy oral hygiene regimen in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Invisalign just makes it easier to do so. In fact, many patients attain better oral hygiene habits as a result of wearing Invisalign.

You have to wear your Invisalign clear aligners up to 22 hours per day. You remove them only to eat and clean your teeth. This is a small price to pay for straight teeth, and not having to wear regular braces.


One of the biggest advantages that the dentist in Ellerslie, Dr. Peter you, likes about Invisalign is the fact that the movements are guided. With the data from over 6 million smiles, each tooth movement is computer-controlled.

Your 3D printed aligners are sent to your general dentists where every 6 to 8 weeks you get a new set of trays. When you have traditional braces you see your orthodontist much more regularly. This results in lost time from work, or other important activities that you would rather be doing.

The oldest patient that Dr. Yoo has helped with Invisalign was 65 years old. So it’s never too late to get started with Invisalign. Another great advantage for Invisalign is that it’s virtually painless.

Because of the computer programmed guided movements of your Invisalign system, your teeth move very slightly with each new tray. The amount of pain is very mild, and does not last more than a day. This gives your teeth the opportunity to move in a controlled manner.

Because the movements are controlled and less abrupt as traditional braces, there is less drain on the tooth and roots. Braces also hurt a lot when they get adjusted. Some people can eat for a day or so after each appointment.

To see if you are a great candidate for the Invisalign system, contact the tooth doctor, a dentist in Ellerslie to see if it’s right for you.

Dr. Peter Yoo, or one of the other dentists at the tooth doctor will be glad to answer any questions that you may have concerning Invisalign.