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You should start your Invisalign system today with your dentist in Ellerslie, the tooth doctor.


Simply contact the office in Ellerslie at 780-760-8668, and one of our professional staff will gladly schedule a free consultation with you. In your consultation, Dr. You will answer any questions that you may have concerning Invisalign, and ensure that you are an ideal candidate for the Invisalign system.

Invisalign is a tremendous alternative to metal braces. Not very many people are excited about wearing “train tracks” on their teeth. This is especially true of adults and teens. The most amazing, and obvious, feature of Invisalign is that they are invisible.

The patented 3D printing material is virtually invisible to others. You can be wearing Invisalign and nobody will be the wiser that you have them.

The tooth doctor, dentist in Ellerslie, is excited to offer Invisalign to his patients. Invisalign is very popular with dentist because of the computer controlled movements.

Each tray slowly moves your teeth into better alignment. The process can take anywhere from four months to 24 months. You wear each tray for one to two weeks depending on your circumstances. Over the course of 11 months, your teeth slowly move into their ideal alignment.

The other exciting benefit of using Invisalign is that you can remove them easily. Traditional braces are not removable by the user.

Because you can remove your Invisalign clear aligners, you can eat your favourite foods. There is nothing that’s off the menu when you are on the Invisalign system. You do have to remove your aligners before you eat and drink, but it is very simple to do so.


Having removed your aligners, you can also brush and floss your teeth and maintain a healthy oral hygiene regimen. This is extremely important as a determining factor for using Invisalign versus braces.

Teens often have issues with discolouration, demineralization, and decay due to poor hygiene habits with traditional braces. It is very difficult to clean your teeth with metal braces.

If you enjoy playing sports and other physical activities, traditional braces may not be the best choice for you. You’re subjecting yourself to potential injury because of the protruding metal brackets and wires.

With traditional braces you also have to see your orthodontist more regularly. With Invisalign you see the dentist in Ellerslie approximately every 6 to 8 weeks.

Fewer visits to the dental office means less time lost at work. This translates into more money in your pocket as opposed to the orthodontist.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your Invisalign progress within the first six months, Invisalign will reassess and send you out a new set. Some conditions apply so contact your dentist to learn more.

For parents of teens using Invisalign, Invisalign has blue compliance indicators to assure that the trays are being worn. For investing thousands of dollars and getting their children’s teeth straightened, it’s important that parents know that the children are being compliant.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Compliance is Key

You can ensure your children are being compliant using the Invisalign system. Contact your dentist in Ellerslie, the tooth doctor, to learn more about the blue compliance indicators available with your Invisalign system.

Teenagers love the Invisalign system. Don’t get me wrong, they would rather not wear anything on their teeth at all. But if the alternative is metal braces then Invisalign is the preferred choice.

Invisalign is a revolutionary product that is made up of multiple sets of clear plastic aligners that are computer designed to slowly move your teeth into proper alignment.

These custom designed trays are developed using the data from over 6 million patients that Invisalign has helped or the years. With this amount of data, the precision controlled movements are gentle on your teeth.

This is why the tooth doctor, I dentist in Ellerslie, prefers using Invisalign to help their patients receive a new smile. Less strain on the roots of the teeth means there is less pain during the process.

With Invisalign, there is virtually no pain at all. With each new set of trays, there is a minor amount of discomfort at first. This quickly fades and there is no pain removing and replacing your aligners as you go through your day.

Beautiful aspect of Invisalign is that you can remove them easily. This means you can eat any of the foods that you have always enjoyed. You can also drink hot and cold liquids with ease. You have to remove your aligners in order to do so.


The only time you should remove your aligners is to eat and drink or clean your teeth. It is important that you wear your aligners between 20 and 22 hours per day.

The tooth doctor, your dentist in Ellerslie, can help almost anyone who needs straighter teeth. There is only been one or two cases in the last eight years that the tooth doctor has not been able to help.

In this instance Dr. you referred the patient to an excellent orthodontist in Edmonton. The oldest patient that the tooth doctor has helped was 65 years old.

There is no reason for you to wait any longer to achieve the winning smile that you’ve always wanted. Simply call us today at 780-760-8668 and receive a free no obligation consultation.

One of our staff at the Ellerslie office can schedule you and to see one of our amazing dentists.

There are other reasons wh Dr. Peter Yoo likes using Invisalign for the patients. Because patients are able to take care of their teeth better, there is less buildup, and it minimizes cavities.

The average time that a patient needs to where Invisalign is approximately 11 months. We have seen cases anywhere from four months all the way up to 24 months. Each person’s situation is unique and you need to talk with one of our dentists at the Ellerslie office.

Thank you for considering Invisalign.