Dentist in Ellerslie | The Benefits of Invisalign

Because of the significant benefits of Invisalign versus traditional braces, the dentist in Ellerslie is proud to help patients achieve a straight smile. Until Invisalign came along, traditional braces had to be applied by an orthodontist.

Today, the tooth doctor, can help you achieve a wonderful smile using Invisalign invisible aligners.

A fun fact concerning Invisalign, when the Invisalign system was first developed, many of the aligner manufacturing processes had to be carried out by hand, and computer technicians had to modify each tooth in a computerized model individually. Today the dentist in Ellerslie can offer you straight teeth without the hassle of braces.

You might ask yourself, what is Invisalign? Invisalign is a system of straightening your teeth using a progression of invisible aligner trays. These trays are custom fit to your teeth. You will visit a general dentist, like a dentist in Ellerslie, and get either an impression mould made of your teeth, or they will use a laser imaging unit to take an exact digital image of your teeth.

This is then sent to the Invisalign company where the plastic moulding trays are created using software and state-of-the-art technology that is overseen by orthodontic specialists. The trays are sent to your dentist and they administer the Invisalign trays to the patient. Because you are getting expert guidance from a dentist, they can see how the trays are working for you, and if there is a problem, they can get a new set of trays developed and sent out to you at no extra charge.


Invisalign works by slowly moving your teeth into the correct position. There is not a set of wires or any other types of implements used to straighten your teeth. You simply pop in a set of invisible aligners and wear them for 22 hours a day. You only remove them for eating and brushing your teeth.

This brings us to the biggest advantages of using Invisalign aligners. You can remove them easily yourself. People don’t need to have any special tools or visit the dentist to take them off. You can simply take them out by yourself and eat your food as you normally would. This means you can also brush and floss your teeth as you normally would also. This is a major strategic advantage over traditional braces. When you’re using traditional braces, you cannot eat certain foods or clean your teeth as well.

It often occurs with patients that have traditional braces that they get demineralization on their teeth causing discolouration. It is also more difficult for people to clean their teeth properly. This can result in tooth decay or other issues related to improper oral hygiene.

Invisalign it is less painful than traditional braces too. There is only some minor discomfort when you first put in your new set of Invisalign aligners. And because you wear them for typically around two weeks, you don’t feel any pain when you remove and replace your Invisalign aligners. The only time you notice any type of discomfort is when you get a new tray.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Discomfort is Normal

When you receive a new tray, the mould is forcing your teeth into a new position. Because there physically moving your teeth and forcing them into a new position, is the reason you will experience some pain. Usually this goes away quickly, but in some instances, you may want to take a small pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

When you are receiving treatment from a dentist in Ellerslie for Invisalign aligners, you can speak with a dentist if you are experiencing more pain than usual. This is the benefit of using Invisalign over a mail-order type of alignment system. You get the expert care and advice of a general dentist who you can speak to at your convenience.

Some other benefits of using Invisalign are quite self-explanatory. Invisalign aligners are invisible. Most people won’t even notice that you are wearing them. You can wear them anonymously and not ever be worried that someone will recognize that you are wearing invisible braces.

When you’re wearing traditional braces, it’s very evident that you are wearing them. You can see them, and they can alter your speech the entire time that you are wearing them. With Invisalign, you will not experience the same type of speech impediment that you may with braces.


You don’t have to see an orthodontist in order to receive Invisalign aligners. You can speak to the tooth doctor, a dentist in Ellerslie, to see if Invisalign is right for you. When you come into the office, you will receive a free consultation and an assessment that will give you an estimated timeline as to how long it will take for Invisalign to work for you, as well as an estimate of how much it will cost. You can call the office at 780-760-8668 to schedule a free consultation with the dentist in Ellerslie.

Invisalign can take anywhere from six months to over a year to straighten out your crooked or misaligned teeth. Every person’s condition is a little bit different so it’s best to consult the general dentist to find out how long it’s going to take to fix your smile.

It can be debated whether or not Invisalign is as good as traditional braces or not. In our opinion, Invisalign is just as good if not better than traditional braces for certain reasons. There are some cases Invisalign is not able to help patients with their alignment issues. In these instances we have to recommend them out to an excellent orthodontist in Edmonton in order to see that the patient gets the care they need.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient with a wonderful smile. Our aim at the tooth doctor is to help patients keep as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, for as cheap as possible. If this is a service that you require please give us a call.